Where to Invest in Malaysia Hotspots for Property Investment

Where are the Klang Valley hotspots for property investment to make more money? Everyone is so interested to know where to invest in property hotspots at KL and PJ. Therefore, I keep collecting the information released from our Malaysia property experts and consultants regarding the hotspots for property investment, especially residential property at KL and PJ.

Malaysia KL and PJ Property Hotspots for Investment
  • Northeastern Petaling Jaya (Bandar Utama, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Mutiara Damansara, Kota Damansara, Sri Damansara, Desa ParkCity and Valencia)
  • Subang Jaya – Shah Alam belt
  • Damansara Heights
  • Sri Hartamas
  • Bangsar
  • Taman Seputeh
  • Taman Desa

From the locations listed on above, medium cost up to high end properties are available for different group of people. So, where is your favorite and preferred location for property investment during this slowdown economic? Keep an eye for all the new launch property or completing soon project at the locations abovementioned. Get ready to make more money from hotspots property! More importantly, get your money be prepared! Cash is King!!!

Many property investors are adopting a “wait and see” attitude. Nothing to be surprised, do thing last minute always is Malaysian style! For me, there are three groups of investor in whatever type of investment:

  • Sense first, get first (先知先觉)
  • Sense later, get later (后知后觉)
  • Never sense, never get (不知不觉)

So, sense more and get more! Go visit more property showrooms, do more actual site survey, read more property investment books, do more analysis, and etc. Put for afford and just do it!

74 thoughts on “Where to Invest in Malaysia Hotspots for Property Investment”

  1. stephen
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    What is your view on landed properties in Kemuninung Utama? Is is worth buying and what price (per sqr ft) should be reasonable for that area?

    I am looking for a short term investment (sell within 5 years).


  2. stephen
     ·  Reply

    thanks for sharing!
    your site is informative and useful!

  3. Vue Jardin
     ·  Reply

    I guess I’m Sense later, get later (后知后觉)investor, just hope to be Sense first, get first in the future.

  4. scottan
     ·  Reply

    hi the moment i try to sense first get first in SA terrace house. but i get too many bad comments from investor…but most important that is what your opinion is tq

  5. Moon
     ·  Reply

    Hi,Horlic Lim,

    Im a amatuer Invester. Just wanna get an opinion .. A fren of mine recommended me toinvest in Alam Impian Canting phase 2. What do u think of the location? selling about RM420k for 22×80.. mostly Malay residential. im not sure of the exact location. Pls advise.Tx

  6. jimmy
     ·  Reply

    hai Horlic :
    what;s ur opinion on the Pelangi Semenyih area that are launched by Metro Kajang early this year ? This development area is 2km away from Nottingham university and just beside Tesco Semenyih?

     ·  Reply

    Dear Horlic,

    Currently the Bungalow land in SP SETIA ECO PARK is selling for RM 160 per sq.ft. under secondary market. Do you think it is a bit too high for investment ?

  8. Mr Q
     ·  Reply

    Dear Horlic,

    Can u advice me on nilai impian developed by
    Sime darby, it is a good investment?

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      My first impression on the Sime Darby Nilai Impian was the 680 acres freehold land is just too big and might take too long for my investment property’s capital appreciation. During the time I went there in 2007 and 2008, I can’t recall there is any impressive lake garden landscaping for the township? Well, just my 2cents point of view.

  9. Jere
     ·  Reply


    I have many questions to ask you can regarding of property investment, appreciate if you could let me know your email address?

    my 1st question is which loan is suitable for an investor if he or she preferred to keep in for long term investment and rental income. At the mean time he trying to save lot interest from the housing loan.

    I have many more questions but it’s too long to be listed here

    Thank you

  10. daniel
     ·  Reply

    Dear Horlic Lim,

    I have many questions regarding the property investment too. Just sent you an email.Appreciate for your advice,Thank you very much

  11. wiliam
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    Can i also send u email regarding property issues? I have to choose among 3 locations, but stuck with too many factors as all hv pro and cons. Haha.


    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      Your email is most welcome!

  12. STEFAN
     ·  Reply

    hi, is it true that semi dee will always outperform terrace link house in Setia Alam?
    in terms of percentage return?

  13. Wong Kam Fai
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,
    What do think of Canting 3 in Alam Impian as an investment property (22′ x 80′; 2414 sq ft)?

  14. VJ
     ·  Reply

    Hey Horlic

    What do u think of ara damansara…
    prices are high there but seems like a nice place for kids to grow up

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      No doubt on landed properties in Ara Damansara!

  15. VJ
     ·  Reply

    thanks horlic. found a decent place but its a T junction but superstitions aside..its really worth it! hahha

  16. JJ
     ·  Reply

    Hi what do you think of the room for appreciation for setia eco semi d and bungalow in the secondary market?

  17. Cloud
     ·  Reply

    Hi, what do you think of subang andaman in Batu 3 Shah Alam? Is it a good investment?

  18. Esther
     ·  Reply

    What do think of Canting 3 in Alam Impian as an investment property (22′ x 80′; 2414 sq ft) selling at approx RM500K

  19. Moon
     ·  Reply

    Hi Cloud, Have u bought the Subang Andaman?

  20. cashome
     ·  Reply

    Hi there,
    Canting 3 in Alam Impian look good investment ? .. next to kota kemuning
    I also intereted .. anybody comments pls .. TQTQ

  21. yee
     ·  Reply

    one of the agent told me tat the subang adaman is an abandoned project…i dunno how true it is..

  22. apple
     ·  Reply

    what’s your view on ritz perdana 2 in damansara perdana? Still have much upside in next few years? & how bout rental wise? good investment?

  23. Chung
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,
    What do you think of shoplots and houses in Bandar Parklands, Klang? It is also known as Bukit Tinggi 3. I’m interested in investing in either one there. Please advice. Thank you.

  24. Lim
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    Wanna ask your opinion for property with good rental and investment..? any recommendation? What do you think of Saujana Residency at Subang-near Empire.. any better deals and choice? thanks!


  25. Julia
     ·  Reply


    Am looking to invest in a condo unit for my own stay. Which are the hot properties & locations currently, in the 800 – 900k bracket? Is Mont Kiara over saturated or is it still a worthwhile investment? Any inputs on Kiaramas Cendana, Ameera and Gita Bayu (new condovilla)? Thanks!

  26. ABU
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic Lim and all investors,

    How about house at Bandar Puncak Alam? Seem cheap/under market value and near new UITM campus.

  27. Clariss
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    Would need your advise…i plan to buy my first property for investment..I looking in Setapak and Bukit Jalil location.
    a) Which location is prefereable ?
    b) Can i get a property with my current budget around RM200k – RM250k ?

    Appreciate you reply.

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      Clariss, between Bukit Jalil and Setapak, i prefer Setapak. Yes, you can always get a property with budget RM250K.

  28. QUUEN
     ·  Reply

    Hi. Plan to buy my 1st property for investment too. Now am looking at KOI KINRARA and KINRARA MAS Puchong, Condominium. What do you think about these 2 projects? Thank you.

  29. Michael Kier
     ·  Reply

    Subang andaman project already under construction. So far the base level is almost done. I’m one of the buyer and it is use for my own living. Any buyer here?

  30. Chong Kong Hui
     ·  Reply


    Setapak still has plenty of property below RM250k (condo and flat) but for landed, not many.


    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      @Claris, you may still able to get some landed properties about RM250K around Seri Rampai area.

  31. Clariss
     ·  Reply

    Hi Kong Hui,
    What doyou mean by “Cash Flow Investing” and Capital Appreciation”.
    Hope u can explain in details..Thanks

  32. Clariss
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    The house i plan to buy is for investing purpose.
    That would be good if i take condo rather than landed rite?
    I check up some property in genting klang,setapak (Condo: Setapak Ria,Sri Pelangi) which can get it below RM250K but i quite old already…
    If the condo nearby Setapak LRT station it would be higher price.

  33. Chong Kong Hui
     ·  Reply

    Try this agent. I had chat with him before. He has right attitude and knowledge as a broker and familiar with Setapak area.

    Jantson 012-977 5080.

  34. amiha
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic, seek your advice is Amaya Saujana can be good for investment….PLease help soon coz plan to lock a deal tomorrow…desparador for advice

  35. david
     ·  Reply

    hi,i would like to invest in my 1st property.
    what would your suggest ?

    2nd questions is ,
    do u think invest in papilion residence tmn desa .
    would it be great ?

  36. david
     ·  Reply

    3rd questions is,
    how about saville residence?
    buy & rent ?
    or buy keep & sell ?
    hope to see yr reply soon,…

  37. Ryan
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    (1) Can recommend any upcoming area to invest in KL> Which will fare better for capital appreciation?
    Historicaly which has better yields?
    Budget around RM$500k – RM$700k
    Most appreciated,Regards.

  38. Teanne
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,
    I’m thinking of buying a unit in Perdana Emerald , 1100 sq ft for 430k. Is it a good investment for rental purposes. Will it fetch a good capital appreciation in about 5 years’ time? Your candid opinion is very much appreciated. Thank you.

    Teanne Kuek

  39. bavani
     ·  Reply

    Hi Mr.Lim,

    I am planning to attend the property fair this weekend as I am looking into buying one for investment, either something I could resell with good value and demand or am able to rent it out if can’t sell.

    My budget is 250k (maybe can extend to 270k but if necessary). I believe for that budget in an area where I can sell or rent I’ll have to go for condos or service apartments. I wouldn’t mind shoplot unit as well if it is a good investment. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am 25 years old (just in case you’re thinking about loan related stuff).

    I have been doing some research and shortlisted a few that looks good but I could be absolutely wrong. Can you kindly advise me further on what I should be watching out for?

    The ones I have thought of are (not sure if they are all sold out by now):

  40. Albert
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic

    What a great site you have created. I will certainly return. Can you recommend good apartments for investment around Ampang Hilir or Sri Hartamas? I have previously invested near the Polo Club in Ampang. Thanks! Albert

  41. winnie
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic, I need some info. I’m looking to buy an apartment at Mutiara Perdana. Can you please find me one, thank you.

  42. usui
     ·  Reply

    Hello sir, I’m a student at Taylor’s University Lakeside. Me and my friend would like to rent an apartment at Mutiara Perdana at Bandar Sunway. Please recommend me one asap, thank you.

    • Su
       ·  Reply

      Hi Usui,
      I have a unit for rent, but just for 3 months, fully furnished with aircond, 3 rooms 2 toilet. let me know if you are interested. Tq

  43. m salleh
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic

    Is Malaysia especially KL in property Bubble. The High end condos are selling above $1000 psf.

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      above RM1000psf, property in Malaysia has achieved the price many years back

  44. Chong
     ·  Reply

    Horlic, want to ask for investment, Cova suite in Kota damansara still can buy or not ? 450k.

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      Chong, hard to make money already wor after factor in buy and sell charges..

  45. Anglina
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,
    I would like to invest on apartment,
    currently considering between two choices,
    Suasana Sentral Loft or Hampshire Place
    What is your view on both of the properties?

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      Anglina, i prefer Suasana Sentral Loft. Brickfields/KL Sentral is transforming, there are more excitement factors to come, better transportation hub too.

  46. sasi
     ·  Reply

    hi horlic!
    like to get ur profesional advised on a landed property in puchong? is it a good area to invest in?
    which developer would u recommend since they are so many in puchong? ioi prop, ijm ytl, gamuda or malton etc.

  47. m salleh
     ·  Reply

    i would like to0 invest in malaysia. i wonder if malaysia is currently in property bubble

  48. princess90
     ·  Reply

    Hi, thanks for all the good information. it’s very simple and well organized.

  49. Josh Tay
     ·  Reply

    Hi, Mr Horlic Lim
    I am a newborn baby in property investment and would like to seek for your opinions.
    1) I would like to invest in Cova Suite at Kota Damansara. Not sure if studio and 2 rooms apartment are better than 3 rooms’s?

    2) Is the mentioned area still worth to invest? I mean the monthly rental and the resale value after 3 to 5 years?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Horlic Lim
       ·  Reply

      Hi Josh, Kota Damansara is a great location to invest property. With the upcoming MRT, it is an extra bonus and finally will be transforming Kota Damansara to become a greater place targeting for rental properties. But, bank’s valuation to be on par with the seller’s asking price is the biggest challenge nowadays. Higher entry cost means lower Cash on Cash return.

      2 or 3 bedrooms is ok, but i prefer not to go for big built-up unit (>1,200sqft). Spacious unit means higher selling price, higher entry cost, higher maintenance fees, lower ROI. If the Segi College to be replaced by Taylor, then the Cova Suite is a great choice.

      Just my 2cent. Happy investing!

  50. Kimble
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic,

    I’m planning to get my 1st property for investment, can give me some suggestion I should go for commercial or residential property to invest?


  51. Christine
     ·  Reply

    I am wondering if Platinum Victory Lake City serviced apartment worth to invest? RM412 per sf ? Any idea…..

  52. steven lim
     ·  Reply

    kindly inform me any good potential projects in kland valley, malacca as well as johore. hopefully prelaunch projects…. tq

  53. Mr Radi Mohamed
     ·  Reply

    hotspots like seputeh area can be an investment because of midvalley is there…now, 2nd midvalley under constuction already…and i got a project next to it… price still below market price.. i also plan to invest there..

  54. az
     ·  Reply

    Hi, do you think nilai perdana is good for investment?

  55. Christina
     ·  Reply

    Hi Horlic :
    What;s ur opinion on the Investment in Malacca which located in the heart of the Historical City at Kota Laksamana nearby beach. Investment cost about RM336K with 1 room suite. This is good investment and worth buy?

  56. Minder
     ·  Reply

    Hi there, im currently looking for investors to purchase auction properties. Let me know the details of the properties you are interested in and I will make the necessary arrangements. Tq.

  57. walawe
     ·  Reply

    How about apt lagoon perdana in sunway

  58. HorlicLim
     ·  Reply

    Hi Stephen, hope this could give u some idea..

    Metro Homes principal See Kok Loong recalls that when Kota Kemuning was launched sometime in 1998, the value of the houses rose some 30% after they were completed and handed over two years later. He says subsequently, growth had been marginal because the prices were tagged higher. Besides, more houses were available on the secondary market.

    Resident Ho says the value of his 22ft by 75ft corner unit has grown some 31% from RM350,000 (developer’s price) to RM460,000. Sanjay notes that those who bought early are seeing capital appreciation of around 30%, but those who bought on the secondary market, like him, are not seeing much growth. “I probably can sell my house at a slightly higher price than what I paid for five years ago. At present, people who are buying in Kota Kemuning are those who want to stay and not invest,” he adds.

    Metro Homes’ See notes that current launches in Kota Kemuning, like the Canal Garden terraced houses, are pegged at between RM360,000 and RM380,000, hill bungalows at RM1.3 million to RM1.5 million, and semi-detached homes are going for RM900,000 to RM1.1 million. A bungalow at Anggerik Eria, also in Kota Kemuning, is tagged at RM1.9 million. A&M Realty’s Amverton Park bungalows start from RM1.5 million. In comparison, a bungalow in SS19, Subang Jaya, costs RM2.25 million. Hence, the draw of Kota Kemuning for young families.

    Source: Metro Homes

  59. HorlicLim
     ·  Reply

    @Stepen, you are welcome!

  60. HorlicLim
     ·  Reply

    Hi Vue Jardin, perhaps more reading and studying on property news might help you!

    Chinese say:

    your situation still not the worst. Gambateh! Remember to share with us too for any latest information ya!

  61. HorlicLim
     ·  Reply

    Scottan, that’s why it is not an easy task to be a successful investor, because what they did, is what majority people did not do.

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