Where to Buy Gold for Investment in Malaysia

Gold investment in Malaysia is so confusing! Especially on the buying and selling prices from different sources of gold seller. The prices are all different! This is my first impression about investing gold in our country.

I sketched the above mind map (sorry, it’s a bit blur) to have clearer picture on the options we have where to buy gold from. Basically, I divide it into two categories, Physical Gold and Paper Gold. We only talk about physical gold today.

Where to Buy Physical Gold Bars/Bullions/Coins?

Option 1: Buy Gold From Jewellery Shop
Wah Chan, Poh Kong, Tomei and etc

Generally, there is a recommended retail gold price set by FGJAM (Federation of Goldsmiths And Jewellers Associations Of Malaysia) as the highest gold rate they could sell in the market. Please visit

Option 2: Buy Gold From Banks
UOB, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Example: Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coin from BNM, UOB’s 5 types of Gold Coins (Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo Gold Nugget, Swiss Kinebar, Swiss Pamp Gold, Singapore Lion Gold Coin).

For the gold price rates, you shall refer back to the respective bank. Normally, bank will only buy back gold which you have bought from them previously.

Option 3: Buy Gold From Gold Distributor
Public Fine Gold International Sdn Bhd

It is usually known as Public Gold (brand name). The gold trading company was set up with intention to sell and buy the gold bars and gold coins at international market gold price. To compare the buying and selling gold prices, please visit their website at

45 thoughts on “Where to Buy Gold for Investment in Malaysia”

  1. Kris

    Horlic, you might want to include that for “Paper Gold” , you can also buy in ETF such as GLD that is strongly following the physical gold price.

    • Horlic Lim

      Kris, TQ for your information! I will look into it.

    • Emas Perak Kita

      For me, i think physical gold price is following gold ETF not the otherwise

  2. ChampDog

    Would buying gold from Jewelery shop reliable?

  3. Kerwin

    If you buy physical gold, what are the options you have to sell them? (besides selling it back to the institution that you originally bought the gold from)

    • GoldHawk

      Gold is the most liquid invest you can own. You will have no problem selling gold anywhere in the world. Simple go to any jeweler in the world, coin shop, pawn shop it’s endless. That is the appeal to gold.

  4. pasta26

    uob also have similar paper gold account.
    the rate is so nice compared to maybank and public bank. the buy sell difference is only rm2.. how you find this UOB Gold Savings Account? please comment

  5. Pasta26

    hi all.

    did anyone invest in UOB Gold Investment Accounts?

    their buy sell gap is only RM2 – the best if compared to Maybank, Public Bank

    however, when i google it, i found nothing about UOB Gold Investment Accounts, instead i got a lot information on Maybank and public bank gold investment account.

    anyone invest in UOB Gold Investment Accounts, please share. i am new in gold investing.


  6. shakes

    hi! Thanks for the info. How do u make d transaction for physical gold sell n purchase at uob? Do u need to bring the whole loads of gold coin? Is it as simple as that?

  7. Eric

    Hi Thanks for the info. After some research on the internet and some gold shop. I found that there is big difference between shops on physical gold bar. Some jewellery shop quote very high price if you want to buy gold bars.Investors need to do some research before buying gold. gives a rough indication on gold price sold in Ringgit. Quite useful.

  8. rich lim

    Hi, what do u think about purchase the gold bar from outside it is safe ? Cos they’re give around 2.5% return p.m
    Thank You.

  9. Alan

    from the sketch:

    Gold passbook like PBB is not actually paper gold investment (ETF). Actually you can request for physically gold from the banks, min 50g mint bar from PBB for example.

  10. Kah kit

    Guys i do invest in gold and i found it out, it is quite good due to the fact of the oil price increasing toward out the year, which the price of gold going up..

    I found it out, it is quite good when i dealing with the investment company called Jalatama management at Menara Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur ( nxt to pavillion building, Opposite to wisma genting )

    For more information, u can contact Steven ( My investment consultant) 016 2727326 or u can email to

    • kevin

      Hi Kah Kit,

      may i knw how izit dat u hv invested with Jalatama?
      did u buy physical gold from them? and also,
      do u earn any monthly returns? would appreciate ur
      feedback very much…kindly mail me at


  11. Sherab Foo

    Dear all,
    I don’t think Public Gold is a good place to invest. The brand is crafted by themselves. They do certify it by local. The best gold bar is to invest international branded like Swiss PAMP or Perth Mint, which the international market recognized those gold bar, especially by London Bullion Markete Association (LBMA).

    The paper gold is useless. Do you guys aware that Public bank didn’t accept the physical gold that they deliver to you? Those physical gold is considered useless. China goverment did investigate the same issue which happen in China, where the bank didn’t accept the gold bar that they sell to public.

    Nubex is considered doing good. However the problem they face is they don’t have stock. The only place now we shall consider is direct order from oversea from those trusted sources, with proper certificate SWISS PAMP.

    • David

      Nubex nowadays is different. You can see they have a wide range of silver and gold products available. Prices are also very attractive.

  12. Simon

    Hi All,

    I do sell 999.9% purity gold bar . Swiss Pamp : 10g , 20, 50g , 100g and 1kg . Local mint with assayer guarantee : 20g , 50g and 100g . OR 999% gold jewellery : Ring , Bracelet and Chain .
    Feel free to email me for more information .

    Kuala Pilah,Negeri Sembilan .



      Can the transaction do in KL area ?




      • lau

        Hi friends, Have you interested to buy gold bar 999.9
        Minimum purchase of 100kg / 500kg bar on 26th May 2012
        MYR 160 per gramme for suisse gold bar
        With the rate of 3.1328 MYR to 1 USD = USD 51,072.52 ( 26th May 2012 )
        Conversion rate may varies from day to day. Have you interested Please
        directly contact me, my phone no is 0173932308. Thank you have a nice

    • Nene Luna

      Hi Kedai Emas,

      Kindly email me some info regarding the above investments. Please forward your contact info in Kuala Lumpur – I am an interested investor and is planning to be in Malaysia this coming week. I need your phone and company address.

      Thanks for your reply.

      Nene Luna
      Seattle, WA

  13. Jennifer

    Hello Everyone,

    Our company specialises in selling wholesale gold and silver bars and coins to Asia, including Malaysia. We have a wide range of products, including all major coins, and Swiss and American bars.


      Dear Jennifer,

      Vincent here. May I know the price per gram for 999.9 gold bar ?
      I have serious buyer looking for min 3kg.
      Transaction may to in bank. Prefer Old Klang MBB or PBB, KL.

      Please contact me, Vincent @ 012-630 3231.

      Thank you

      Warm Regards
      Vincent Liau

    • henry

      hi jennifer,

      i am interested in buying silver coins. kindly forward yr price list to

    • Joy

      Hi Jennifer,

      Does your company buy 999 gold bar in quantity of 10 to 100kg with size of 1.0 kg and 12.5 kg? Seller is looking for buyer. If your company is in this, please feel free to email to

  14. chan

    Hi, happy to see such forum as it is informative. Would like to ask is there any shop sell PAMP swiss gold bar with either pink cert or blur packaging in butterworth or pg area?

  15. TheRenovator

    Just opened a gold account at UOB for small amount. Quite a few people also there to open gold account.

    I’d rather not keep physical gold. A gold account is better since the banks will buy back when you sell. At the current price, the RM 2 spread works out to be a little over 1% fee. Thx for the info here.

    • rienne

      Can we buy gold from UOB online or do we need to go to the bank to purchase the gold using the passbook?

  16. Alfred

    I am Gold Buyer In Klang Valley and Melaka
    We are ready to buy all types of Gold, Pawn Letter or Luxury Watches,
    Contact no: 0193721360
    Try our price and you will never regret.
    Ring me up for a free quotation.

  17. Simon

    Hi Everyone ,
    For your info , as at today 7th Nov 2011 my selling price for PAMP Swiss gold bar = 10g : RM196.00/g , 20g : RM194.00/g , 50g : RM192.00/g , 100g : RM190.00/g .and I do sell Pink Cert ( cast bar ) but depend on stock availability .
    PAMP Swiss Silver Bar 1kg : RM4100.00
    Please call me for more info . Contact No : 012-6381666
    KEDAI EMAS LEE WAH ( since 1982 )

  18. sarwat

    i bought a suiss 10g pamp gold bar from tomei, how much is it worth today?

  19. siti nurbaya

    in case anyone needs a pamp suisse gold bar…thats can be sold at any bar with .9999 purity pls contact me ….. all purchase includes thye warranty certificate and certificates of ownerhip too

    • suhaimi


  20. krish

    siti nurbaya your contact plz

  21. faiz

    Dear All,
    i have a set of Brunei gold coins issued by the Ministryof Finance Brunei. it comes with the certificate and have face value. does anyoneknow where i can sell this set or any coin collectors since my set has certificate and facevalue of the coins.

  22. Frankie

    Date 18th July 2012.

    As for today, after monitoring the charges from MBB, PBB and UOB for quite sometimes now, I found that it would be a better deal to invest as in paper gold with UOB.

    MBB offer per gram for RM163.91 Buy Back @ RM157.00
    PBB offer per gram for RM164.87 Buy Back @ RM158.39
    UOB offer per gram for RM162.60 Buy Back @ RM160.60

    For short or long term investment – UOB still the winner here.

    On physical investment – UOB provides the best value but always out of stock … lol

    Check out their website for prices info on physical ie. Aust & Canadian gold coins and compare to others like (located in KL) and

    I would prefer to buy from UOB rather than other individual companies due to the low prices they offered and bank will outlast any individual companies in long run.

    For physical silver buyer … try this site
    I have search alot online seller in malaysia and “personally” i think his price is reasonable.

    Now … I am wondering buying physical or paper silver to start? lol

  23. Rong

    I agree that for paper gold investment, UOB’s gold savings account is still the winner…For paper silver, I found out that recently MBB launched a silver investment account. The rates don’t look too attractive though..

    As for physical gold, I bought from my friend some time back…he now has a website so I would recommend checking it out at

  24. tiyaghu

    Anyone interested in investing gold in stock market
    do call me 0163228875.
    Dont rely on brokers to make trade for you but an intelligent software that will autotrade for you.
    all u do is withdraw from ur profit every month

  25. max

    Guys, have u all heard about ICBC gold bar 999.9. Which bank can I sell in malaysia and which jewelry shop ? Do u guys know thr value of ICBC gold bar ?tq guys.

  26. tan

    any one can tell me where is the best place to buy physical gold in kedah or butterworth area ? tq

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  30. Shanker

    What about trading of gold in the spot market? I heard that it is very profitable. Comments please?