Rent Safe Deposit Box to Keep Important Documents Safe

Will you rent or buy a safe deposit box to keep your important stuffs safe?

For me, I will store all my important documents into a safe deposit box, especially Sale & Purchase Agreement and land title of my properties.

I know it will be a nightmare for my property transaction in future if I lose the documents. I do not want to take the risk! And I feel safer to let the professional one to keep for me rather buying a safety deposit box myself and keeping it at home.

Since Bank’s safe deposit boxes are mostly rented, that leave me no choice to go for private company’s service and I have chosen Safe Deposit Box Sdn Bhd (SDB). Why SDB? No special reason, simply because of their reasonable rental rate and right location for me.

Safe Deposit Box Rental Rates

SizeDimension of Safe Deposit BoxSDB Value Plan
(rent for 1 year)
SDB Saver Plan
(rent for 2 years)
13" x 5" x 24"RM 130 / yearRM 80 / year
25" x 5" x 24"RM 150 / yearRM 100 / year
33" x 10" x 24"RM 170 / yearRM 120 / year
45" x 10" x 24"RM 200 / yearRM 150 / year
510" x 10" x 24"RM 250 / yearRM 200 / year

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3 thoughts on “Rent Safe Deposit Box to Keep Important Documents Safe”

  1. matjoe

    it’s a good rate

  2. Mister Leaf

    Can we store gold bar in this kind of Safe Deposit Box?

    • Horlic Lim

      Sure! A lot of people keep their gold bar in safe deposit box.