The Cost of Buying a Low Medium Cost Apartment for RM138K

Here is the sample of quotation covering the major charges involved for buying a leasehold second hand property without strata title below RM150K in Kota Damansara.

I hope by getting familiar with the major items charged by lawyer, it increases your self-confidence level to invest in subsale market. At least, you know where you stand now for the concern of upfront costs to buy a property.

Quotation from Buyer's Lawyer side

Solicitors Professional Fees & Disbursement for the Preparation of Sale and Purchase Agreement (RM138,000 Apartment)
Note of ChargesRM
A)Legal Fees (Sale and Purchase Agreement)
- 1% for the first RM150K
- 0.7% for the next RM850K
1. CKHT 2A (submission of real property gains tax to LHDN) @ per Purchaser.
2. 6% service tax94.80
1. Stamping of Sale and Purchase Agreement (RM10 @ 4 copies)
2. Stamping of Deed of Assignment (RM10 @ 4 copies)
3. Land Search (Selangor Land Office)
4. Bankruptcy Search (RM15 @ per person) 1 Vendor and 1 Purchaser
5. Affirmation and Stamping of Statutory Declaration
6. Developer's Confirmation and Undertaking for sale and purchase transaction
7. Traveling (inclusive of trips to and from Shah Alam land office for Land Search, to and from Shah Alam for Bankruptcy Search, to and from Stamp Office for stamping of documents, etc) inclusive of all hand deliveries and collection to third parties [Banks, Solicitors, relevant authorities, etc] to expedite matters
8. Stationery and Printing Charges
9. Telephone, Facsimile, Courier, Postage758.00
D)Stamp Duty for the Memorandum of Transfer*
*Subject to change depending upon valuation by the Stamp Office
*Estimated figure based on Purchase Price as a guideline
1% of the first RM100K
2% of the next RM400K
(D) payable upon receipt of Notice of Adjudication by the Purchaser or prior to redemption of Property(if any) (penalty imposed by Stamp Office if settled late), whichever is earlier
Total (Item A to D):4,192.80

Quotation from Bank's Lawyer side

Solicitors Professional Fees & Disbursement for Home Loan Facility of RM97,160.00 (no-title subsale)
Note of ChargesRMRM
A)Facility Agreement
1. Our fees971.60
2. Service tax 6%58.30
3. Stamp duty - Principal492.501,552.40
B)Deed of Assignment
1. Our fees200.00
2. Service tax 6%12.00
3. Stamp duty40.00252.00
C)Power of Attorney
1. Our fees200.00
2. Service tax 6%12.00
3. Stamp duty - Principal40.00
4. Registration at the High Court100.00352.00
D)Statuory Declaration - Bankruptcy and Owner Occupancy
1. Affirming30.00
2. Stamp duty40.0070.00
1. Traveling charges100.00
2. Telephone and facsimile charges100.00
3. Printing and photostating charges150.00
4. Stamp Letter of Offer35.00
5. Land Search fees90.00
6. Bankruptcy Search50.00
7. Developer's confirmation50.00
8. Miscellaneous50.00625.00
Total (Item A to E):2,851.40