Laman Web Rasmi Skim Rumah Pertamaku

Surprisingly, if you type either “Skim Rumah Pertamaku” or “My First House Scheme” in google search engine, is not appeared in the search results.

Maybe that’s the reason why I have receiving so many enquiries from readers about the scheme since it launched on 8 March 2011 by our Prime Minister. In fact, most of the answers are available in

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abu habiah

bagaimana nak membuat permohonan.Adakah saya masih layak memohon?



saya berumur 21 dan berstatus bujang . adakah saya layak untuk memohon ? dan kalau layak bagaimana nak buat permohonan ?


nor azirah

saya tinggal di senawang..bagaimana nak buat permohonan untuk projek perumahan yang akan dibina di seremban?


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