Invest in Mutual Funds as Future Plans For My Baby

What is your financial planning for a new baby? Is mutual fund investment a good option? For me, the answer is yes. This is the first thing I start to think about immediate after I know my wife is pregnant. Thanks God! I’m on my way to be a father! Hehe!

For myself, it is one of the best options to ensure my saving plan is achieved in a more discipline way. It has been proven throughout my nearly 10 years experience investing in mutual funds. Don’t get me wrong; I’m neither an expert nor good investor in the investment.

Basically, I’m practicing on the “Dollar Cost Averaging” method all the while. Although it doesn’t earn me any big money, but at least something better than Fixed Deposit rates offered by banks. Instead of calling it as an investment, I would rather to treat it as a regular saving plan.

But, if you used to switch on BFM89.9 The Business Radio Station, you might still remember about an interview with Robert Kiyosaki sharing his opinion about the unit trust investment.

He does not like to invest in mutual fund, simply because he prefer to invest money into shares market by himself instead of fund managers. For him, unit trust investment is for those who have totally no idea about the shares market. Anyway, everyone got his or her own investment strategy.

Any mutual fund advice would like to be shared here? Your valuable opinions are much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Invest in Mutual Funds as Future Plans For My Baby”

    • Horlic Lim

      David, TQ! Invest in Gold and Rental Property for my baby financial planning will be shared in the following posts! Stay tuned!

  1. Chong Kong Hui

    Which fund or what type of fund you invested in?

    I use unit-linked life insurance policy for 3 purposes in 1 policy:

    1) High protection at very low charges
    2) Investment in equity
    3) Saving on regular basis (dollar averaging)

    In short, it is a SPA concept.
    S – Saving regularly
    P – Protection on life and saving
    A – Accumulation of Asset.

    Unit-Linked is highly suitable for younger people looking for high protection at low cost. Term life is actually still more expensive than using this method if you are 40 and below.
    Check here for more information