Google Maps vs Ho Chin Soon Maps for Property Investment

Interested to invest money in Malaysia property hot spots? Refer to Ho Chin Soon Maps. It provides us a lot of useful information especially for property investment compares to Google Maps Malaysia.
ho chin soon property guru malaysia
Mr. Ho Chin Soon, he is the best man in Malaysia’s property market analysis based on research and data. Doubtless, his passion and affords in property market researching and mapping are well recognized by property investors and homebuyers.

Comparison: Google Maps Malaysia vs. Ho Chin Soon Maps

google maps vs ho chin soon maps

Ho Chin Soon Maps (HCSM)
  • Identify Types of Property for Investment – More details in HCSM compare to Google maps. HCSM are custom designed for property investing. Example: Details of the transaction includes location of property, names of buyers and sellers, price paid per sq ft, date of transaction, and etc.
  • Identify Types of Tenant for Rental Property – Preferred expat, student, family, businessman, couple or executive as your own defined blue chip tenant? Understand their needs and wants. I’m sure you will be able to find out the best property in Malaysia from HCSM.
  • Identify Vacant Land and Usage of Land – At least, we are aware about the vacant lands and take into consideration on the risk of future development which might become either positive or negative impact on our investment.
  • Researching on Supply & Demand Statistics – Most of the office, commercial and residential buildings are named in HCSM. It helps and fastens the data collecting of total supply surrounding your targeted area. In other words, the map shows us where our competitors are located, who are them and who will interested on our property.
  • Researching on Private or Government Amenities/Services/Facilities – The information provides us good tips to choose the right type of property. Example: Hospital/Medical centers are good indicator to target on elder property buyers, expatriate’s market surrounding embassy/MNC offices, targets market of families at area with convenience amenities/schools, and etc.
Google Maps Malaysia
  • Computerized Searching – Google Maps Malaysia is using search engine function to find a location which has fastened the searching process compares to HCSM. You have to search manually by using HCSM because it is available only either in JPEG format or hardcopy.
  • Globalized Maps – Not only Malaysia, every part of world is available in Google Maps, whereas availability of HCSM is limited to certain hot spot locations only.

2 thoughts on “Google Maps vs Ho Chin Soon Maps for Property Investment”

  1. moonlim

    Hi, I m contemplating buying a small piece of land (about an acre) for retirement. I m eyeing Lembah Beringin, Ulu Yam Perdana/Heights or anywhere cheap in KKB Selangor or somewhere in Perak or Negeri Sembilan. Need your advice please. TQ

  2. moonlim

    Can you also advise me on homestead land and bungalow land? What is the difference? Any service/maintenance charges levied by Developer or authorities? Your reply please. TQ.