Tips: How to Use Google Pinyin Chinese Input Method

How to type Chinese words using Google Pinyin? Where to find the toolbar after download Google Pinyin? Chinese Star Vs NJStar Vs Google Pinyin, which software is the best and fastest Chinese Mandarin Pinyin input method?

I have introduced the Google Pinyin Freeware for few friends of mine. But the problem is, all of them come back with the same questions: “How to use Google Pinyin software after download?” and “Why I can’t found any toolbar of Google Pinyin, then how to type?”

Step by Step How to Use Google Pinyin
  • 1. Download Google Pinyin
  • 2. Press ‘Alt’ + ‘Shift’ to get the toolbar appear in your screen
  • 3. Type pinyin for the Chinese words you are looking for
  • 4. If you want to type English words but do not want to close the Google Pinyin toolbar, press ‘Shift’, you will notice the toolbar will be in 英(English Mode) then type your English words OR
  • 5. Press ‘Alt’ + ‘Shift’ again, the toolbar will disappear from your screen
Typing Speed

There is nothing much different between Chinese Star, NJStar and Google Pinyin if comparing on the typing speed. When you type for a long sentence, any mistake of pinyin (spelling) in between of any words will slow down you. Because, you will have to re-type in shorter sentence or word by word to find out where is the wrong pinyin.

Besides, you will hardly get the correct sentence if you type it too long. Because, there are too many possibilities of other sentences will appear based on your minimum incomplete pinyin inputs. Therefore, foundation of Chinese Pinyin still is a must for you to type fast in Chinese words. No shortcut! It is unrelated to what software you are using.


The best part of Google Pinyin is free for download and the size of the file is small enough without further burden to my pc’s RAM. As a conclusion, Google Pinyin still will be my first choice for Chinese Input Software instead of Chinese Star and NJStar.

Download Google Pinyin Input Method for FREE

10 thoughts on “Tips: How to Use Google Pinyin Chinese Input Method”

  1. Olivia Lee

    I tried to use Google Pin Yin. But All I can see is small little squares. I don’t see the chinese words. How should I fix the problem?

  2. Jane Liu

    I have the same problem of using Google Pin Yin. All I can see is small little squares in the google search window after I type the pin yin. Once I choose any option, the Chinese word shows up. Please help me. Thanks.

  3. larry murray

    How do I change from traditional characters to simplified?

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  5. Christina

    I’ve downloaded Google Pinyin several times and couldn’t get it to open.

    • Josiah

      I had the same problem

  6. cappucino

    y all little square?can fix it?

  7. STSam

    I am facing the same problem too…… Someone please help me

  8. maggie

    i also cannot open it.y?

  9. Daniel Smith

    Thank you!! That really helped 🙂