P1 Wimax Broadband Speed Test Result Potong Steam

Tested on 9/11/2011

Dear Top Management of Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd,

P1 4G high speed broadband? What does it means? Look at the speed test result, is this an acceptable broadband connection speed in Malaysia?

I feel so so so frustrated with the slow internet browsing experience-using P1 broadband! Seriously!!! How about the video streaming? REALLY POTONG STEAM!!!

Please do not remind me to log a complaint! Please!!!

Hundred of complaint calls have been made to your P1 Customer CareLine Team and countless of complaint reports have been logged, too. But, what for?

The same excuses are given, always – upgrading works are currently in progress, the base station is currently under maintenance and etc.

Why it seems like a difficult task for them to tell me a date for the so called ‘maintenance works’ and ‘upgrading works’ to be done? Why?

Please do something!

Tested on 10/11/2011

Tested on 16/11/2011

3 thoughts on “P1 Wimax Broadband Speed Test Result Potong Steam”

  1. Vin

    P1? Oh no…Been tried and cheated since their 3G generation and been potong before contract expired. On the 7 days trial period, very good..After that really potong the “pussy hair”… Now use another company 4G and been very satisfied…Wait and see when the P1 acquire by somebody….

    • Horlic Lim

      same for me, on the first 7 days trial period, performing very well.. after that…nightmare come…..

  2. Loo Shaun

    P1 4G?More of P1 GRPS la.So Slow…I Change to Yes 4G and UniFi and much better