How to invest gold at Maybank? GSPA? Kijang Emas?

What type of gold investment options you have at Maybank? Now you may invest in gold with Gold Savings Passbook Account (GSPA) or Kijang Emas at Maybank. What is GSPA? What is Kijang Emas?
buy gold via maybank gold savings passbook account for gold investment

Gold Savings Passbook Account (GSPA)

It functions similar to a normal Savings Account. The money invested into the account to buy gold will be recorded (in gram) in a passbook. That means it’s a convenient, secured and economical way to invest in gold.

Some of the Features & Benefits:

  • Minimum Purchase – 5 grams for opening GSPA
  • Trading Unit – Minimum 5 grams and in multiples of 1gm
  • Gold Fineness – 999.9
  • Withdrawals – The withdrawal of gold from GSPA will be converted into Ringgit Malaysia

Two Ways of Withdrawal:

  • Physical Gold – Withdraw in Gold Wafers @ 10gms, 20gms, 50gms and 100gms
  • Cash – Withdraw money in Ringgit Malaysia
Kijang Emas

The Kijang Emas is Malaysia’s very own gold bullion coins. It was launched on 17 July 2001 by Bank Negara Malaysia and minted by Royal Mint of Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The Kijang is the official logo of Bank Negara Malaysia. Source:

Invest gold in maybank kijang emas gold coins
How to Buy and Sell?
The Kijang Emas gold price at Malaysia is priced at the daily gold market rate. Therefore, the Kijang Emas gold rate can be monitored transparently. You can either purchase the gold coins individually or as a set. Easy to buy, sell and store. Kijang Emas Gold Coins can be purchased in 3 different sizes: 1oz, 1/2oz or 1/4oz. It is available at the selected Maybank branches only.

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wong f. keng

i have 3ozs of krugerrand gold coin i like to invest in a gold saving passbook account howcan i do it i live in hawaii n im from malaysia for my old age retirement and buying kijang emas



Hi Wong,

there’s no other way then to buy from Maybank branch and then have someone send it over to you in Hawaii.

Alternatively you can buy online from ebay etc. but it’s usually more expensive then buying from Mabank directly (in person).

Hope it helps.

Regards, P.



Can we sell gold coins purchased from banks to gold/jewellery retailers? Do they accept these coins?


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