Average Housing Prices in Malaysia From 2008 to 2009

What are the average housing prices in KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Sabah, Sarawak and Malaysia? If you compare the prices between all the locations shown as above table, as usual, KL’s properties still the most expensive!

But, to be surprised that property price in Sabah was actually tagged as the second highest in our country, it’s neither Penang nor Johor. Perhaps it was mainly due to the new policy. Nowadays not only Sabahan can buy house there, we from other states are allowed to invest property in Sabah too.

Another thing, do we see any symptom of over speculating on the real estate market in Malaysia from the research?

6 thoughts on “Average Housing Prices in Malaysia From 2008 to 2009”

  1. Yvonne Chong

    KL is still regarded as ‘heart’ of Malaysia and is sought after prime location for commercial. Its prices stand-out because of its limited land bank. However, commercial activities are slowly & surely moving towards Petaling Jaya.

    Is speculation if supply more than demand. Prices for property at right location (which normally limited supply) is sustainable if supported by rental yield. Don’t buy on hope, but on sure.

  2. abu_adi

    i think, a better data that can reflect the current situation, would be to look at the cities, instead of states…For example, we all knew how high the prices are in Penang island and JB, but even Johor fell below the national average…

    i think, because when averaged out with other parts of Johor, like Mersing, Segamat, etc, the price of course will be averaged down…

    on why Sabah is the 2nd highest still wonders me…i cannot think of other explanations other than KK’s limited development, and Labuan (if Labuan is counted as Sabah, not KL)…

  3. YK

    The reason Sabah is the 2nd highest in terms of properties prices are numerous, including the influx of foreigners buying properties here seeking the sunshine and beaches.

    The most significance reason is because of the success of the plantation of oil palm. These oil palms tycoons decided to put their excess cash in property resulting in strong sales of properties even if the average consumer here earn very little.

    For example, a Double Storey Terrace House in Kota Kinabalu currently fetches about 350-400k depending on location and size of the land.

  4. Zatayumni Zulkiply

    i’m doing some research on the kl property market and i’d like to know your source for the average house prices. i hope to get a reply from you soon.

  5. Dee

    I would also like to know the source for the average house prices, thanks.

  6. grace tan


    may i know how much the Damansara Lagenda 3 storey Semi-D near tropicana?