Letter of Notice to Tenant for Late TNB Electricity Bill Payment

As a landlord, you should check your TNB bill online regularly. It helps to keep track on your tenant’s monthly electricity consumption and the latest billing status.

Important Message!

Never assume the electricity supply will be terminated automatically when it exceeds your credit limit, where it suppose to be.

Else, please don’t be surprised to receive a termination notice in pink from Tenaga Nasional Berhad with an outstanding payment of thousands of ringgit. Take note!

Send a reminder notice to your tenant immediately whenever you realize the payment is overdue. This action is to ‘tell’ them your seriousness in running the rental property business; all the payment shall be made strictly on time, any late payment will not be tolerated.


(landlord’s name)


(tenant’s name)

Dear (tenant’s name)


We have not received payment for your last TNB bill, which is now past due. Please note that you are responsible for paying the utility bills in full and on time, and failure to do so constitute a violation of the tenancy agreement.

A copy of the TNB bill is included in this notice, to be paid immediately.

Kindly ignore this letter if the payment had been made.


(Landlord’s Name)

6 thoughts on “Letter of Notice to Tenant for Late TNB Electricity Bill Payment”

  1. matjoe

    thanks for the info horlic.
    how to check our electricity bill online

  2. kampunginvestor

    Nice one brother! Appreciate your advice… 😉 Will blog upon this issue too soon in my blog with a life experience which just happened to my colleague.

    • Horlic Lim

      It will be so great if we have something like CCRISS / blacklisted list of all the bad paymaster tenants in Malaysia and open for public/landlords to screen through their prospects before rent their house to them.

      • kampunginvestor

        That will be a great idea. Ban those irresponsible tenants for good. Let them rot at the streets. I guess it all boils down to mentality. Renting our your units has always this kind of risk. Really high at times.. Sigh..!

  3. Blacklist Planet

    There is a new website like that now. . It is not only for tenants, and landlords, but for anyone that has not been ethical for many reasons. Bad employees, employers, anyone really can be Blacklisted so we all know who to be aware of, and their past history.