Is it true to Grow Your Money Faster with ASB Loan

Do Maybank and CIMB Bank ASB Financing really help to grow your money faster by using Power Of Leverage? Some say yes, some say no. Let’s do some comparison and analysis. Below are the past performances of Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB):
asb dividend bonus and blr malaysia history
The results show that ASB’s average returns of investment (ROI) is 10.74% p.a. Basically, the return is higher than BLR rates as shown for the past 16 years except year 1998 due to global economic crisis.

Therefore, the Financing Package offered by bank will be one of the main considerations affecting your make money plan by finance money from ASB loan and invest in the unit trust. Example: Maybank ASB Financing-i loan is now offering: –

  • BLR – 1.65% (first 3 years)
  • BLR – 1.50% (thereafter)

What if the package was offered at BLR + x.xx% previously? That makes a lot of different! Click here for more features of Maybank ASB Financing-i

Can ASB’s ROI Sustain Monthly Loan Installment?

asb loan calculation for investment
Let’s do some calculation comparison based on Maybank ASB Financing-i package for loan part and returns based on average performance of ASB since 1993 till 2008.

Assumption: Loan Amount = RM200,000, Loan Tenure = 25 years, BLR = 5.55%, BLR-1.50% (for whole tenure) for easy calculation

Assumption: Lump Sum Investment Amount = RM200,000, Average Return = 10.74% p.a, Investment Time Frame = 25 years

Note: Future Value of Investment = RM2,562,376.69 is a compounded return of 10.74% p.a. over 25 years. Assuming this is not happening because you will need to withdraw the returns of ASB after one year to pay off your monthly installment.

Cash Flow Analysis
  • Cash Flow = Monthly ASB Return – Monthly Loan Installment
  • Monthly ASB Return = [RM200,000 x 10.74% p.a.] / 12months = RM1,790/month
  • Monthly Loan Installment = RM1,061.20
  • Cash Flow = RM1,790.00 – RM1,061.20 = RM728.80

From the calculations, you are earning RM728.80 of positive cash flow every month from the investment based on all assumption inputs we have made. It is a good passive income investment!

On top of that, you are actually paying off the portion of the principal loan for every installment you have paid. The best part is, the portion you pay for principal loan is getting increased for every installment. See the table below:
asb loan repayment schedule

  • 1st Month: RM1,061.20(Installment) = RM675.00(Interest) + RM386.20(Principal)
  • 300th Month: RM1,061.20(Installment) = RM3.57(Interest) + RM1,057.63(Principal)

After 25 years, the RM200,000 is belong to yours by paying nothing from your pocket! I hope you have a clearer picture now on the Amanah Saham Bumiputera investment by using bank’s money to fully utilize the Power of Leveraging.

50 thoughts on “Is it true to Grow Your Money Faster with ASB Loan”

  1. pamela

    Dear Horlic,

    Thanks for the infor. Allow me to post my question.

    I am planning to take up ASB Financing of RM200K for 15 years. MBB mthly installment is RM1469.
    As last yr ASB divident is only 7%+1.65%, i use a conservative 7% to calculte future divident.

    As a result, yearly divident = (200k *7%) = RM14000. Yearly loan installment = RM1469*12 = RM17682.
    This mean i have to top up yearly (RM17682-RM14k) = RM3628.

    correct ?

    By the time i settle the ASB loan, i would end up paying (assuming tat ASB average 7% divident), total top up (RM3628*15 yrs) = RM54420.

    In another word, over the course of 15 years, i will be earning (200k – RM54420)

    am i correct ?

    Of course a better dividend % will increase my earning, just using worst case scenario.

    Next question:-
    If for some reason, the loan % is higher than dividend %, I can surrender my ASB financing (withdrawing from ASB and pay back to MBB) to cut the losses, am i correct ?

    Mbb offers 2 yrs lock-up period, while cimb is 3.

    Sorry for long questions :-).

    Appreciate your expert view point. Thanks !!! 🙂

  2. pamela

    oops… me again, more questions 😉

    My Public mutual agent said my money will be better off investing in mutual funds (of course), and Public bank refinancing scheme (into their own funds i suppose) is much better plan.

    what do you think ? BIG THANKS!

  3. azman

    Dear Friend….

    ASB Loan is only for the Bumiputra to take oppurtunity…. first learn to save money and also earn the money back in 12 months…

    the most profitable is to get a maximum term loan of 20 years or 25 years… if u leave the dividend money every year in the account… that money too will earn dividend… that is extra money u will be getting and it mean extra bonus income with the same money…

    assume u get 16 k every year and u will get another around 14000 extra from the money not withdrawn..

    a lot of get rich quick scheme… but this is the best and cheapest and also easiest way to get cash to make cash money..

    the ebst.. the whole things is cash… u can go anywhere and get it sold for it’s face value.. no lost at all.. even the ah long have to work to earn… we don’t have to ask for money.. it will be given on the dot .. exact time.. u just need to prepare one year payment… after that.. u got your 200k retirement on the way…

    plan to pay 12 to 14 k payment for the first year.. and the rest of the years… don’t pay.. and you will get back your 200 k.. at the end of 20 years.. is simple.. pay 1 year… and just use their money to pay back the rest of the payment for 19 years..

    if someone say’s it’s not worth.. go back to scholl and learn how to count… hahahahaha

  4. nur

    azman, did u do this?

    i’m actually considering taking up asb financing but i am not sure how much and for how long.

    i thought by taking the financing, the cert will be under the bank. am i wrong?

  5. EmKay

    Well. For me it is not appropriate to take loan for this ASB because it might be wrong in term of Syariah Financing Scheme. There something not correct here because from what happen in certain years before that the person who took the loan need to pay extra to the bank due to -ve differences in BLR between what ASB offered and the Bank’s offered. Might check this properly because once you borrow, you might need to pay. See this link.

  6. joe-easy-rhb

    Salam semua,

    Saya wakil dari Easy RHB

    Nikmatiperolehan dividen secara MAKSIMUM dengan membuat Pinjaman Pelaburan ASB dengan EASY RHB..


    Sila ke blog saya atau hubungi 010-9684021 (Joe) untuk penerangan lanjut mengenai EASY RHB LOAN

    • harom

      easyRHB loan is haram wor.. u want your client go to your neraka kah? hehe

  7. Smart Investor

    Dear Pamela,
    I’m interested in answering your first question. Here’s how it goes from an economist point of view:

    Let 200000 be your capital = C
    Rate of return = 7% = 0.07= r
    Investment period = 15 = n

    Future value (FV) of your capital is calculated as:

    FV= C (1+r) power of n

    Let’s cut it short, the future value of your investment at the rate of 7% in 15 years is RM515707, provided that you let your investment’s return untouched throughout the investment period.

    Your profit in 15 years is calculated as:
    RM515707 minus total installment
    RM515707 minus RM265230 = RM250477

    Here’s how it works:
    1st year: 200000 times 1.07 =214000
    Profit/loss: (earning 14000 minus installment 17628 = loss of 3628)
    2nd year: 214000 times 1.07=228980
    Profit/loss: (earning 14980 minus installment 17628 = loss of 2648)

    Count forward and you will only start generating profit (positive spread your earnings minus yearly installment) in the 6th years.
    Wait long enough to the 25th years and you are a millionaire (RM1.01 million),
    Year 36 (2.13 million), year 42 (3.2 million). This is at only 7% rate of return. Any decimal increment of the rate of return may significantly speed up your way to the millions (1 year earlier to your first million if the rate were 7.5%), so, imagine 8%, 11%. Even at 6%, you’ll still be able to become a millionaire at the year 29th.

    Where you went wrong in your calculation is that you did not take into account the power of compounding, i.e, the earnings of your earning.

    • Econometrically Challeged

      Assuming that America will able to make it through this economically harsh time….

    • rob

      dear smart investor,
      i would like to ask, can u really use the FV formula in this asb case? considering that the limit amount in 1 asb account is only 200000, and not more than that. If your money in asb has exceeded 200k, u wll have to transfer it elsewhere, say ASNW.
      What i noticed is that 200k times 1.07 for FV is correct only in the 1st year,. But then, when entering the 2nd year, the caclulation for Fv is still 200k times 1.07. This is because u have to take out the 14k earnings and transfer it to the other account , as it has exceeded 200k in the asb.. Just my humble opinion. correct me if im wrong 🙂

  8. Pk2 kan

    mengapa perlu tergesa2 pinjam 100-200k sekaligus utk asb, sedangkan kalau setiap tahun pinjam 10k atau 20k selama 10 thn, dpt 100k atau 200k juga akhirnya, bayaran bulanan pun rendah (dlm rm67 @ rm133 sebulan selama 20 thn), dividen setiap thn tu kita gunakan utk byr pinjaman seterusnya.. sesiapa pun boleh buat ni.. berbanding rm642 @ rm1283 sebulan selama 20 thn.. kdg2 awal2 tu kita komited bayar tiap2 bulan sbb anak x ramai, tp bila dh duit belanja makin besar, last2 terminate kan loan, sia-sia je.. kan ke sikit2 lama2 jd bukit

    • khairul

      setuju, buat loan kecil-kecil sebab mampu bayar. kalau besar-besar akan default dengan loan tu. susah cite.

    • An

      nampak macam bagus, tapi tak boleh buat macam ni bang….

      1) Bank tidak menyediakan pinjaman untuk setahun. paling kurang 5 tahun (rujuk mana2 jadual pembayaran ASB).

      2) bank tak bagi keluar dari loan selagi belum cukup 2 / 3 tahun… kalau tak akan kena denda (exit fees)….3% dari baki prinsipal yang tinggal…

  9. Zali RHB

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  10. Rafiei Maybank

    Sila hubungi saya 03-21486128 (O) sekiranya ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai Pembiayaan ASB. Kami juga ada menguruskan Pembiayaan Islamic ASBi.
    Atau anda semua boleh melayari ke laman web rasmi kami di

    Terim kasih

  11. james

    for asb loan..its not a good deal. imagine you get rm200k in year 20 or 25. (not rm2mil) rule of thumb, 1. grow your money, 2. You must include inflation effect on your money.

  12. Zali RHB

    Kepada Yang Berminat Dan Ingin Memaksimakan Pendapatan Keuntungan Melalui ASB, Sila Hubungi Saya Di Talian : 012-3210037 (Zali)
    Maksimum Loan ASB Sehingga RM200K. Dapatkan Juga Tips Memaksimakan Dividen Sehingga 95% Melalui ASB. Hubungi Segera Saya Di Talian: 012-3210037

  13. no name

    salam semua,

    saya x berminat dengan asb plan ni. dividen yang diberi semakin lama semakin kurang…ini disebabkan orang yang menjaga asb ini ada satu unsur-unsur penipuan, dan bank-bank yang membuat loan untuk asb ni juga menekan rakyat dan mengenakan BLR iaitu riba. jadi fikir-fikirlah..


    • Carra

      Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

      Tidak ada masalah jika tak berminat itu adalah hak masing-masing. Tetapi perlu dinyatakan tuduhan tuan/puan bahawa “asb ini ada satu unsur-unsur penipuan” perlu bukti dan fakta jika tidak ia hanyalah fitnah. Tentang dividen berkurangan, saya juga kurang pasti kenapa tetapi ini mungkin kerana dulu ASB kecil dan sekarang ia sudah besar tetapi asset class investment ASB masih sama i.e. pasaran saham Bursa dan pasaran wang. Jika dilihat petikan akhbar baru-baru ini, ada dinyatakan sekarang terdapat lebih 11.2 juta pelabur berbanding 7.6 juta pelabur pada 1999 dan asset meningkat RM164.1 billion sekarang daripada 29.3 billion tahun 1999.

      Untuk mengekalkan dividen yang tinggi, maka pasaran saham di Bursa mesti juga turut membesar dengan lebih pesat daripada kadar pembesaran ASB seperti di nyatakan di atas. Saya rasa ini lebih logik daripada tuduhan melulu dan saya mempelawa tuan/puan untuk memberi fakta atau bukti terhadap tuduhan itu.

  14. blabla

    To be honest, if you had 200k to invest most definitely u make more, but bear in mind that is “IF” you have 200k to invest.

    So for those who cant afford it also can invest by taking up a loan, but with a lower return.

    So it’s not really fair to compare the both of them. But from any point you look at it, you still make money from the investment.Simply because the dividends are much higher then the cost of the interest you pay.

    And to confirm ASB is no a syariah complying fund, and the word loan itself reflects it not being a halal product.

    and just for fun here’s a comparison of rates for the ASB loan.

    MBB = -1.65
    CIMB = -1.65
    RHB Easy = -1.00

    And to No Name:

    Banks are a running a business, and no businesses are set up to make losses and not doing charity.

    The dividend is like our OPR rate(just for comparison use only). As the BLR goes up so does the OPR and also your ASB dividend.(to put it in simple way its just away of the country to control the amount of loans taken by our people and to have them to safe more!!.)

    Dari segi apa berlakunya penipuan. Tiada bank atau mana mana pihak yg terbabit mengatakan ASB ini syariah compliant. dan islamic banking punya financing pun ikut BFR which is the same with BLR (cuma concept dia lain ada)

    • AH

      If I’m not mistaken, you have the relationship between BLR and OPR backwards. OPR is the benchmark interest rate set by BNM, and when this rate is changed, it will impact other deposit rates and consequently the cost of funds (COF) to a bank. COF is measured by a bank’s treasury by taking into account all the sources of funding (equities, bonds, deposits and interbank loans) that come at varying cost (interest paid out to the depositors/creditors). COF is basically the minimum a bank should charge for their loans to break even. From the COF, banks will decide the benchmark BLR to sell their products.

      On the flip side, market rates should move in line with OPR changes. Since ASB’s investment is focused on bonds and money market products, the dividends should be correlated to the OPR changes hence the “dividend-interest margin” should maintain.

      This not an infallible observation though. 20-25 years is a long time and a lot of things might happen that can range from undesirable to plain unspeakable. The dividend rate *could* be less than the BLR. So aside from the religious considerations, you are borrowing money and you’re earning dividends on margin.

      • Carra

        ASB’s investment is NOT focused on “bonds and money market products”. The bulk is invested in publicly listed stocks. But since ASB behaves more like a savings account and is not a typical unit trust fund (for e.g. you can take your money out anytime / redeem your units anytime – other commercial / profit based unit trust require a cooling down period) so they do have to invest a portion in money market for liquidity purpose. How do I know all these? Go to one of ASB’s how to invest seminars – there’s one everyday in different parts of the country and it’s FREE.

  15. Zali RHB

    Berita Gembira Kepada Warga Bumiputra. Gandakan Simpanan Anda Melalui Pelaburan Yang Di Terjamin Melalui ASB. Dana Permulaan Sehingga RM200,000 Di Sediakan Untuk Anda. Pulangan Kadar Dividen Purata Sehingga RM16,000 Setahun. Hubungi Saya Di Talian 019 – 699 6002 (Zali RHB)

  16. Dan

    But isn’t all this calculation based on the ever changing BLR…even a minor increase in the BLR will cause major changes in your returns….so for a 200k investment, even if u say ASB gives a return of 8% p.a. (10.74% is averaged from the beginning, 8% looks a safe figure now) and interest is 4.65% (cos BLR now is 6.3%) your NETT earnings from ASB loan financing (with monthly u pay around 1128.76) will be at 1,231,067.04; as compared to putting 200k into ASB from the start which will yield 1,369,695.04 if u have the cash la….but suppose u put just 1128.76 monthly into ASB from your own cash without any loan…you’ll yield a return of 1,082,992.15… of course it still lower but its just relatively lesser than 1,231,067.04. for the extra 10k+ or so in earnings in 25 years, you’re taking a lot more risk in terms of the BLR fluctuations….if BLR really shoots up during your loan term, u can actually make a loss!….not worth the risk….just invest in ASB straight without any loan financing

  17. Azran

    referring to above website, Malaysia average inflation rate (short term) is 2.77%.

    average gaining from ASB (15 years data) is 3.23%

    Therefore, simple Real Rate of Return = 3.23%-2.77% = 0.46%!

    In laymen term, with RM 1 today, you can get 3 pieces of cucur pisang. In 20 years time perhaps you have to pay RM10 for 3 pieces of cucur pisang! (even onions price shoot up to easily to more than 300% now)

    Take away point: Please do consider inflation rate in your investment.

    • ali

      referring to above website, Malaysia average inflation rate (short term) is 2.77%.

      average gaining from ASB (15 years data) is 3.23%

      Therefore, simple Real Rate of Return = 3.23%-2.77% = 0.46%!

      In laymen term, with RM 1 today, you can get 3 pieces of cucur pisang. In 20 years time perhaps you have to pay RM10 for 3 pieces of cucur pisang! (even onions price shoot up to easily to more than 300% now)

      Take away point: Please do consider inflation rate in your investment

      Dear Azran,

      You want to bet with me ? Back to year 1990 when I was 18 , that time nasi lemak bungkus is only RM0.50 , now in 2012 , nasi lemak bungkus price went up, but only RM1.00. RM10 for 3 pieces of cucur pisang in the next 25years is your granma selling it. hahaha

  18. yusof jaafar

    If you look at the trend of ASB returns, do you notice it is not fluctuating but trending down… can you use 15 years historical returns average as basis for your calculation?.

  19. fikri

    dear writer and reader,
    as shown on graph the 1.surely the total divedend and bonus wont go up due to funding size in this country plus hedging for future economic flop 2.please consider if the blr increases which has increased this year to 6.3 and increasing you will have to pay extra for installment .ull end up paying extra tenure and actually those spreadsheet will screwup since it doesnt cater for varience in calculation aint it? are losing your potential gain from your future payout.who knows.godwilling 4.ull reduce your loan credit 5.some might said they want to settle it earlier as to reduce the interest,well u should not do this if u r capable of doing the like mbb are soo rich that if u pay extra to setlle it earlier in order to reduce they will overlook unless u give them1 mnth case of emergency those money in asb wont help u since it is still in cert form.7 this is a fact the cash flow analysis is good for first 1 bro…..basic rule capital yeah..right but the second year there after u are losing potential gain.this is the ugly truth to just sharing this:say in three yrs if u can save ur installment 1061 n clculate it n u get what i mean.ive been waiting for three years asb loan scheme well this is why bank only have 5 years n above loan for can it b more the end we hv our own way of doing things.wsalam.

  20. samdol

    Hi, I’m a banker…an Islamic banker to be precise.
    My wife and I took ASB financing for RM200K each for 25 years. We only need to pay instalments for first year. The remaining years are paid via the first year dividends (can only happen if the financing tenor is long).
    Take note that ASB is only for Bumiputra and the main reason is to alleviate Bumiputra’s economy. I’ve always recommended ASB financing to my family and Bumiputra friends. This can be your retirement plan and NOT SKIM CEPAT KAYA. If within the financing period, you feel that you need to fork up more due to increase in bank’s lending rate, keep in mind that you can always sell back the certificate to pay up the financing and received whatever principal portion that you have paid. As for the issue of the Islamicness of the scheme, I rather not comment. But, to my knowledge, ASB is sanctioned halal by Majlis Fatwa ebventhough some scholars/individuals may think differently (Please double check this). Take note also that Majlis Fatwa in the early days said that working in a bank is “Harus”. Hmm….working in bank (riba) is harus? I’m not saying otherwise or try to convince anybody otherwise. But, there are many criteria before we deem something as haram, halal, harus, etc. Wallahualam….

    • Horlic Lim

      Hi Samdol, appreciate for your sharing here!

  21. akma

    CIMB ASB Loan :

    1. Kadar faedah pinjaman yang kompetitif
    2. Margin pembiayaan sehingga 100%
    3. Jumlah pinjaman bermula dari RM10 000 sehingga RM200 000 .
    4. Tempoh pembayaran balik dari 5 tahun hingga 20 tahun atau sehingga umur 60thun , mana mana yang lebih awal .

    Terbuka kepada :

    1 .Bumiputra sahaja.
    2 .Individu yang berumur 18 tahun dan ke atas.
    3 .Bagi pelajar & menganggur , penjamin dengan kapasiti pembayaran balik yang mencukupi diperolehi.

    Rebutlah peluang ini sekarang !

    untuk maklumat lanjut , kunjungi website saya :

    CIMB Loan Advisor.

  22. Iskandar Ngah

    Dear All

    A lot of people are too focussed in the details (the number crunching) and are totally drawn away from looking at things in the bigger picture.

    A lot of people have herd mentality (be it in taking loans for ASB, buying unit trusts, stock market, prpoerties)… e,g when the market is booming, the all rush to the stock market .. when eventually, they got slaughtered (no puns intentended – but stock market work orginates from the cattle stock market … so, if you have herd mentality .. you follow the herds … when the herds get into the pen, you are just getting ready to be slaughtered lah … got it????)

    I do NOT believe in taking loans for investment UNLESS the capital gain can be exceptionally high with a low downside risk e,g the right property at the right time (you must understand property investment) and the right IPO at the right time (you must be good at reading the prospectus and exit with predeternined profit percentage – don’t be greedy .. If you can make 30% within a month after listing, just get out!!). KEEP AWAY from open market shares after you sell off your IPO, or less, you’ll give back the money to the market :). Open market is very good only when it is retracing or crashing … Wait … be patient. TIMING (and investment strategy) is very very important

    For this slow compounding savings plan like ASB etc etc, use your on cash money to save directly lah. NO need to borrow lah. The BANK IS USING YOU to earn interest for THEM and you only get such a small return.

    Its non sensical to see people taking loans for these kind of schemes and yet they are very bad in managing their finance. What people should do, is to be focussed on MANAGING CASHFLOW and LIABILITIES. Set aside regular savings plan BEFORE you spend. Accumulate the account and wait for the oppotunites (properties and IPO) to invest. If Cashflow and Liability Management is bad, I am very very very sure, within a few years, you’ll have trouble serving the ASB loan installements. Then you’ll default in your payments. You kena more interest. Then you sell all the ASB and stop the loan … Then you become monkey coz you only got peanuts left .. hehehe …. Like this lah … If your ASB loan officer says you will need to pay RM400 a month for your RM200k ASB loan (people feel great when the see RM200k in their ASB account, but in fact, that money is not their’s. Can they take the RM200k ASB and cash out? They can’t. Ayoo …. looks good but its not your money lah …).

    Instead of paying the loan, you should discipline yourself and save RM400 in ASB or Tabung Haji directly

    There’s a lot to say … but that all for now lah … All the best to all of you

    Iskandar Ngah
    Finacial Planner

    P/S: ASB is not Syariah Compliance … I prefer Tabung Haji, zakat also settled by them.

  23. Iskandar Ngah

    Dear All

    Discussions on ASB–ulasan-uzar.html#comments

    I can’t find the Security Commission ‘non syariah compliance’ ruling on ASB. I got it somewhere .. you can look up for it if you got time … However, Fatwa Kebangsaan says otherwise based on maslahat … I dunno lah .. But, I take the Security Commission statement to be more relevant coz they are the experts in investments as compared to Fatwa Kebangsaan ..

  24. zul

    i feel like cheated by Maybank for taking loan for ASB investment.

    I thought i just took rm150K for 25 years and signed the draft agreement without reading the detail ( nodraft provided). After agreement sent to my hometown there clearly stated i hv make loan for RM 430,347.70 from maybank which is already included for bank interest for 25 years but only Rm150K in my ASB acc.

    After calculation, i guess Maybank only using my name as bumiputera to manipulate ASB. If i keep using interest from ASB to pay loan installment i will got nothing but only RM150K just after 25 years. Then my chances in future investment gone already lol.

    Thinking how to terminate that loan..:!!!

    • An


      Loan bank : RM150,000
      Loan payment : RM261,756 (using current BLR 6.60%)

      Thus, Bank didnt deceived you.

      You are the one that being deceived! Knowledge is king!!

    • mie a

      the bank wouldnt cheated you. that is the selling proce. be knowlegble before you signing whatever loan. make a comparison between the islamic shariah and conventional. of course conventional wouldnt state selling price into the agreement but asb-i did.. were not that desperated to cheated customer.. kindly be bear in mind to do some research..

    • shah

      But suddenly u have 150k right? U just pay for he first year and using dividend from next year to cover your loan..

  25. hmmm

    loan asb untung lah…cuba tekan kalkulator baik2…loan bank rm150k…tiap thn ambil dividen…kalau nak simpan silakan kalo nak rolling pun boleh..siap ada terlebih…yup knowledge must be king..tpi u kna pandai manipulate $$$ dan masa…baru boleh untung, paham

  26. Carra

    Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan (National Fatwa Council) says ASB and all funds under ASNB are Shariah compliant. The term used is ‘harus’, this is JAKIM’s normal practice – they only give a ruling of either ‘harus’ or ‘haram’ but they never rule anything as ‘halal’ as far as I know. You can check all their previous fatwa, none gives a ‘halal’ ruling. HOWEVER the Majlis Fatwa of Penang, Pahang and Selangor says that ASB is ‘haram’ i.e they disagree with the National Fatwa Council (although they themselves are members at National level). It’s confusing when learned ‘ulama’ disagree with each other but I’m just stating the facts.

    As for SC – they never said ASB is ‘haram’ (in fact one of PNB’s Shariah Board sits on SC’s Shariah Board). What you are referring to was an officer of SC’s reply to a query which somehow ended up on the internet. That letter was not sanctioned by SC or its Shariah Board. Which is why you didn’t find it on SC’s website. I checked with the SC, you may wish to do the same.

  27. Mr Excel

    Apakah Anda membutuhkan pinjaman mendesak? Jika ya hubungi kami di ( untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

    Pin Telepon:

    menawarkan pinjaman

  28. bodolahman

    jika anda melihat video ini, inilah nilai wang anda..

    1. kenapa sebok nak buat investment sedangkan anda terpelajar dan boleh mencetak wang sendiri secara kecil2an.. cetak saja RM10, RM20.. kenapa tunggu duit cetakan bank negara.. duit tu duit bodoh jer.. kertas yang sama, kertas palsu yang nilainya ditipu..jika anda bodoh dan tak faham bende ini, lebih baik bunuh diri sajalah..langsung gua tak heran gaji ceo syabas rm425k sebulan..
    2. kenapa jadi bodoh melabur itu ini sedangkan kerajaan cuma cetak wang bodoh tanpa henti untuk kita hidup pada masa depan..duit akan terus dicetak secara recklessly..percayalah, jangan tertipu dgn nilai wang kertas..
    3. kenapa makcik-pakcik kampung tak pernah pedulik/risau sangat pasal barang2 naik melambung2..tolong kaji bende ni..gua nak explain panjang..mereka tak mati pun jika duit kertas tak ada dlam tangan atau di bank.. masih boleh cari makan makanan kampung..
    4. adakah dalam islam, semakin beriman orang itu, semakin kayalah rezeki wang mencurah2 kepada beliau.. lihat abu bakar ra dan nabi muhammad sendiri.. semakin amalan ibadat bertambah, harta mereka semakin berkurangan dan langsung tak ada harta..
    5. jika anda lahir ke dunia ini keluar dari perut ibu anda beserta sekali dgn emas 80kg, duit USD8juta dan rumah banglo 8 tingkat, maka mampus kelak, anda kan masuk kubur dengan benda yang sama akan dibawa masuk kubur ka? cuba renung dan rajin membaca.. apa yang memerlukan kita nakkan semua ini?

    gua tak perlukan jawapan apa2 dari anda, cuma jika anda dapat berfikir bender2 bodoh bijik saga ni yang anda kejar, anda jawablah untuk diri sendiri.. kerana jawapan ini sudah saya ada dan amalkan untuk diri sendiri.. jika harga minyak naik RM50 ringgit pun seliter, gua langsung tak kesah..

    • pijakbuminyata

      Nak tau nilai wang anda? Pegi kedai, pesan nasi goreng ayam. then makan. Lepas tu, keluar selamba jangan bayar. waktu tu anda akan tau berapa nilai sekeping duit yang anda anggap sampah itu. Even if kita ada ilmu yang orang lain tiada, jangan kita rasa kita dah bagus. Suka atau tidak, zaman sekarang kita semua perlu pakai duit. Berpijaklah di bumi yang nyata.

    • aku dok perati jer

      Yo bro,
      Aku setuju n xsetuju, bole kata 50 50 dgn pandangan ko,
      skang nk bercerita tentang ilmu ekonomi,
      kalu aku ikut je kata ko
      baik aku xbuat apa2, dok tepi jalan, mengemis, minta ikhsan org
      aku nk ko buat macam tu. boleh?
      cakap mmg sedap, try test buat,
      aku cukup panas betul dgn org pandai cakap bab agama nie
      padahal agama mengajar kita berusaha,
      Islam suruh kita kejar kedua2nya
      dengan wasatiah
      aku geram betul dgn ko nie
      ko da kawin lom?
      kalu da, anak bini ko makan ko kasi makan apa?
      p/s:- Islam itu indah, ko merosakkannya

  29. Aizzat Falique

    Hello i am a Maybank loan officer. If you want to know more please contact me


  30. BUGZ

    Just would like to share.

    I’ve taken ASB loan 200k. After ten years it has doubled. ie 200k cert and 200k dividend (cash). Took out the 200k dividend into ASD earning 6.60% and took another 200k ASB loan. Now 400k cert in ASB and 200k cash in ASD. Earning interest on total of 600k

    so last year i got 6.6% on 200k (13k) and 7.7% on 400k (30k) not including bonus. Monthly installment to the bank last year was 1400 x 2 = 2800 (33,600 per annum)

    So last year my balance sheet = 43k dividend – 33k loan = 10k profit. (very simple calculation). And because i never touch my dividend, this figure wil only get better with compunding interest.

    Every 3 years i will terminate the loan and reapply to get the ammortized value back to reinvest for more earnings.

    So yeah to me so far it works but must be disciplined. the 200k in ASD also serves as my emergency fund for me to use anytime the need arise. If i didn;t take the loan and just invest 2800 a month I’ll only earn interest on about 400k-450k about now i think.

    My 2 cents

  31. aizzat maybank

    Hi!! This one of the method on how to turn RM14,328 to RM44,967 with ASB Loan of RM2000,000 in 5 years.

    based on the Maybank ASB financing.

    ASB loan= RM200,000
    Interest = 6.85% – 1.65% = 5.2%
    Monthly Payment= Rm1,194
    Dividen of 8%= RM16,000

    Yearly Loan Payment= RM1,194 X 12= RM14,328

    1st year= RM16,000(dividen) – RM14,328(yearly payment) = RM1,672(yearly profit)

    2nd year= RM16,000(dividen) – RM14,328(yearly payment) = RM1,672(yearly profit)

    3rd year= RM16,000(dividen) – RM14,328(yearly payment) = RM1,672(yearly profit)

    4th year= RM16,000(dividen) – RM14,328(yearly payment) = RM1,672(yearly profit)

    5th year= RM16,000(dividen) – RM14,328(yearly payment) = RM1,672(yearly profit)

    Then cancel your loan on the end of december of year 5 and your loan balance would be RM177,721.

    RM200,000(Loan Amoun) – RM177,721(Loan Balance) = Rm22,279(Amount that you will get back)

    Total Profit that you will be getting after five years

    RM1,672(yearly profit) X 4(years)= RM6,688
    RM16,000(Dividen portfit for the 5th and you dont need to pay for the 6th year coz you cancle)= RM16,000
    RM22,279(Amount that you will get back)

    RM 6,688 + RM16,000 + RM22,279 = RM44,967 (Total Profit)

    Maybank Senior executive.
    Aizzat Falique

  32. Zul

    Hi all.
    Please share with me if am wrong.I am not expert in calculating..please someone help me to double check the calculating what I am telling is true or false.
    Do not borrow from any bank to invest in ASB.Invest directly to ASB by monthly payment as exactly the amount you should pay when you borrow from the bank.Surprisingly you can see after few yaers you get better return than borrowing from the bank.The only set
    back is can u invest monthly without fail?l. But when u borrow u are force to pay monthly.Believe me sincerely

  33. anys

    hai. i just wanna know on how they pay our dividen yearly? and how to withdraw the dividen that they given to us every year for me to pay for 2nd year instalment? i really have no idea. I’d been taking this loan for about 5 years but i don’t know how to check the dividen and how to withdraw it?can anyone tell me?