Potential Location to become Property Hot Spots in Klang Valley Malaysia

Are you seeking advice from property experts to identify the second tier location in Klang Valley Malaysia where potentially of being elevated to first tier hot spots for property investment?

ho chin soon research klang valley malaysia property hot spots
According to Malaysia well known property expert, Mr. Ho Chin Soon in a Q&A section of ‘The Edge Property Investment Forum 2009’, those locations are basically well connected and linked to highways that bring the residents to Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

Examples of Potential Hot Spots for Property Investment in Future:
  • Setia Alam with access to the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) – Developed by SP Setia Group
  • Alam Impian with access to the Kesas Highway – Developed by I&P Group
  • Melawati fronting the Middle Ring Road II (MRR2)
Petaling Jaya – Locational Center Gravity

I believe for those who have attended any seminar of Ho Chin Soon will not feel strange about his theory of Klang Valley’s Locational Center Gravity (LCG). He has selected Petaling Jaya as the LCG for Klang Valley simply because Petaling Jaya is centrally located in the Klang Valley. Besides, the infrastructure and accessibility there have been developing rapidly and almost fully developed; thus pushing future developments into the second tier and beyond.

Good Reputation Developer

Good reputation developer with excellent past track record is one of the major factor that Ho Chin Soon has been highlighted frequently to identify a good property for investment. As we can notice from the future hotspots for property investment recommended by him were always developed by Malaysia Top 10 property developer like SP Setia Group, I&P Group, Mah Sing Group and etc.

One thought on “Potential Location to become Property Hot Spots in Klang Valley Malaysia”

  1. Christopher

    SP Setia indeed is a very good developer. But so far from what i see, the price of Setia Alam is very high. What do you think? How about the Melawati, do you think the price of it will be very high after the completion of the construction for the college? Thanks!