Gold Investment in Malaysia – Public Bank (GIA) vs Maybank (GSPA)

Where to go for gold investment at Malaysia? Buy gold from Public Bank or Maybank? Which Bank offers cheaper rate of charges or fees? Do you feel comfortable by investing your money in gold investment through a savings passbook account instead of physical gold?

Basically, there are only two local banks (Maybank and Public Bank) are offering for gold investment using passbook savings account concept. It means a passbook will be given to the gold investors and every purchase or sale order will be recorded in the passbook. It is just functions exactly same like your conventional passbook savings account. Every transaction of either bank in or withdrawal of your money from the savings account will be recorded in the passbook.

Gold Savings Passbook Account (GSPA)

Public Bank
Gold Investment Account (GIA)
public bank gold investment account leaflet
Image Source: Public Bank

Gold Savings Passbook Account (GSPA) VS Gold Investment Account (GIA)

comparison of gold investment between maybank and public bank

Based on the comparison shown on above table, there are not much of different. Therefore, we should go further analysis on their charges to get clearer picture on which bank offers lower charges rates.

*Service Fee of Maybank GSPA failed to be found out through their website and phone enquiry. I dont see any related information in and none of their 24 hour service number as stated in ATM card and Credit Card functioning! Just in case you lost your ATM card or credit card and would like to do the termination of the cards to avoid any embezzlement, can you imaging what happen if you are unable to contact their service department to do so? So sorry, i decided to give up to find out the answer. I need a user friendly website!!!


Date: 15 April 2009
International Gold Price Today: USD 892 per ounce
maybank gold savings passbook account gold price today
Source: Maybank

Maybank – Gold Savings Passbook Account

Selling Price (RM/gram): 109.29
Buying Price (RM/gram): 101.30
Price Difference: RM 7.99
Percentage Difference: 7.31%

public bank gold investment account gold price today
Source: Public Bank

Public Bank – Gold Investment Account

Selling Price (RM/gram): 106.28
Buying Price (RM/gram): 102.12
Price Difference: RM 4.16
Percentage Difference: 3.91%

From the figures shown on above, obviously it has shown which bank is charging higher rate. So I assume you know what to do and which bank to go for gold investment in future.

For more information, please log on to and


    now minimum initial saving gold for Maybank 5g

  • Oyabin

    Horlic Lim, I’m not so understand the comparison. Which Bank is better for Gold Investment? Public Bank or Maybank?

  • mirai newbie to Gold Investment.i dont undestnd,why smaller difference btw selling n buying i better?

  • wuzz

    Mirai.. let’s take his Maybank info as an example.
    Selling Price (RM/gram): 109.29
    Buying Price (RM/gram): 101.30

    You walk up to the counter and say you want to buy 1 gram. The bank “sell” to you for 109.29. You walk out of the bankc and change your mind and decide to sell it back. The teller will say ok… here is 101.30 for that gold I just sold you. You just lost 8 bucks.

    To breakeven, you would have to wait for it to go up 8 ringgit and profit only thereafter. Hence why I think HorlicLim would love smaller differences.

  • James

    Lately,Maybank Selling price – buying price is within RM5. And initial account is starting from 5g. Also need to pay RM10 for Stamp fee at initial account.
    Kindly see myblog>

  • ikhqoi

    its mean the spread of public bank is better than maybank rite?
    tq for ten info

  • jacky

    i am very interested in investment,especially in gold so i need more n more info about it,very appreciated what all us u post here,tq

  • Mr Q

    In term of application of account, public bank easier, but now in term of buy and
    sell price, the difference almost the same.

  • Geraldine

    We’re a gold dealer.

    Anyone genuinely interested to buy pure cast 999.9 gold bar , PAMP Suisse brand ( our specialty brand ) 100 gm with certificate or other types of gold , platinum custom order etc. etc. are welcome to contact us

    Internationally recognised. Instant rebate off RM 1000 to RM 1500 for each bar compared to other dealers.

    Simple as that and better than usual.

    Best buy back offer.

    Make a smart and secured purchase.

    Thank you.

  • izza

    hremm…..all of ur post make me thinking..
    i invest gold at maybank…i bought the gold price last time rm 92.50…next day I buy again wit the price of rm 98.50….so fast ohh…so I think maybank is better cos if we sell another 5 or more years….we get more…just an openion…

  • Azman

    Salam semua,

    Masyarakat Malaysia yang berminat dengan pelaburan/simpanan emas dinasihatkan pilih salah satu dari alternatif ini , risiko yang perlu difikirkan risiko harga emas itu sahaja..

    1. Gold Savings Passbook Account (GSPA) / Kijangmas – Maybank

    2. Gold Investment Account (GIA) – Public Bank

    3. Gold Account-i – Kuwait Finance House ( Malaysia ) Berhad- Institusi Kewangan Islam

    ketiga-tiga pilihan di atas lebih selamat , diluluskan Bank Negara Malaysia..

    namun pada saya pilihan ke-3 lebih dekat ,
    - lebih tenang untuk Muslim – 100% berlandas syariah : produk & Institusinya
    - konsepnya lebih transparent , jika penyimpan mahukan emas dalam bentuk fizikal , bank berikan fizikal , 2 pilihan simpan emas di bank / bawa balik emas .
    - tiada sebarang caj perkhidmatan / lain caj, transaksi berdasarkan harga jual / harga beli.
    - minimum 10gr , sila ke untuk maklumat lanjut..:)

    kekurangan kepada pilihan ke3 , jika hendak membuka akaun cawangan Kuwait Finance House cuma ada 7 di Malaysia – KL- Etiqa Tower ( belakang KLCC ) & Pavilion , Klang , Shah Alam , Penang , Kuching & Johor Bahru – saya bernasib baik tinggal di JB ..:)

    selamat menyimpan muslimin & muslimat sekalian,

    harapnya ini membantu kepada yang ingin mula melabur/menyimpan emas ,

    • Muhamad Faiz

      I would like to offer some of gold investment that much better than passbook gold investment
      you would buy fine gold 999.9 and get fixed return 24% per year.
      instead you invest in the passbook it is better physically you can hold the bar gold and also with the higher return.
      please call 019-3002254

  • Muslim

    Azman..just wanna ask you about the KFH.

    The type of gold? 999 or 916?

  • denko

    996 but still the price same as 999

  • pinky

    Where should I chech the daily rate of the gold investment?I brought 40gram during the price was rm 131. Its it expensive

  • pinky

    How can I earn more money with the money in hand that i have.

  • varan

    So we are talking abt which gold?916 or 999?..
    Which one is so called gold investment?

  • varan

    juz came cross wif MLM permata1 which selling 10gm 916 gold. Gold composition not given but sold in de price of RM1700…for 10gm where actual price was 1500++ but 200 bucks is for ..membership fees n so on…
    Agro Bank giving loan if u wana purchase 100gm or more…hw?..worth?..
    scared coz duno the composition of dis gold..

  • murni

    hi all,
    got the answers to your questions..

    i am a public gold agent (u can reach me at 0166452339)

    just visit, or, we offer price lower than kedai2 emas like habib/poh kong /etc ..we trade gold buy and sell as at international gold price, u can buy and order/lock price 24 hours as our price, (unlike kedai emas or maybank or public bank) change every 20 min,

    our gold bar (999.99), dinar coins (916) and also jewellery are accepted by arahnu agrobank for pawn purposes..

    just call and i can attend to ur questions.


    • Said

      do you have email address?

  • Vvian

    Hi! I’m new to gold investment.
    I wonder if it’s possible to buy gold at jewelry shop & sell to bank?

  • Taib Kipli

    For those in Sarawak,particularly in Kuching do visit us at KFH Kuching branch , at Zecon Building, Satok Road or call us at 082-224888 or call me personally at 019 8864799.

    Gold investment is the best way to preserve our money and deal with the bank please.For more transparent and syariah compliance get it from KFH..our deno is 1gm ,5gm, 10gm,50gm & 100gm.

    We launch it in April @ RM118/gm now is around RM128gm.

  • Taib Kipli

    Hi Vivian,

    You can’t buy at the shop and sell it to the bank.i.e. You get it from KFH with min 10 grm (+- RM1,280),keep it with us without any storage fees (other bank is charging).You may top up yr investment with min 5 gram to preserve your money…remember RM1,000 today will not be the same value next 6 month…that is the whole idea of GOLD investment.

    We have contest buy RM3,000 will enable you to participate in our 1kg Gold discovery campaign…for more detail log in to

    Taib Kipli

    • Weasley

      I’m Chinese and wondering KFH accept the Gold investment from Chinese?

  • Azuan Zackry Ali

    And for those in KL, you may visit us at:-

    Kuwait Finance House (M) Bhd,
    KL Main Branch,
    Etiqa Twins,
    Grnd Floor, 11 Jln Pinang
    50704 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel: 03- 20557874 / 7872
    H/P: 012-6242210

  • azuana

    i go to Habib yesterday n ask 916 rm141…999 rm149…very expensive n i thought want but gold bar from dealer coz they offer very good price..

  • hazwan

    which one is better to make this gold investment??
    -public bank

    and wat differeence between public gold and public dinar??

  • Len Len Ma

    To all GOLD Investors,
    I am a GOLD agent, dealing in physical GOLD 999.9% purity PAMP Suisse Bullion investment.
    Representing a Syariah based company in Malaysia.

    Cash Rebate Program of 3 mths – 7.5%
    BUY-BACK Policy at purchase price

    Call : +6012-3490 501
    Fab Earnings @ Facebook

    • anu

      hi,please e-mail me more details about the investment u r talking about.kindly appriciated

  • Cleire Bay

    Hi Hazwan,
    u can visit this website,
    gt more information regarding the comparison of this three bank..
    Anyone frm JB wish to knw more abt Gold Account can jus leave me a msg.

    • Suvitha

      can u email me ?

  • Thang

    I m new in this gold investment. I think it’s better buy from the bank than others, no security if invest in private sector.

  • Wong Ah Kow

    What is all this about, like barter system ?

  • alicia

    i bought some gold coins (1 oz, 1/2 oz) from Public banks & some from poh kong few years ago & would like to sell off for cash (but no certificate cos last time sharing with friends to buy from the bank… they give one receipt only), hope someone can advise whether to keep it for better or sell off now is better ?
    if sell of, is the bank can accept back ?

  • liza

    Extract from PBB on GIA


    if it is good to invest in gold why it is Not insured by PBDM?

    kindly advise.

  • minority

    Hi, Im new and interested in Gold Investment. I have a question that have been in my mind for quite sometime (sorry if it is a dumb question)

    Below are an example of price(RM) according to the dates:

    6 August 2010 123.55 118.54
    14 September 2010 127.11 121.97
    23 September 2010 131.00 125.73

    Here’s the situation. If on 6 August 2010 i bought 5grams at RM123.55 and bought another 5grams on 14 September 2010 at RM127.11… And I decided to sell 5grams of gold on 23 September 2010 for RM125.73..

    Question: Which 5gram of Gold that I bought will be sold to the bank? 6 August 2010 or 14 September 2010? The bank decides or we as investor decides?

    • Hafeez

      No matter which one..they will follow the current price of your 5 gram of gold..

  • ponmoorthy

    gold hitting an all time high,but seriously how good is gold as an investment,I mean say you buy at 125/ g and then sell it at the current price of say 132/g thats like (7/125)
    5.6% in a year…i mean you could easily put in ASB and get about 8% or more if u put in unit trust

  • Taib Kipli

    Gold is always the universal currency..past 5 years it rose by 198%..KFH start with RM118/grm in April and now dah RM140.35…go to my fb Taib Kipli and pick up some article there…the sentiment is toward RM200/gram by the year end…please follow up closely the USD or US economy..its cloudy now..thats why gold price flyhigh this week.

  • Anna

    Heh, if u buy gold from Bank sure got charges… Bank want to make $$$$$lah. Always got a hidden charges that public don’t know.
    If u interested to invest in Gold without any charges, simple way of monitoring, no tight up of duration and simple way of managing your own gold investment….I can help u…with return permonth Not Less that 2%…. In 1 year your return, more than 10%/year…

    e-mail me at:

  • ese

    so,after all of the conversations, which one is it the best, i buy and keep the gold or buy by using any of the banks??when is it the price of gold will decrease? if we look from 70′s to 2010, the chart showed that the peak is at the highest at the moment, and for me i think, at this moment, there is unsuitable to buy gold,right? we will wait until the price is decrease,isn’t?someone, please give comment.thax.

  • joe4x

    Firstly, many thanks to Horlic Lim and other contributors for the useful information. As a layman I would go for a gold account with a trusted bank like Public Bank, more because of the lower charges (buy/sell) difference for the gold account. Even then I would not put my money in anything other than an FD until after I have acquired the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to be an investor. Of course, you can learn it the hard way… if you think there is easy way :)

  • Trevor

    I guess recently, just recently Oct 2010. US is printing money by breaking the rules of currency. I guess this is park of strategy for China currency manipulation. Also, US has over spend and did not really earn enough money to pay the bill, hence printing the money legally like any mafia do.

    US is printing then why not europe, UK, everyone is joining … if u are not printing. Ur currency is going up. and your people salary is expensive, factory will go back to US… my guess

    If this is happening, the value of money in paper will be going depreciated. What happen next is inflation.

    One of my friend told me, China is going smarter, to buy resource like GOLD to preserve the money value. Properties is another resource… commodities, palm oil… ect..

  • ravinxln

    Dear Friends, Gold investment is one of the best indeed. My advise to all of you who have invested and those who wants to get started, DO NOT go for short term. Go for long term instead. I’ll show you how Gold Investment is much better than investing in buildings. For free consultation Trading & Investment Advisor

    • jon

      ravin..hi there. im jon from kuching swak. im very new to gold investment yet not making any buying til now. pls advice which bank offer the best for gold investment e.g higher rate of buying back, lowest rate selling, lesser fees, etc. wish to buy but base on current situation, will the gold going down or higher within this april -may 2013. which bank other then kuwait fin, public bnk, maybank having this gold investment ? Tqvm

  • ravinxln

    Dear Trevor, US printing money is a different ball game and got nothing to do with breaking the rules.

    Dear Ese,You may have to wait forever for the price to decrease. yes yu still can buy now, its not too late. As I said go for long term. You will never loose in Gold. mail me if you need clarification.

  • Ben

    Hi Ese,

    Its the right time to buy now because the price has been self-correcting and the primary trend is up. What it means is any hope of it going down has already happened as activities such as profit-taking has already completed. Yet the gold and silver continues going up, mainly because of inflationary fears. The QE2 is another factor which will push investors towards safety with hard assets like gold and silver. When the market is on an upward trend, anytime will be a good time to go in because when you decide to sell the price will be higher than when you bought it. But always remember to use only money which you do not need to sustain your daily life.

  • Yee Foh Khau

    Gold investment is good provided you are able to hold when the price is down. It does not provides regular income like other investment.u will make profit when you buy at low price and sell at a higher price. Who can guarantee that the price is always going up?

  • KIM

    what are the difference between phsyical gold investment and bank saving gold investment? Is it better to hold gold in phsyical as compared to a gold saving account in bank? Which one gives a higher return and is there any hidden charges from both. If it is phsyical gold where is safe for us to keep it? Is it ok to keep in safe deposit box in a bank and what is the charges?

  • CJ


    I am a new investor and plan to open a gold investment account.

    I have compared the gold price between Maybank, Public bank and UOB bank(New).

    I found UOB bank offer smallest price difference(selling RM138.40 – buying RM136.40) which is only RM2 or 1.4%.
    I called UOB today and they told me their gold price difference is RM2

    Based on above findings, can i say that UOB is the best option and i should put my money there

    Can anyone give comment.


    • huserk

      Thanks CJ, i just realised that UOB also offers gold investment, and it offers smallest price differences compared to maybank, public bank and KFH. Best deal perhaps, and the gold price is going down this month, perhaps will go up again this february (due to CNY).

      Thanks all for the info!

    • Abraham David

      I have been buying/selling (B/S) paper gold for more than 16 months. I have had gold accounts with Public,CIMB, May and UOB banks. UOB offers most attractive rates compared to others. The next one is May followed closely by CIMB. The B/S price difference which is called spread must be small so that you can make maximum profits within a short time. The best spread is given by UOB at RM 2.00; the others can be RM 5.00 to RM7.00.To day (4/6/12) gold B/S price at UOB RM is 168.20/ RM 166.20 per gram. On 04/05/12 I bought at UOB at RM 161.90/159.90. Today by selling my gold I made a profit of RM 4.30 per gram. Now I shall wait for the gold price to dip lower than today and buy again. Monitoring gold prices on real time from your home using yr computer is easy and free. No registration is needed. So one should wait like a hawk for the right price to buy or sell. Some times you may have to buy more gold at a lower price so as to average yr earlier higher price you paid. Price averaging process is also done in other investments like in stocks. This game in gold can go on and on. Its fun. Good luck to you.

  • Faraliza Shukri

    I have planned to go for tis Gold Investment legally with either Public Bank or Maybank as its nearer for me. However i have doubts on other Gold Investments offered currently which is Public Gold…I am sure Public Gold has no direct link with any one of the banks stated.I am worried if my friends who have already invested in Public Gold will not get long term profit as promised…and it’s more likely a system where u need to find more investors in order to get more profit whereas thru bank..i dont have to take the trouble thinking how to grow my money….What say u? For me…i definetely will go for GIA Public Bank….

  • Jochea

    Hi CJ, choose the one that offer smallest price difference, this is because the ‘different’ is the bank charges. as UOB bank offer smallest price difference, UOB is the best deal.

  • CJ

    Thanks Jochea, I bought some last week, about RM140/gram, today price is RM142.80. Luckly the difference price is small, therefore consider make money.

    Plan to buy in more this few day, but not sure if Korea war will affect gold price.

    Anybody can advise the impact of the war on gold price

    • Alan

      Historically, when government running budget deficit gold price will surge. Because government normally will loosen monetary policy to pay off the gap that lead to inflation later. It happened in 1979 and now we’re moving into one very likely.

      of course war will increase gold price. but if take recent history as a gauge, normally government will first confiscate our golds and replace with paper money or war bond. US happened before and China as well. so, the old people of storing physical gold has its wisdom.

  • HANA

    Thanks for the info, very useful for a starter like me. So which is better, without considering accessibility to the bank, KFH or Public?

    • Horlic Lim

      Hi Hana, I will prefer Public, anytime.

      • Alan

        Total agreed. Apart from reasonable cost, PBB has a reliable supplier.

  • rosan

    hi..i like to invest in gold investment… the conclusion?? Public, Maybank, UOB??…which is better??

    • Alan

      My take will be the margin the bank earn. Anything below 5% will be reasonable. Also take into account their maintenance cost.

  • 81cents

    there are 2 way of gold investment..either going for physical gold or open a gold saving accounts. if i’m not mistaken, only 3 bank which offer gold saving account: public bank, maybank & KFH (i heard citibank also offer gold acc but not i’m not sure). however, only KFH and maybank can withdraw the real gold (physical)..meanwhile for public bank, u can’t withdraw the gold. But the concern here is, if public bank goes to bankrupt, your ‘gold’ will be gone since gold account was not insured by PDIM..
    (correct me if i’m wrong)

  • aaron

    Hi guys,

    I just gave a call to Maybank, accoding to them all deposits with Maybank, including the Gold Savings is insured by PIDM. PB Gold of KFH Gold account is not insured by PIDM.

    I’m not sure how bad this could effect us (investors) in the long run. If anyone else here, perhaps Horlic Lim could advise us here ;)
    Btw, Horlic, may I know why do you choose Public Bank over Maybank?

    * Thank you very much for all the information you share with others. Kudos to you!

    • jay

      hey my fellow investors thanks for the information was very helpful…..jus a benefit of a doubt so if i hav a gold passbook account instead of a “physical” gold in maybank,and lets say if maybank goes into bankruptcy will i be insured by PIDM? hence my gold savings are save …….correct me if im wrong

      secondly if i were to open a safe deposit in maybank to store my gold bar how muc will the charges be in maybank…really appreciate the info thanks

  • haslinda

    heard gold price will go down this month ..good time to buy anyone can help where i can get the trend mark for last yr .

    • Horlic Lim

      Haslinda, gold price going to drop this month? According to my friend in jewelery industry, Chinese New Year is one of the peak season for gold market.

    • isma

      better u buy now gold. Gold prices is down. u can buy at public gold or kuwait bank.

  • mike

    anyone can tell me how to buy an d how to sell th gold..i’m also intrest..but need advised.

  • Mr Gold

    Hi everyone..

    For me I prefer with physical gold instead of “paper” gold..Why?Because if u have physical gold in your hand & in the same time u need urgent cash just go to Agrobank and pawn it and u will get solid cash (60% from total of your gold). The best thing is ur gold still belong to you..But for GIA, GSPA etc u cannot pawn it unless u sell ur gold to the bank..Physical gold like Pamp Suisse,Kijang Emas,Canada Maple,Public Gold etc are hot item so u guys dont have to wori…

    If u guys just started buy physical gold then u have to be creative where do you want to keep it safe..Or u can keep it at “safety box” at any bank and of course there will be a fee for u to pay..

    Just sharing with u guys & correct me if im wrong..

  • haslinda

    gold price will be a bit down before cny then shoot up again, i confirm ..went to gold shop too ..said the same thing ..abt 5.00 down but later go up..if u see the trend of gold same before cny a bit down then up..

  • rosan

    Mr. Horlic..How about UOB GIA…

    • Horlic Lim

      Rosan, please refer to my latest post on the UOB Gold Investment Accounts.

  • ZaiNoL

    Dear All,

    Just wondering, which is which,,,what comes to my mind was…selling/buying gold through Gold Investment Account is much better rather than Physical Gold. For example if we have Physical Gold to be sell,,,what I understand,,we will loose of minimum 20% from the current market price,,instead should we make our transaction through our account book, there will be less than 5-6% lost only. Correct me if I’m wrong.
    Kuala Selangor.

  • Aishah

    anyone here can open one conference room or something like that to update us when to buy when to sell..special for gold investors. :)

    • mohammadosman

      ok , fri thanks , just u say i like it . i want to know u .u add my id ok fri , thanks .

  • Eric

    Hi It depends what type of gold you plan to invest in. Some prefer gold bars(physical gold) while other prefer paper gold (like maybank, PB). In physical gold. Investors should buy 999 gold bars instead of jewelery gold cause you will lose 20% to 30% when you sell . In most jewellery shop in Malaysia they will sell you gold bar which have been marked up from the world market price. Investor have to search for gold traders who will sell at close to world market price. You can get a rough estimate of current price in RM at . Here you can compare with the price quoted by jewelery shops like Poh Kong or Habib jewels.

  • Alan

    I like this site where people can share on investment information.

    there’s another good place to invest in previous metals, PAMP. I have nothing to do with it but just a customer.

    Recently, they introduce silver product, which I think has much more potential nowadays than gold.

    What i like most about the PAMP is they take very reasonable margin compare to other greedy traders. Minor drawback, of course you cannot buy smaller quantity like 5gm gold like with PBB or MBB. All purchase in physical form, must be very careful to store.

  • Alan

    I would like to share my view on gold price. Many people say gold is near its bubble, but my finding provide different angle.
    US and China recent 3 years has increased its money supply by 40% that leads to commodities price escalation. But gold seem not that bullish compare to say cotton or wheat, that’s why people start talking about gold bubble.

    Few points to counter this view:
    1. China bough 50 tonnes in 2009, and four times more in 2010 and double 2010 amount up to Feb 2011.
    2. China gold extraction already exceeded the world largest gold producer, South Africa about 5 years ago and all, I say again ALL OF IT is keep in solely in China soil.
    3. China opened 2 off-shore trading centers (HK and US) for Yuan trading end of 2010. Point 1 to 3, clearly China is laying its path to move away from US peg and prepare for Yuan floating in near future.
    4. India also increase its gold reserve as crazily as China.
    5.US, the largest gold reserve 8000++ tonnes has made it illegal for the congress to audit its stock since 40 years ago. FED allow gold
    renting to JP Morgan for trading purpose (manipulation?). No one knows how many gold US is actually holding. Maybe more, maybe less. But, bet on less because only with dumping supply, gold price can be suppressed.
    6. Germany already said can no longer able to bailout Spain and Portugal few weeks ago, and the hot potatos was passing to China in large part and Japan. Of course with a price, 1) Germany certain high tech factory to be set up as a swap or 2) China to buy the Spain and Portugal reserved gold at a discounted. (no one know what EU has chosen)
    7) China has asked in 2010 to IMF to release its gold reserve to sell to China. But US/EU rejected it up-right.
    8) US/EU bailout create massive money supple to world. Asian countries has to print as well in order to maintain its currency exchange rate with USD. Now, we’re entering into inflationary era, just entering.

    Thus, Gold may be more sought after than ever before. but, every investment have its risk. It will be very volatile because big gold reserve countries US/EU and IMF will do whatever it could to suppress the gold price in order to give its signal to world that their bailout plan works which is very doubtful indeed.

  • dila

    hye..i like dis site very much..
    thanks for all useful info..
    i have decide to invest in gold investment..
    but i dont really know which bank is better..?
    and what procedure taken in gold investment..?
    for example Public bank..
    what gold they offer, 999 or 916..?
    how about the price?
    can one of u explain to me..pls2..

    • azie

      hello Ms. dila . My name is Azie from AVSB which operates in Trend Tower, Klang. We are a company that provide assistance to facilitate per customer to venture in areas of investment to increase income. If you’re interested to know and invest in gold trading investment, I’ll give you a personal consultation. If u interested we can meet and schedule an appointment. Gold trading is a risky business. Even though the gold market trend is upward, public and investor should understand that they could lose all of their invested money in the gold market if they choose the wrong company or the wrong trader. It all depends on the gold market and how the trader trades your money. The better the trader, the better returns you’ll get. Generally, gold trading companies offer 3 – 5% of return of investment per month. So that’s 36% return per year. Sounds good right? Investor has to remember that this is a high risk investment with high return. We often forgot the high risk part and only look at 36% return per year. Again, this is very technical. If you’re interested to know more, i will tell you more when we meet. Hope this helps. u can email me at if u interested and want to know more about it..

  • WHI

    Salam sejahtera semua,

    Sy adalah salah seorang pembeli emas di KFH, pada tahun lepas sewaktu mereka mengadakan promosi contest you buy RM3,000 will enable you to participate in our 1kg Gold discovery campaign. I bought for almost 15K. At the time of buying(which I could say they selling to us) is RM136.72 per gram. Now almost 6 month already and I couldn’t see the price of selling back the gold (or kita tengok kat portion buy kat bank tuh) increase… Means sy rugi besar kalau nak jual emas itu sekarang nie….

    Untuk semua pembeli emas…. mana-mana pun kalau nak invest emas boleh tapi kenalah jangkamasa yang panjang mungkin 5 ker 10 tahun baru boleh dapat untung banyak !!!…. Wa..wa..wa (x dapat nak kuarkan duit tuh lagi sehingga mencapai sasarannya)…… Buy masih static atau kurang sedikit RM135.90

    Dibawah adalah bacaan untuk setiap banks
    Emas Hari Ini 4/03/2011 (Friday)
    Currency Buy Sell
    MYR /gram 135.9000 144.0500

    Currency Buy Sell
    MYR /gram 135.11 140.8100

    Currency Buy Sell
    MYR /gram 136.04 141.49

    Kesimpulannya kepada sesiapa yang hendak menjadi investor emas renung-renungkanlahnyer…. Tahun nie (2011) bukanlah masenyer yang sesuai untuk melabur kat mana-mana pung)….

    • Du

      Now is the time to invest in gold….semua billionaire start to buy in ton….permintaan tinggi tetapi supply tak mencukupi….

  • Sherina


    UOB now has a competitive offer. Check this out.

  • ekin othman

    We’re a gold dealer.

    Anyone genuinely interested to buy pure cast 999.9 gold bar , PAMP Suisse brand ( our specialty brand ) 100 gm
    Internationally recognised. Instant rebate off RM 1000 to RM 1500 for each bars.

    Simple as that and better than usual.

    Best buy back offer.
    Thank you.

  • PreZ

    is there anything that can show us live gold price??

  • shah

    Hmmm dear all/mr horlic, I plan to open gold passbook wit pb, is it ok now? How much do I need to pay? Let say today I open the account at 3k and tomorrow gold price jump to 3.1k, can I withdraw that 100?

  • Yuna

    Hi.. I prefer UOB Bank.. because the difference between selling and buying prices just RM 2.00.. and the selling rate more cheaper.. if u want more info just visit UOB website.

  • Kah kit

    Apparently, u all can try on Menara Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur (Jalatama Management) which also helping client to invest primarly on gold and silver, which i found out it is quite good. They promised 3 to 5 percent per Month which they able to achieve tat every month for half year. I think it is quite good …

  • as

    untuk dijual segera 8 pcs 1dinar PG potongan rm20.
    10 dinar PG (42.5g) potongan rm50 dari hrga semasa..cpt2 ade 1 je.potongan RM 50 diberikan 20g bar PG ADA 3PCS SHJ
    siapa cepat dia dpt…cepat..hubungi saya 0162539519

  • Kah kit

    Apparently, u all can try on Menara Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur (Jalatama Management) which also helping client to invest primarly on gold and silver, which i found out it is quite good. They promised 3 to 5 percent per Month which they able to achieve tat every month for half year. I think it is quite good
    U can contact the consultant for any question, 016 2727326

  • Amber

    Hi all, I’m new in this. I bought from Maybank and now the price uo to RM150.I’m thinking of buying more…I need advice. Should I change to Public Bank if the different between selling and buying is less? Now is good time to pump in again?

  • Jeff Thommo

    Why woudl anyone trust a bank to hold their gold in a passbook account?
    If the bank goes belly up and it comes to crunch time how are you going to say to a creditor Oh! that peice of gold in the vault is mine its got my name on it..Think again, it goes in a pool and its not safe as if the creditors come in they take the lot and you will only get a small percentage of your money back..that is because none of the gold has your name on it. You are better off investing your money elsewhere ie the Stock market or an overseas bank that pays high interest rates.

  • faz

    Hi All, I am working with Al-Rajhibank,Anyone interested to buy physical gold please call me-019262 0483.worth buying!purity 999.99!

  • shaun

    Dear Sifu-s,

    I’m interested to invest in gold. I was thinking to go for Gold passbook account instaed of physical gold because of safty reason.
    So after reading all the comments/advice above, can I conclude UOB is the best amongst other banks? Kindly advise…

    Thanks & regards

  • gyoung

    I believe both gold accounts are NOT guaranteed by PIDM.

  • felicia

    This text is for Public Bank. Please up date your info which was done in 2009!! Surely from then till now, there are new products or info. Also, there are plenty of English mistakes. I dont expect a big bank like yours to have such problem.

  • John Hardick

    Gold Saving Account:
    1. There is the selling and buying price and they should not be too far off the spot price. The spread shall not be to wide. The spot price is for gold of 99.99 purity.
    2. Any buying and selling charges/taxes must be clarified. Be very averse to hidden cost.
    3. Investment in bank gold:- Whether the gold is allocated or not? Allocated means your investment is backed by physical gold and you can withdraw physical GOLD. It is very unlikely that all gold savings are backed 100% by physical gold. Should the bank go bust, you will not get back your full investment.
    4. Gold investment in bank is not guaranteed by Bank Negara and if the bank go bust, you may get nothing back.

    Pysical Gold:

    1. Again the buying and selling price should not be too far off spot price.
    2. Any buying and selling charges/taxes must be clarified.
    3. Ensure you buy from reputable seller or you may get fools gold. I doubt there is any equipment that can measure the gold content of the who piece but only the surface.
    4.Ease or guarantee sell back when you need to divest.
    5. Safe keeping or you lose everything.

    Best option is still to spread your investment.

    Do also look at silver investment.

    I am not an agent.

  • Lim

    I believe gold is the best investment at the moment. this is because of the total debt US has is at astronomical levels. There are many was to invest in gold. I personal prefer physical gold because any paper gold investment is not 100% guaranteed.Buying physical gold can be complicated at times because we have to buy close to the world spot price as possible. Gold shop usually mark up gold price by 15% to 25%. There are a few places you can compare gold price in Malaysia like Nubex, Public Gold. I personally prefer as the price is usually low. Sometimes certain jewelery shop will sell their gold at low price because they have excessive stock on that day. I think the most important is to research the lowest price and smallest margin before purchasing physical gold.Of course if u research too long the prices might have just shoot up.

  • ricotoo

    Dear All,

    I am interest in Gold Investment.. It is now the right time to invest in Gold? The gold price seem expensive..
    UOB has the smallest difference other banks, it mean the best choice would be UOB? Kindly advise…


  • kingcharles

    thanks for having this forum for ppl of the same interest to share/enquire about gold……personally, i have monitoring the gold prices and also articles and strongly suggest ppl out there that wishes to invest in gold to start immediately……friends that work in poh kong, tomei and as personal jeweler have informed (dont know how true) that price of gold (999.9) will increase to USD 2,500 / ounce slightly after chinese new year…..further more, reputable reading materials has also published that world gold price will hit USD 5,000 / ounce in the next 2 to 3 years…


    hi, nice information .
    i’m new in exchange. i just dont understand, where are they kept the price ?

  • Chuah

    Suitable to buy gold at this moment? Price RM170++

    • ricotoo

      i wish to know as well… Can anybody give so advise and suggestion.. Thanks.

      • mahen08

        yah im hoping for anw as well…..juz waitin for the gold price to drop a little bit more..heard in this week it may drop…

  • Renovation Guy

    Let me add my 2c. Physical gold has risk too. Carrying around or keeping several thousand worth of gold, you can be robbed. Robbers are very thorough.

    Selling physical gold to goldsmith is not that easy because they can get it at lower rate than market. If you plan to sell to them, be prepared for a cut.

  • Ken

    Another alternative investment is exploiting gold tailings. I’m getting US$90 everyday for 130 days for an investment of US$5,000. That’s 1.8% per day, or 234% for 130 days. ROI in 56 days. I can withdraw everyday – thus minimizing my risk daily. High returns, and risk is reduced on a daily basis.


    • fib

      What is that? Can u share more info since passive income on daily basis. I’m new in this

  • dudo

    i think the one in london is better as they don’t report your gold to any authority in the world, no tax on gold in london and they are big member of london bullion market and partner of the world gold council you can get your gold spot price.

  • Buying Silver Bars | Investment in Gold and Silver

    Thanks a lot for sharing such an detailed and informative post. The reading was definitely worth it…!Investment in Gold and Silver, Buying Silver Bars

  • fizi

    salam n hi,
    gold saving account had pro n con factor expecialy about safety but the real investment for gold is physical gold, anybody interested invest in gold bar, dinar n jewellery (real investment) can send email to me for information n sharing about golds from public gold

  • golddigger8

    Has anyone ever thought of buying paper gold and silver (LLG & LLS)?

    My friends are using the e-tradingplatform by CNI Bullion Limited in HK. They told me that its good. I’m planning a trip to visit their company in HK. Anyone wanna join?

  • iZAC

    Hi friends..
    I’m planning to invest 200gm in PublicBank GIA this month @RM173/gm (as of today- 3sep’12) totalling RM34,600.00.
    My Q is will I certainly gain a return of 50% profit by sep 2020 i.e my total returns should be RM51,900. Anything extra would be an extra blessing for me.
    Meanwhile i’m planning to buy 2gm each month until 2020.

    Any alternative plan/suggestion is welcome..:)

    Gold price trend for the past 10 years has doubled i.e >100% profit.

    Thanks 4 all your sharing.
    God bless.

  • thony

    i just bought gold from maybank via passbook..there are only 1g for minimum initial buyer…different spread like 5.3 ++ this rates acceptable from public gold..yet differ from current world market is 60pips ++…ti believe bank will have own strategy to ensure volatile market prices wont affect them in sort period…above all, maybank offered slight differ among others….

  • HorlicLim

    Your updates here is much appreciated! TQ for sharing with us! Wish more and more people make more money from gold investment!

  • HorlicLim

    Oyabin, if you are comparing GIA and GSPA, i prefer Public Bank’s Gold Investment Account because of its smaller difference between selling and buying prices.

  • jay

    hey my fellow investors thanks for the information was very helpful…..jus a benefit of a doubt so if i hav a gold passbook account instead of a “physical” gold in maybank,and lets say if maybank goes into bankruptcy will i be insured by PIDM? hence my gold savings are save …….correct me if im wrong

    secondly if i were to open a safe deposit in maybank to store my gold bar how muc will the charges be in maybank…really appreciate the info thanks

  • Ellen

    The gold savings with Maybank is not insured with PIDM. Read the disclaimer in

    There is always risk to any investment. But counting on the probability on the bank being robbed, the chance is low.

    What is the difference in risk between the gold savings and physical gold being kept in safe if bank is robbed? Almost same risk right?