Prepaid Plans Comparison: Cheapest SMS Rates

Which Telco company in Malaysia offers the best prepaid plan with cheapest SMS rates? Celcom, DiGi, Maxis or Tune Talk? Get the answer from below prepaid plans comparison:
prepaid plans comparison cheapest sms rates

  • Cheapest SMS rates to limited favorite numbers: Celcom Prepaid Xpax – 15Pax
  • Cheapest SMS rates to ALL numbers (same network): DiGi Prepaid – Hits RM1
  • Cheapest SMS rates to ALL numbers (other networks): Tune Talk Prepaid – Flat rate 5 sen

My Point of View: In fact, each of the prepaid plans comes with its unique selling points. Cheapest SMS rates for you might not be the same meaning for me due to our different needs. Perhaps the above comparison might help you to find out the best prepaid plan that suit you the most.