Where to Check CCRIS and Get Credit Report for Free in Malaysia

The information reported to the Credit Bureau is housed in a computerised database system known as the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS). At present, the database system contains credit information on about 9 million borrowers in Malaysia.

CCRIS automatically processes the credit data received from the financial institutions and synthesises the information into credit reports, which can be made available to the financial institutions upon request. Source: Central Bank of Malaysia

Anyone knows how to check CCRIS Credit Report for free online? I couldn’t found the answer after google it for hours. Did I miss out any websites?

Finally, I called up Bank Negara and understand that I have to get my credit report at Bank Negara Malaysia and I went there this afternoon. Please be reminded to bring along your personal identity card (IC) and driving license with photo! You will need it to get the report. The procedures to get your CCRIS report as simple as:

  • Step 1: Proceed to CCRIS Kiosk (Block D, Ground Floor)
  • Step 2: Insert your IC and do the thumb verification scanning
  • Step 3: Print out the CCRIS credit report for free

It is absolutely free instant credit report! For more information about the credit report analysis, stay tuned with horlic.com



  • Ivy Chan Ling Fong

    I would like to obtain my CCRIS report but i am currently in JB. Please advise how can i check my CCRIS? Thank you.

    • Horlic Lim

      Hi Ivy, you may go to any Bank Negara Branches to check your CCRIS report.

      Bank Negara Malaysia Johor Bahru
      Jalan Bukit Timbalan,
      80000 Johor Bahru
      Johor Darul Takzim
      Tel: 07-2240799

      Remarks: Remember to bring along your IC

  • yeow may lee

    can I have CCRIS mailing address?



  • Kolin Jamil

    How can I get my CCRIS if I am living abroad?
    Can I send a proxy/rep with authorisation letter?

  • http://akupunyacara.blogspot.com SM

    if we pay CC less than full amount BUT more than minimum amount, will us be automatically got “1″ in the ccris?

    • Horlic Lim

      Nope, it still maintained as ’0′

  • http://creditbureau.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=5&pg=7&ac=10&lang=en financial_dumba$$

    there are no such thing as checking CCRISS report online! you need to walk in to BNM branches to obtain the report..

  • adeline

    Hi… i’m not sure if my name is under ccris. if yes, is it possible for me to apply for a car loan?

    • Horlic Lim

      Everyone has their individual CCRIS report recording the credit score. Don’t worry about the car loan, as long as you are not blacklisted by bank.

  • Rohayati

    I have black list by RHB Bank for credit card that no balance anymore. On 2008 i had check with Bank Negara and cantact to RHB officer to settle it. They promise me to solve in two weeks. Last week ones again i went to Bank Negara for check it and that the problem not settle until now. Ones again RHB promise to settlem it in 5 days. What i should do to make sure they do their job?

  • syed

    I have blacklisted by PTPTN (i am currently settling the loan slowly). Will i have a bad record in CCRIS? Thanks.

  • noor roslan

    How can i chek my ccris? I have a personal teksi permit that have given by goverment to me.
    I want to make loan to buy my own teksi.
    Can u help me pls?
    noor roslan

  • alex

    i’ve 6 cdt card,my cdt card is already out standing for past 2 years,so what happend now ,i still cannot buy a house,car,even for working… could u help me to maintain or give some ideas for me and how it works??help me..

  • pam

    some additional information that might come in handy :

    1) ptptn is not reflected in ccris
    2) ccris reflects 12 months of payment patterns from the date of inquiry
    3) late payment (for hire purchase / home loan) , even by a day will indicate a 1 (it works by binary 1 or 0 – 0 is prompt payment, 1 is infrequent , insufficient payment)
    4) credit card, so as long as you pay full amount, outstanding balance, minimal amount on time it will be a 0 – however your total credit limit and your total outstanding balance will be transparent

    hope this helps

  • billy

    ccris can only be check in bank negara. pls bring along your mykad, BNM needs to verify thumbprint. strictly No proxy. all outstanding loans u took from license finance instuition in malaysia will be displayed.

    • Kenny cheah

      how could i do if my mycard’s chip loes the function,is it alternative to print out the report?

  • Salley

    I am a director of the company, can I print the company ccris report? What documents I have to bring over to proof?

  • hamisah

    how can my company register with ccris to obtain information do i need to pay certain amount of fee

  • onleeon

    how to check ccris record?

  • rosdi

    Hoi tak faham-faham lagi ke… orang kata pegi BNM and check personally… bawa mykad sekali..

  • anna

    hi i’m currently in miri sarawak. how can i check my credit check? anyway i can check?

  • pesa

    haha btol tu bro diorg nie tak faham2 bahasa…. kawan nak tanya 1 jer soalan, BNM nie ader kiosk kan… so boleh access tak walaupun lepas opis hour? mcm KWSP guna kiosk boleh access kalau pintu dia tak kunci hehe

  • bz

    If anyone need to check ccriss, boleh download form from http://creditbureau.bnm.gov.my/index.php?ch=9&pg=17&ac=9&lang=en

    OR just visit http://creditbureau.bnm.gov.my and download form. After filling in all your particulars including all your loans, then just send the form by post, email or fax. Wait for 4-14 working days for the result. Easy – an alternative for those who live remotely from 6 BNM branches- Penang, JB, KL, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Dungun

  • http://ctosid@ctos.com.my rani

    how to check mine ccris report? thank you.

  • aleya

    waktu urusan nak check ccris di kiosk bnm? sabtu ahad ada?

  • norul

    hi…saya pernah buat loan ngan bank islam…dan nama saya ada dlm list ccris…tapi saya dah buat pembayaran…dan sudah dapat release letter dari bank islam…sekarang saya ingin membuat car loan…masalah loan saya tidak lepas lerana nama saya dalam sistem ccris masih ada dalam sistem…mcm mana yer saya nak clear kan nama saya..minta pandangan dan pertolongan…terima kasih

  • ana

    Norul boleh cuba hubungi kembali bank islam berkenaan untuk buat aduan supaya bank islam update status ccris.

  • chew

    how to check my ccris report online.