How to Calculate and Read Public Mutual Fund Performance Chart

Public Dividend Select Fund (PDSF)
  • Initial Amount Paid = RM1,000
  • Sales Charge (5.5%) = RM52.13 (It suppose to be RM55, I can’t remember was there any discount or promotion during the time I bought the fund)
  • Actual Amount Invested = RM1,000 – RM52.13 = RM947.87
  • Total Units = RM947.87 / 0.2873 = 3,299.22 units
  • Balance NAV as at 01/04/2011 = RM1,036.61

ROI (Return On Investment)
= [(RM1,036.61 – RM947.87) / RM947.87] x 100%
= 9.36%

Cash On Cash Return
= [(RM1,036.61 – RM1,000) / RM1,000] x 100%
= 3.66%

Conclusion, I don’t look at the ROI because the Cash On Cash Return calculation is more realistic on reflecting my investment returns, right?

Anyway, my one thousand cash invested in PDSF six months ago has achieved total returns of 3.66%. Although it is a bit slow, but at least something better than fixed deposit interest rates.

Public Dividend Select Fund Performance Chart

Total Returns from 01-Oct-10 To 01-Apr-11 = 9.29%

Based on the graph, it shows that the total return of the PDSF is about 9.29%, compare to my Cash on Cash Return calculation on above, which is about 3.66% only.

Therefore, don’t get yourself confused by the nice figure shown in the graph, always factor in the sales charges in order to get the clearer picture on how much money you have actually made via the investment.

Remarks: Why there is a difference of 0.07% between my transaction statement and graph, any Public Mutual fund agent here would like to clarify for it?

9 thoughts on “How to Calculate and Read Public Mutual Fund Performance Chart”

  1. lee

    Hi.. firstly you must know there is no free in this world, even when we enter
    toilet we need to pay 30 cents. Why? Talk about unit trust you must know that there are assigned a team to do analysis and search where to invest? Who want to pay them.. If you want fee is included in return calculation – it’s wrong you like a selfish…. that’s why you must ignore the fees and only use what net capital in the investment. Some more this capital only pay once..if this year you achieve let said 8% (if excluded fee – you got 13%) if next year the same return distribute by those fund you still got 21%. Whicg bank that can give return to you which the same amount like that.. ASM, AS1M, ASW.. no..isn’t so its better to invest in unit trust..PDIF also is a quite good fund.. why you not invest in PGF, PAGF, or PBGF this three is a best fund, PSF, PIX is the better what you need is to search good fund for you.. Keep searching and enjoy unit trust..

  2. Voon Jan Hon

    Dear unitholder,
    Thank you for investing in PMF.
    From the graph, total return is based on NAV, or we called it gross return.
    For sales charges 5.5%, calculation formula is RM1000 x 100 / 105.5. Sales charges should be included in amount invested. That’s why you will see a difference of 0.07% between ROI and total return of NAV.
    If you want to invest more and grow your capital, just sms me 019-4863737 or e mail I can give you more detail about investment. You will be a millionaire with making any big business.
    Happy and enjoy your investment.
    Thank you.

  3. afiq

    if u invest in islamic fund.. will no sale charge..

  4. RREMY

    Bro…….u invest RM1000 and the service charge is 5.5%.

    U cannot calculate 5.5% from RM1000.

    Actual calculation as below;

    5.5% from NAV per unit.

    unit price = RM0.2873.
    Service charge per unit = RM0.2873 x 5.5% = RM0.0158015
    total unit u purchased = 3,299.22 units
    Total service charge = RM0.0158015 x 3,299.22 units
    = RM52.13

    this is how to calculate the service charge in unit trust.

    Ur investment value on 1/4/2011 as below.
    the PDSF NAV on 01/04/2011 is RM0.3142

    3,299.22 x RM0.3142
    = RM1,036.61

    I hope u understand this calculation, and also UNit trust is for medium to long term.


    • Horlic Lim

      RREMY, thank you so much for your explanation here!

  5. eid

    hye all, i am quite interested in this money making investment but one thing i would like to ask here.. is the test to be one of the agent easy, moderate or tough? and more thing, maybe you all can share on how you guys as the expert find your prospect to invest? it would be helpful for me if you all can share, i know it is your own secret and skill but atleast you can share something to a new guy like me..


  6. eunice

    May i ask if my total investment MGQP is higher than the cash on sash return. different RM800 value. what can i do?
    Anyone can give advice?

  7. Adrian yew

    Unit trust is for long term investment. Normally people wont care and concern about the sales charges.

    If you need further info, can contact me at 017-4001313. Tq.