Lawyers are NOT Allowed to Give Discount for Legal Fees

Lawyers are not allowed to provide discount for legal fees, is it true? It is true. As according to The Malaysian Bar, the standard legal fees were fixed and no discount is allowed as per Solicitors’ Remuneration (Enforcement) Rules 2004.

Legal fees for property transactions such as sale & purchase, loan, banking facility and other non-contentious business governed by the solicitors’ Remuneration Order are fixed by law and LAWYERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE DISCOUNT

[Yuran guaman bagi transaksi harta tanah seperti urusan jual-beli, pinjaman, kemudahan bank dan urusan lain yang tidak melibatkan perbalahan yang dikawal oleh Perintah Saraan Peguamcara adalah ditetapkan oleh undang-undang dan PEGUAM-PEGUAM TIDAK DIBENARKAN MEMBERI DISKAUN] Source: The Malaysian Bar

Anyway, if you insist to ask for discount on the legal fees, go ahead, no harm to try. Who knows they got their ‘ways’ to offer you the discount?

2 thoughts on “Lawyers are NOT Allowed to Give Discount for Legal Fees”

  1. thurai

    i want to buy hse rm185k n ask for private caveat they said rm700++ is tis the amount i only saw rm350 from ur page pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Horlic Lim

      Hi Thurai, have you checked with your lawyer? Why not get more quotation for comparison purpose?