Indah Residences 2 at Kemuning Utama

During last weekend, I was invited by friend to visit the Kemuning Utama latest project Indah Residences 2 showroom. I was so surprised with the overwhelming response at the showroom there! I’m wondering most of them are property investors or first time home buyers? Therefore, I have visited Kemuning Utama again this afternoon to find out more information about the project.
kemuning utama paramount homes double storey terrace home at kota kemuning 2

Locational Centre of Gravity – Ho Chin Soon

First thing come into my mind, Is Kota Kemuning within First Tier (15km) or Second Tier (25km) radius from Petaling Jaya (Centre of Gravity)? Malaysia property expert, Ho Chin Soon always shares his well known ‘Locational Centre of Gravity Theory’ to identify property hot spot vicinity. Perhaps the map shown on below might give you some idea?
ho chin soon petaling jaya as locational of gravity theory

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My Concerns on Indah Residences 2 @ Kemuning Utama
  • Accessibility to Main Road (KESAS Highway)
  • If you come from KL/PJ/Subang, whether you like it or not, the only entrance to Kemuning Utama is to pass through the tunnel with traffic light underneath the KESAS Highway. (Please correct me if I’m wrong)

  • Vacant Land in Front the Kemuning Utama
  • I don’t see any future development based on their master plan displayed at Kemuning Utama sales office. What are they going to build on it? Factory? Grave? High voltage cable station? I feel unsecure with the uncertainty future development on the vacant land.

paramount homes indah residences 2 kemuning utama

Info from Kemuning Utama Sales Office, 7 July’09

Phase 8 C1 – Newly Launched but Sold Out
Crazy! Their current new project for launching at Kemuning Utama is Phase 8 C1. But, it was Sold Out! Now, latest Phase 8 C2 is open for registration and reservation. Surprisingly, it’s finishing soon!

Phase 8 C2 – Open for registration and reservation
For Phase 8 C2, you may pay RM2000 by Cheque or Bank draft for reservation. Don’t miss the property if you are interested! They are selling fast! Not many units left!

  • Q1: Intermediate Unit 22’ x 70’ (Only 26 units left) Priced from RM378k
  • Q2/Q4: End Unit 22’ x 70’ (Sold out)
  • Q3: Corner Unit 22’ x 70’ (Sold out)
  • Q3a: Corner Unit 24’ x 70’ (Only 1 unit left) Priced at RM544k

17 thoughts on “Indah Residences 2 at Kemuning Utama”

  1. kai n baobei

    it’s my turn to visit you, hahaha ! great, we hav a fren in this professional area now !

  2. Monica

    selling like hot cakes! 😉

  3. Elaine Teoh

    Any idea about this place being flood prone? Considering that it is close to Sri Muda which had a history of flood.

    Any idea if Kemuning Utama or Setia Alam would be better for investment purposes. I am planning to purchase one to keep within 5-8 years.

  4. Monica

    Hi Horlic! dropping by to wish you a Happy Monday! 🙂

  5. Aidan

    The vacant lands opposite this development consist of pieces of lands own by different owners. Land use is confirmed INDUSTRIAL.

  6. JaneJaneCat

    Hi Horlic!

    How would you think of this area? compared with Setia Alam?

  7. HorlicLim

    Hi Jane! Kemuning Utama’s houses are well designed and pratical layout too. So far, that are the comments I received from EVERYONE who had visited the actual site and mock up unit too. If for own stay, my major concern will be the huge empty land opposite the project. What will be built on the land?

    Comparing to SP Setia Alam, I prefer Setia Alam.

  8. JaneJaneCat

    Thank you Horlic!
    You are right, the empty land seems has been confirmed as industial area. I really love setia alam, but my relatives are all living in subang or usj, plus rm5 for toll everyday. any suggestion of nearer new projects?

  9. lin

    dear Horlic,

    i went to look at the show house at damai residence 2, it is so close to taman sri muda, i wonder whether it is worth to stay there, the big huge flood that happened before really something that i am thinking. wow…wee.. what id it really happen again. the empty land just opposite the site.. i wonder what it will be in the future. it looks very much like low land compare to Putra heights, what you think

  10. simon


    I would suggest you to go some developer with well township planning.

    You may look forward for Alam Impian. But if you are out of budget. WCT’s bukit tinggi is actually very ideal. Even at subsale type.

  11. lin


    good suggestion WCT in bukit tinggi, still looking around…

  12. lin

    when come to buying property either for you to stay or investment, it is just too expensive, and when you can find something you like, at times the location or the land may not be a good of good location and with so called reasonable price that i can find is the houses in Putra Heights, nice place to stay!

  13. Alfred Kok TL

    Bandar Botanic 2 and Bandar Puteri is a good bet now….their price will double in 2012….just look at her elder sis in Puchong.

    IOI is using the same Development strategy……

  14. rupart

    bandar botanic and bandar puteri klang? only drawback is toll and traffic..looking at that too…anyone staying there?

  15. Alfred Kok TL

    I am not too worried about that $2.20 toll, I am much more worried about the $10.00 Parking you need to pay everyday behind your office.

  16. huiling

    378,000 still have available unit?