Gold Buyers Malaysia

Where to sell gold? I believe most of the people answers banks (UOB Bank, Public Bank, Maybank, and etc), gold jewellery shops (Wah Chan, Poh Kong, Tomei and etc), or gold distributor (public gold).

Gold Buyers Malaysia?

Have you heard about Gold Buyers? I got a leaflet from their booth in Tesco few days ago. As printed in leaflet, they offer to buy your unwanted gold and pay you instant cash on the spot for your gold.

Bare in mind, they only buy your gold; they do not sell or trade. In fact, the idea sounds not bad! Unfortunately, no body was around the booth, else I could get more information to share here.

How it works?

Step 1: Bring any item of gold to one of their stores (13 stores in Malaysia)
Step 2: Their consultants will test and value your gold items
Step 3: They will give you cash on the spot if you agree to sell after their valuation.

Are They Genuine Or Scam?

But, I was unable to login the website as printed in the leaflet,, is something wrong with it?

After google-ing, I found, it looks genuine compare to the other one. Anyway, are they from the same?

If you have any experience of selling gold products to them before, your sharing here is much appreciated!

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  1. semira fedlu

    i want contact real gold dust and gold buyer

    thank you

  2. Evans Annan

    Dear Sir,

    I saw your profile at the advert market online as a commodity buyers
    and i decided to write you .

    I am Mr Evans Annan , a miner and exporter of goods from Ghana ,
    West Africa .

    Our firm is a small scale gold mining company in Ghana and is able
    of supplying you with gold .

    We are seeking for interested honest buyers of gold and at the moment
    we have 50kilos of Gold in stock.

    If you are in need of gold , feel free to write me for more details .

    Thanks ,

    Mr Evans Annan.

    • Mr Ezekiel Adinortey

      hi mr annan am a representative of a gold buyer in from thailand please send us a proforma invoice and a contact number so we can talk my number is +233285367009 thank u

  3. Hadi

    hi everybody
    I want to sell the gold in the malaysia.
    can U help me how to sell or what things or profile or documents I need?
    also i need the update cost of gold in malaysia.
    plz send it to my email.
    thnx a lot

    • Dinla

      Note; please only if you have Gold to sell. I am need of a serious and verifiable Seller. Thanks.

      • amir

        sory Dinla…do you want buy gold dust?

  4. phyllis

    Hi! I would like to sell pure gold in malaysia but can you tell me where place to sell high rate , I just know “sungei wang” in kuala lumpur more jewelly shops. Any documents to bring? please also tell me the update gold rate as well in malaysia. Please send all file to my email. Thank you.

    • Dinla

      Phyllis please contact me on
      Note; do not contact me if for any reason you do not immediately have Gold to sell.
      I am in need of a verifiable and authentic Seller that is ready to follow my fair procedures.

      • Skills

        I have a 10k gold to sell…50grams any buyer out there?

  5. fauzi

    I am from Malaysia.I have gold to sell,weight of 1 tonne.This is 999.9 gold.Here the information you need to know.If you want to call me here the contact no:+60104052386 or

    Hallmark – Pamp Suisse

    Finesses – 999.9%

    Location – KL

    Delivery – Buyer to collect

    Price to seller – MYR 150 / Kg


    1. Buyer open LOI to principal seller.

    2. Seller will invitate buyer to TTM.

    3. During TTM Buyer to show local POF for au. Seller will bring Buyer to see physical AU.

    4. Agreement signed.

    5. Buyer assayer to check au and documents.

    6. Transaction to be completed after assayer provide green light.

    Note: Buyer is required to issue 2 cheques ( 1 for principal seller / 1 for Intermediaries paymaster )

  6. fauzi

    you will not able to get me if from monday to friday 7am to 8pm because I am working.This is because my workplace is blocking with a radio signal and there will be an interference.Please e-mail to me or is my work e-mail).Please send to both e-mail so that I can communicate well with you.

  7. John

    HI people, i am gold buyer, if you do have any gold to sell, contact us at:0193721360.
    We can deal in the best price!
    We ready to buy any type of gold, pawn letter, watches….

    • Manivannan

      yup. We a selling gold too
      999.9/916 golds. wit 6-12% discount price fr the current market price.
      If you a interested we can meet up for further.


      • sham

        Hello Mr. Manivannan..can you give your contact no to my email….thanks

      • wanie

        Can u please email me your contact no Mr manivanna. I’m interested in buying 100g weekly

    • lau

      can i have you email address

    • Andrew Moses Jayaseelan Bhawers

      Dear John, may I have your current mobile phone no? The one stated above is out of service. Thank you.

  8. Teoh

    If you have gold, want to sell gold in malaysia .
    my email :

  9. Kim

    Hi all any one interested to buy gold bar pump suisse 999 .

    50 gram up to 1kg can order.

    Rm 174 per gram.

    Cal me 010-2169815 or email

    Thank you”

  10. amir

    hi everyone…i from malaysia..i have gold dust to sell..anyone want to buy gold dust please contact this number..017-9094078

  11. franklin

    We will introduce you to our company, Local Mining Company LTD. Partnership with other Associate Partners, as dealers in Rough

    Uncut Germ Of high quality stones from Sierra Leone and Guinea. we also have 500kg Gold dust Alluvial from Ghana, we have fine –

    Stones (Assorted packages) sizes from 1.5 to 17carats and colors of (D to I) and purity is crystal clear, (VVS1 are VVS2), etc. Our prices

    are Moderate.

    We take our products through Legal Processes for the safety of our customers, because our Customer protections come first.

    We will appreciate it, if you could indicate your interest to; Purchase any of the above commodities so we can forward to you our FCO

    for your perusal. Your quick decision is needed.

    We look forward to establish a long term business with you
    JAMES FRED: siness relations.

    Company E-mail:

    Contact Phone Number: +233-249913413

    Best Regards.
    Mr. Jame Koffi

  12. Chris

    I keep reading all this crap messages about Gold. Lemme tell you how Gold buyers Malaysia operates.

    Like the author said above, all is true.
    Gold buyers only buy.

    If you go other shops or banks or Poh kong, they will ask for your receipt of purchase. But in Gold buyers, they wont ask for your receipt.

    For example,
    You were given a gold ring for your marriage 30 years ago. Now you are old already and you need money. Where got receipt coz it was a gift?? So juz take it to gold buyers, check n see the gold is real or not, if real what type of gold, 916, 18 carat or 14 carat or whatever, then they will tell their price. U puas means, u can sell to them la. End of story.

    Or you are a female and you hv a set of earings, gold ones. Many years la u hv been using them. Suddenly one hilang dy. Maybe when u went swimming at Morib u forgot to take out, and its at d sea bed now? One earing ny useless rite? Like that you can go and sell to them la…

    Muz remember, wen u bought the gold u paid for the gold and workmanship. So when u sell, u can forget the workmanship money, okay??!!… They will only pay you for the value of the gold.

    My finger all hurting dy. Anything you juz call me or email me. My details are as below.

    010-2359004 (sometimes call no line, coz digi now sucks!!)

  13. melisa

    dua hari lepas saya pergi ke kaunter gold buyers tesco amapang.hasrat saya ingin menjual barang2 saya.didapati kedai tiada staff disitu.hampir2 30 minit saya disitu.tidak lama kemudian seorang staff datang dan mula bertanya2 tentang harga yg dibeli oleh gold buyers.dia mmberi tahu sekian2 harga..malahan saya tidak setuju degan harga yang ditawarkan.hanya RM 96.77.?????!!
    adakah benar harga ini yang ditawarkan.? saya ingin meniggalkan kaunter tersebut lalu staff tersebut memeanggil saya dan mmberitahu bahawanya staff tersebut boleh mmbeli dengan harga yang lebih tinggi jauh beza dari gold buyers.tetapi staff tersebut tidak dapat mmberi cash secepat mugkin..

  14. vijay

    we are buying all kind of gold for high price please contact me at 016-630 8669 around selangor area.

    • Armede trouche

      you’re in search of gold since the year contact me for more imformation

  15. Brian Dixon

    I have 20klo Gold for sell right nw in Sierra Leone any one can call me on +23233148433/+23278971875

  16. bimbo

    I tried selling my gold to gold buyers international in tesco ampang, they buy for it such a ridiculous price. 22k pure gold necklace for 9g they priced me for RM350 only and he said that’s the highest.


  17. Armede trouche

    you’re in search of gold since the year contact me for more imformation

  18. Justin Yong

    I tried to find 1ton pamp suisse gold in MALAYSIA.Kindly reply me with e-mail.URGENT please.more info i will reply you in e-mail.


  19. Sameer ahmed

    Hi iam suppler of uae gold jeweler in Asia if any buyers interest we can supply the gold orniment to Malaysia Thailand and other Asia countries daily 4 to 5 kg dilever contact whats no 00919611821128