DiGi Music Download Unlimited Free Songs for Mobile Phones

Where to download unlimited free songs for mobile phones? “DiGi Music” now may satisfy you with its latest Unlimited Music Download service launched by DiGi couple days ago. First 30 days is FREE.
digi music download free music
What happen after 30 days free trial? One flat rate of RM5/month will be charged. That means, you may Download Unlimited Songs for RM5/month only. So cheap, right! Some more, by doing so, you are listening to legal music and obeying the intellectual property act, the singer is respected instead of buy illegal music in pirated DVD.

Who Should Subscribes DiGi Music?
  • For music lover who own a Wi-Fi mobile phone (subscribed unlimited broadband package): since you are able to online everywhere and anytime, why should you pay for another RM5/month to subscribe DiGi Music? Unless you are so crazy for music or the value of RM5/month is just negligible for you.
  • For music lover who own a GPRS/3G mobile phone (didn’t subscribe unlimited broadband service): it is not cheap to use the online services via GPRS/3G, as the usage will be charged accordingly as per data used. It may cost you easily RM50 or even hundreds of dollars and give you a big ‘surprise’ in the monthly bill statement. Have you experienced it before? I did. So, DiGi Music Unlimited Download service priced at RM5/month is a worth deal instead of paying hundreds of dollars to subscribe an unlimited broadband package.

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