Tenancy Agreement Stamping Procedure

Is it difficult to stamp tenancy agreement by yourself? Not really. You should try DIY, at least once, which I think is a quite simple work to be done by paying RM20 for my office boy rather than paying lawyer or property agent to do on behalf.

What are the Documents Required?
1. Two copies of Tenancy Agreement (signed by both landlord and tenant)
2. Download and fill in PDS 1 form.
3. Download and fill in PDS 49(A) form.

Where to do Stamping?
Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IRB) or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN). Click here to find the nearest location to do stamping and to pay stamp duty.

Can Someone Else Represent You?
Can. You may not necessary to go there by yourself; anyone can represent you. Just to make sure the representative’s details are filled in the PDS 1 form.

Summarized Procedures:
1. Prepare all the documents required.
2. Go to nearest LHDN office.
3. Submit documents to LHDN officer.
4. Pay stamp duty fee accordingly.
5. Stamp tenancy agreement, done.

3 thoughts on “Tenancy Agreement Stamping Procedure”

  1. Haruki

    Yup, Horlic, I’ve been doing it myself few times, only hassle is finding parking actually!

    • Horlic Lim

      LHDN Damansara Perdana not so many people.. parking is ok so far..

  2. alvin

    Hi Horlic, we should prepare 2 set of tenancy agreement to let landlord and tenant sign both (which one consider original) or just prepare 1 set and let both parties sign then photocopy the original set and bring 2 set to lhdn for stamping?