Skim Rumah Pertamaku vs Skim Mudah Milik vs Skim Pembiayaan Perumahan Kos Rendah

Gosh! Now only I realize we have so many schemes are actually helping Malaysian to own a house, especially for poor and group of middle income! There were at least of 7 schemes found from my finding!

Skim Rumah Pertamaku (First House Scheme)
  • Entitled for first home buyer only
  • No need to pay 10% down payment upfront (100% full loan)
  • Age below 35 years old
  • Personal (single) or household (married) income below RM3,000
  • Employment under private company and more than 6 months
  • Entitled for property between RM100,000 to RM220,000
  • Entitled for both under construction and completed property
  • Housing loan tenure maximum 30 years

Source: SRP

Rumah Mesra Rakyat Programme (RMR)
  • RMR programme started since year 2000
  • Entitled for first home buyer only
  • Not applicable for single, only for those married
  • Household income less than RM1,500
  • 30% of the housing cost is subsidized by the government
  • Payment required normally between RM42,000 to RM45,000 or 75% of the house cost
  • Monthly housing loan installment of RM150 for 22 to 25 years

Source: SPNB

Skim Pembiayaan Perumahan Kos Rendah
  • Entitled for permanent estate worker (Malaysian)
  • RM50 million was allocated in Budget 2011 (managed by Bank Simpanan Nasional)
  • Entitled for maximum housing loan RM60K for low cost house (but, I thought low cost house is defined as those projects launched priced at below RM45K?)
  • Housing loan interest rates capped at 4%
  • Housing loan tenure maximum 40 years

Besides, according to Budget 2011 announced in last year, another RM568 million will be allocated for building more affordable housing via following projects:

  • Projek Bantuan Perumahan Bandar: 300 units
  • Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR): 79,000 units
  • Projek Bantuan Sewa Rumah: 8,000 units

Source: Bernama

Skim Mudah Milik
  • Offered by Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Bhd (SPNB)
  • Only RM250 of deposit is required during signing S&P, before housing loan is approved
  • Entitled for all kind of properties from SPNB (only for properties below RM100K? To be confirmed)

Source: SPNB

Conclusion, there are too many various affordable housing programs introduced in our country. It was so confusing! A proper and single channel approach should be re-introduced to ensure every one of us know where to seek for help and enquiry.

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i sometimes how do all these schemes help the young ones when it’s hard to get houses that r below 220k. it’s like ‘take it or leave it’ when the young ones also want to have a choice to have a home that is located at strategic location, not far away, at some places people usually don’t want.

well, assistance is out there but i don’t see how it benefits me much.


Asrun Bin Kasim

Selamat tgh hari & salam 1 Malaysia, saya spt nma diatas ingin mendapatkan sedikit nasihat & pertolongan mengenai sebuah rumah di sebuah tapak projek yg sudah saya booking, pembayaran booking pun sudah dibuat, bermakna hanya utk saya mendapatkan pinjaman bank sahaja. Tetapi saya dapati kerenah drp pihak bank utk mendapatkan pinjaman amatlah menyusahkan saya walaupun saya sudah memberikan kerjasama yg setimpal dengan apa yg dikehendaki oleh pihak mereka, walaupun pd awal saya membuat pembayaran penempahan lot rumah itu pihak pemaju mengatakan saya tidak mempunyai masalah utk mendapatkan 90% pinjaman jika dibandingkan dengan pendapatan saya. Tetapi saya spt menunggu buah yg tidak jatuh apabila sudah dekat setahun pinjaman saya tiada khabar berita. Apabila ditanya jawapan mereka hanayalah “masih didlm proses”, ada ketika mereka kata saya masih bujang & perlu mencari penama kedua, maka saya pun minta tolong abang kandung saya menjadi penama kedua, tetapi masih tidak memberi 90% pinjaman. Saya menjadi buntu utk saya memiliki rumah pertama saya, ini bukanlah rumah kedua atau ketiga saya, ini adalah RUMAH PERTAMA saya. Saya harap pihak tuan dapat membantu masalah saya ini sempena dgn skim yg dilancarkan oleh kerajaan. Semoga Allah sahaja yg dpt membalas jasa baik tuan/puan. Wassalam.


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