Supex Mortgage Reduction Seminar

How to save up Mortgage Interest? How to shorten up Mortgage Period? How to payoff your Mortgage Loan before retirement? How to payoff your Mortgage Loans before children higher education?

supex mortgage reduction help you save huge interest

Mortgage Reduction Specialist in Asia

All the questions abovementioned come across my mind after I receive a leaflet from a mortgage reduction agent at a financial event. Therefore, I had decided to attend their seminar at The Summit Hotel USJ with a minimum investment of RM50 and 4 hours only (RM40 each for 2 & above), which I feel no harm to explore myself there. Some more, they claimed the seminar will be conducted by the FIRST Knowledge-Creating & Number 1 Mortgage Reduction Specialist in Asia, Mr. David Wong. On top of that, all participants are entitled to enjoy a FREE Mortgage Diagnostic from their consultants. Then, why not to attend? Please be reminded to bring along your mortgage loan agreement and other relevant documents for more precise analysis outcome. Else, you may arrange another appointment to meet one of their consultants for the analysis either at your place or their office.

Negative Feedback From Public

In fact, I have google some info about Supex Mortgage Reduction before I attend the seminar on last Monday, 6 April 2009. Surprisingly, most of the info I found were cons to Supex Mortgage Reduction (M) Sdn Bhd. Perhaps I should say almost 100% are negative feedback. Majority of the complaints state that Supex Mortgage Reduction is doing illegal thing, misleading public, unreasonable charges fees and etc. But, I did read many articles published in the Money Compass Magazine and The Edge written by them since the past few years ago.


According to their articles, obviously they are keeping emphasize on how to maximize the reduction of your mortgage loans through right ways to do the right PREPAYMENT. Frankly speaking, its sound makes sense for me. I feel interesting and curious to find out the answer regard the complaints raised on them at online property forum. Are they liar? Are their services illegal? Therefore, I attended their seminar.

During the seminar, David Wong has highlighted few ‘tricky’ clauses stated in our mortgage loans agreement; especially in prepayment and account statement parts. Its sound interesting and make sense. REMINDER: Please never believe ‘blindly’ on the answer or explanation replied by your mortgage loan agent or officer! I had ‘experiment’ it to my mortgage loan consultant. I ask her a simple question, “Is it my current monthly installment payment started to pay off partially of the principal loan amount or just solely for interest only (the loan still haven’t fully disbursed by bank to developer). Eventually, she gave me a WTF reply said that, “Don’t worry Mr.Lim, since your first monthly installment payment the partially of your payment are paid for principal loan amount.” So, be caution of that!

I will update you guys more on dollar sign wise how much could I save through their services next week after I meet up with their consultant.

ticket supex mortgage reduction seminar at the summit hotel usj

P/S: Please keep the yellow ticket because it will enables you to re-attend the similar ‘Supex Mortgage Reduction Seminar’ for FOC.

10 thoughts on “Supex Mortgage Reduction Seminar”

  1. 11Comer

    Hey, how’s the outcome from the SUPEX from your experience?Curious as i met them at Mid Valley shopping centre last week. Not sure if use them to challenge bank will offend the bank or not.

    • Horlic Lim

      For investment wise, I’m won’t go for the SUPEX. For long term own stay property, no harm to try their services.

  2. 11Comer

    I see.thanks reply.Why is your opinion only for own stay property?Cause people normally won’t settle all the home loan for investment property?I afraid the bank will ban me from home loan forever.

    • Horlic Lim

      Not to say property investor won’t settle the entire home loan for investment property, example: it does not make sense to save mortgage interests if you are going to flip the property within short period. For buy-to-let investment, I prefer to maximize the positive cash flow instead of making extra payment to settle the housing loan.

  3. 11Comer

    Clear thought and objective! I am a newbie in property investment, hoping one day can be financial freedoom in property investment too.Your website has been very informative. I just attend Renesial Leong 2hr seminar last week (not workshop yet) and try to gain more knowledge by doing more homeworks…reading and research 🙂 Nice to meet you.

  4. ms lam

    i started to paid tripple the amount of my regular monthly instalment to my home loan bank cimb (i got the extra amount from my epf account), it works really significantly in reducing my outstanding principle amount. this is how i did it: i paid the amount for monthly instalment via cash deposit machine and paid principle reduction amount via counter. i then reconfirm the bank has in fact reduce my home loan principle amount in the account using cimb online.

  5. Mr Yap

    This is my experience. I engaged SUPEX to reduce my housing loan about 6 years ago. It cost me 3K. It worked. But I also realized one thing later that I don’t have to engage their service to reduce my housing loan. I actually can do it on my own, just like what Ms Lam does! Currently I pay 1K extra every month to settle my another housing loan with CIMB. This can shorten my repayment period by 10 years.

    • Ms. Tan

      i am newbie in housing loan, how to pay the Housing loan by “auto debit” instaed of ” pay the amount for monthly instalment via cash deposit machine” , we need to calculate our own?

  6. Peter Lim

    Hello Mr Yap,

    Yup, you’re totally right. Thank God you realized you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you might go for their service again!.

    Anyway, had you used the RM 3k fee that you paid to them and use it towards reducing your loan, you’ll save even more interest!.

    Actually, with their service, you’re worse off, cause after Partial Prepayment, you can’t withdraw back the excess amount (incase emergency or better opportunity).

    On the other hand, had a person didn’t use their service, they would have saved the RM 3k fees + interest (and future interest on that RM 3k fees) + still maintain the option to withdraw the excess that you’ve prepay, since most banks nowadays have those facilities.

    In short, they’re ……….. !@#$%^&*()