Replacement of Old Furniture is Tax Deductible for Rental Income

Reminder: Although the initial cost of buying furniture and furnishing a rental property is not tax deductible, do keep all the receipts; because just in case you are going to replace the old furniture in future, then the replacement costs are tax deductible for your rental income.

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What if I want to sell my fully furnished property next time and I still keep all the receipts properly, will that create a little bit more selling points for potential buyer? Can the new buyer claim for tax reduction when he replace the furniture?

Other than that, don’t forget that the quit rent, assessment fees, management fees, loan interest are tax deductible, too.

One thought on “Replacement of Old Furniture is Tax Deductible for Rental Income”

  1. Haruki

    Thanks for this, Horlic. Do you know if aircond servicing is considered maintenance/repair? What about other things like water pump, water heater repairs?