Is SoHo Protected by HDA

Most of us know that serviced apartment in Malaysia is covered by Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Act 1966, which has been amended in 2007 to protect house buyers who bought homes built on commercial land. But, how about those so called SoHo properties?

Compare Sale and Purchase Agreement

I found out Setia Walk SoHo unit was using standard Schedule H Sale and Purchase Agreement. Whereas the Empire Damansara SoHo projects did not using the same purchase sale agreement under Schedule H.

Why? Exception? Double standard? Anyone?

Compare Home Loans of Serviced Apartment and SoHo

For serviced apartment – the home loans interest rates are the same as residential property.

For SoHo project – so far from what I have heard from most of the bankers are, SoHo is considered as commercial property. Therefore, it will follow commercial rates. In another words, the interest rates are much higher compare to residential property.

Confuse, confuse, confuse!

3 thoughts on “Is SoHo Protected by HDA”

  1. rohaniah noor

    i think SOHO is not included under the definition of residential property because its main function is to operate as office. looks at the name itself, small office home office. Office is so obvious. just, compared to normal office, in SOHO, we can stay there..

    compared to serviced apartment, its function is to stay.. as residential home.. just, it is located on a commercial land.

  2. lemon

    can we used EPF acct 2 money to buy SOHO?

    • Horlic Lim

      Lemon, you can use EPF account 2 money to buy SoHo when developer sell it as residential property. But, you can’t do so when they sell it as commercial property.