Prepaid Plans Comparison between Tune Talk, Celcom, DiGi & Maxis

Have you compared Tune Talk with other prepaid plans like Celcom Xpax, DiGi Prepaid and Maxis Hotlink? Do you know which mobile operator is offering the cheapest prepaid cell phone plan? Tune Talk? Find out the answer from prepaid plans comparison table shown on below:
Prepaid plans comparison table
Tips 1:Identify your target group of people for calling. Majority of them are from the same network or others? How many of them? This information will decide the importance of calling rates to other networks to be considered.

Tips 2:Charging block. No doubt, charging based on 30 second per block save you more money compare to 60 second per block. For instance, 30 second per block, they don’t charge you a full minute for calls that last just seconds.

Tips 3: Special package. Compare and find out the best special package which is offering the best calling rates or SMS rates and meet your requirements the most. The special package is the key point to help you save more money.

Bear in mind, the cheapest does not means is the best for everyone. Hopefully, the comparison table will help you to make a right decision to subscribe the best prepaid phone card that meets your needs and save more money.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please log on Celcom, DiGi, Maxis and Tune Talk for more information.

4 thoughts on “Prepaid Plans Comparison between Tune Talk, Celcom, DiGi & Maxis”

  1. Anna Leong

    Hi! currently i’m using digi prepaid Rm100/4month as my information.Of course i would like to seek your advise, if i change to isn’t cheaper the line?

  2. ervinna lim

    Hi anna, as i know latest the cheapest is wiiCall now in the market.

  3. francis

    I just activated a new prepaid by Celcom. voice call & sms 0.15 sen / min, FOC 50MB monthly. It include closed user group free 600 min/mth. Top up per month min RM40. Anything more than RM40 can be brought forward to next month. Other T&C as Celcom First Prime prepaid. Best for groups and companies staff as savings is more than 50%(my company estimate). Send me an sms and i will call you back to demo. My nos is 019 6711 233.

  4. eng chiew may

    My plan is X2. I want to subscribe for 2years plain how to register n what is the TnC ? My no is 0137338702