IOI Properties Bhd New Property for Sale in Puchong: Adenia @16 Sierra

Are you looking for new landed property for sale in Puchong? IOI Properties Bhd has launched another prestigious township development named “16 Sierra” by introducing its first phase, Adenia @Sierra 8 precinct to property buyers.

The Adenia double storey terrace houses have a lot size of 22’ x 75’ with gross built-up 2,257 sq. ft. The project is located at the southern part of Puchong and near Cyberjaya & Putrajaya. Some of the features:

  • 535 acres township development
  • 3,838 residential units for whole project
  • 16 themed gardens
  • Leasehold

Buy 16 Sierra Adenia for Own Stay or Investment?

Some say the selling prices of Adenia and Areca are expensive, about RM448K and RM468K, respectively. What’s your opinion? Is it worth to pay the premium price for 16 Sierra? I have visited IOI Galleria @ 16 Sierra this morning. Both Adenia and Areca are selling fast!

For Own Stay: It is good to see a green township featuring 16 distinctive gardens, at least, something different from ordinary gated houses. Although it was located a bit outskirt of Puchong, but I believe 16 Sierra is still a good choice for those who are looking forward to upgrade their family house, especially the existing residents from Kajang, Bangi, and Serdang. IOI Properties is one of the Top 10 Property Developer in Malaysia; therefore, I have no worries on their reputation.

For investment: The location is out of my choices. There are better locations in Puchong for landed houses based on the budget. Bear in mind, it is a 535 acres huge township development; years will be spent to fully complete the project. As we can see after the LDP toll, there are a lot of undeveloped empty lands everywhere. How many years will be needed to develop the areas there? Or should I ask how strong is your cash holding power to keep and wait for the ‘potential’ capital appreciation in future?

View 16 Sierra in a larger map

32 thoughts on “IOI Properties Bhd New Property for Sale in Puchong: Adenia @16 Sierra”

  1. Rickyteoh

    Houses should be built around RM 200k. Secondly for lease hold land the property should be cheaper.Developers must consider building for the average income people.
    1 Malaysia is for everybody affordability. 50% are average income earners , 20 percent are poor and 10 percent above average, .05 % very rich . The rest very very poor.
    The financial system is not very healthy for investors as any financial crisis will has a very serious effect on the property.
    There would be a glut in property especially in the commercial and high end properties. The second half of this year will have some signal as predicted.

    • JHLim

      “Developers must consider building for the average income people”?? No way. The developers won’t care who the f**k you are and whether you can afford it. Now all the new launches are selling so fast. If I can sell all at 500k why I want to sell it at 200k? They will say: “You can’t afford is your problem, I put 500k also sell so fast, I regret why I didn’t put 600-700k”. And forget about the reasons like rising construction costs. If you are in construction line you’ll see how they bully the contractors la. The contractors are the one bearing the rising costs, not developers.

      • NONAME

        101% AGREED!

  2. Hawker010

    It’s too expensive for leasehold and even upper-income middle class.

  3. jackie

    Not worth at all !!!!

  4. SHIEK

    Price start from $468K for terrace!!! i can get it below RM300K at puchong utama, puchong prima, bukit puchong area. The price is too high for new developement. Some more the area is surrounded by road with toll..not worth it at all..somebody should be such a moron to buy this property…

    • geetha

      pls cal me:0149658573

    • alson

      interesting for bukit puchong,leave me email

      • paula

        hi I am interested in bukit puchong house

      • Azami

        Can i get the 2stry corner lot at bukit puchong / surrounding puchong with the price not exceed RM350k. If any, please give me an update.

  5. et

    property game is only for those higher income one. wat to do, this is the result of capitalism. i would say somebody should od something to control this potential’bubble’.

  6. ms bean

    although lease hold land the property should be cheaper..
    but all the houses are sold out in short time..
    see~many buyers dont care lease hold or free hold.

  7. springblossom

    we’ll see what happens to these high end investors when a property crisis comes along.
    i am happy to stick with my medium cost condos and house. at least 80% of the population can afford these properties

  8. qf

    Nows a day buy a house for low/medium income people like luxury dream. I hope that somebody can control atlease developer to low down their profit to let who really to buy house to live instead of invest. Please be control people to invest on the landed house, it not rich people always rich and poor person always poor!!!!!!

  9. Profit Taking

    the people making money now is developer. they keep much of the units to themselves, frens, cronies, then sell little out in market. then they jack price up a bit with each sale. normal people who wants to buy house can all go and die already. price already rocket very high.

    u think la, 3000k sq feet SIME darby usj height sell for RM1mil(Rm300+ sq feet) when the cost(entire) is roughtly RM150/sq feet. Double man.

  10. B

    starting at such price, really is a big killer!! can’t imagine today i checked that in iproperty someone selling areca for RM 560k already, really crazy one..

  11. Linda

    Interested & would like to know how much is it?

  12. sha

    anyone know about alam sari by i&p in bangi?

  13. nadia goh

    looking for new shop property in Puchong

  14. samita

    Anyone selling house either in Putra Heights or Puchong corner lots .Price range below RM800K

  15. lim s y

    i would like to know how much ? i want to buy this, thank you..

  16. Bala

    Any new launch properties that area, near to psr borong

  17. Jon wee

    i heard that there is one latest launch of a condominium by IOI in puchong, does anyone has the details? the condo has not started construction yet.
    thanks for any help.

  18. Dejavu

    Hi guys,
    This is the first time i am writing on a property blog spot despite having much frustration within. Me and my wife are working and both of us are earning well to lead a decent middle income family. However, i must say that we are so frustrated with the ways houses are being developed now and even families with both working partner finds it extremely difficult to own a decent landed property, even the leasehold ones. There is no regulation to control the prices and every call from the concerned citizen falls on deaf ears. I have seen a same house under different phases in Puchong increased from RM 488k – RM 800k plus within 2 – 3 years. I don’t understand how can a developer is allowed to hike up the prices as they want. Desperate genuine buyers are forced to purchase some re-sale properties at more that 50% of the original price for these houses, leaving them in a compounded risk on high loan payment until they go to the grave. We have decided not to waste our money on speculated properties as these and would rather invest on remote areas or other town for settlement (Ipoh) is a good example and rent a house here locally at a much cheaper rates. The funny part is, most of the landed property does not give good returns if you rent it out; condominiums maybe. You only make money if you can “con” someone on the “bug rogers” price to sell the property off. Just be careful folks; don’t fall for these speculators and be wise in making your decision. Concerned com rat!!

    • Oh Malaysia Malaysia

      I know how you feel because this is the exact situation faced by myself and many other people. Don’t count on our government to come up with measures to help us as it is consisted with greedy, corrupted and selfish politicians who have been taking advantage of the current system to make them and their cronies richer at the expense of the rest of the ordinary people like you and me.

  19. gina

    hi im looking for a new double storey house in puchong from rm 300 000 to 400000

  20. carmen

    can find double storey house RM150-180k at puchong

  21. kan

    ricky teoh is correct and so are the others, but so is jh lim, the way it is is that nobody can control the developers…..ah, capitalism and free market…the sweet poison!!

  22. azizul bin mat esa

    want a house below 200k double storey


    l am looking a double storey house in puchong

  24. Tan Bee Lee

    I am looking a double storey house in Puchong Area.


  25. loga

    Looking for double storey hse below 400k in or nearby puchong