Malaysia 999 and 916 Gold Price on 9 Aug 2011

Recommended Retail Gold Price Today (9 August 2011):

  • 999 Gold: RM201.00 per gram
  • 916 Gold: RM190.00 per gram
  • 835 Gold: RM175.00 per gram
  • 750 Gold: RM157.00 per gram
  • 375 Gold: RM85.00 per gram

Source: Federation of Goldsmiths And Jewellers Associations Of Malaysia

2 thoughts on “Malaysia 999 and 916 Gold Price on 9 Aug 2011”

  1. daniel
     ·  Reply

    Hi Prof,

    II knew that you have entered some Gold during its lower price, just seeking from your advise, is it OK now to enter at the price of 1750?


  2. Ho Nee Yang
     ·  Reply

    Please advise the last 12 months buying and selling price for the type of gold for 999,916,835,750 and also 375.thank you

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