Flat PKNS Kota Damansara Majority Bumi Lot

Kota Damansara is one of my rental property hotspots, especially for walk-up apartment / flat below RM150K. The only problem I facing there is the bumi lot issue. Most of the properties in the area I’m targeting for are bumi lot. Sigh…

According to the developer, Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS), about 70% of the houses are under bumiputera quota.

“Harta ini hendaklah dijual kepada pembeli perseorangan dan warganegara Malaysia sahaja. Harta ini dijual atas kuota bumiputera.”

Above is the reply I always get from PKNS when enquiry for the property status. Based on the statement, lawyer has advised me that when the strata title is issued, I might be in trouble to get approval to transfer the title under my name.

I was planning to buy it for long-term investment, since that is the case, I have to let go the deal because not worth to take the risk.

I need an experienced lawyer in handling PKNS properties and bumi lot houses, any recommendation?

7 thoughts on “Flat PKNS Kota Damansara Majority Bumi Lot”

  1. Malaysia online shopping

    Any other hot spot area or properties name that you recommend to purchase? Target is below RM200k. Thanks.

    • Horlic Lim

      Seeboon, this is a BIG question! Well, I’m compiling some info about my own hotspots for the coming post… stay tuned!

    • Jooanne Wong

      PKNS Flat at Kota Damansara (Non Bumi Lot) rented out for MR530.00 available for sale. Email me.

      • Chris

        Hi Jooanne,

        Do u still wan to rent out?

  2. Chong

    It is possible but additional penalty will be imposed by the land office. But the risk is that it is not 100% guaranteed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Horlic Lim

      Lawyer say the samething also, no guarantee…sigh! But nvm, we go to the next!

  3. Sha

    I have a house 5th floor for sale ask rm85k

    Urgent sale looking for cash buyer