Easy Housing Loan Comparisons by LoanStreet

Guest Post by Jared Lim. When a person wants to buy a house or property, most of the time, they will have to take up a loan with a bank. And one of the foremost questions is always “Which bank can offer the best interest rate?”

Contrary to common perception, the answer is not a straightforward one. There is no ONE bank that offers the best rates. In fact, different banks will offer different interest rates. It depends on factors like loan amount, flexi or non-flexi, whether MRTAs are included, even whether the property is completed or not. Same bank will also have different packages.

A Malaysian website called has made it easy for everyone to know the answer to their personal situation. By answering 6-7 questions, the website can show which housing or property loan in Malaysia would be the cheapest and most suitable for your situation. It really saves time because you know immediately which banks are the best for you. No need to try machine gun style.

Their FAQ states that you can apply for a loan via their website, and that “Customers can expect a call from us within 1 working day, in which we will walk you through the Debt Servicing Ratio (DSR) eligibility criteria of different banks, available alternatives if necessary, and other useful tips.”

Having used their comparison tool, the way Loanstreet does the comparison and recommendation really hits the sweet spot. It is both detailed and intuitive

There are many other websites out there that also provide comparisons. But from personal experience, none of them have the same level of detail and accuracy as Loanstreet’s.

So if you want to take a loan in the future, you can check out Loanstreet’s website. It definitely beats going bank to bank to do your hunting.

Jared Lim runs, the online loan comparison and application tool which aims to make everything about loans easy for the customer. In his previous life, he was a systems consultant to banks in the ASEAN region. He strums his guitar and plays Chinese Chess in his free time, but is still considered a novice at both.