Different Forms of Gold Traded in Market for Gold Investment

Articles and news about Gold Investment are highly exposed recently everywhere inside online website, newspaper and most of the financial magazine too. Lot investors are expecting for capital appreciation of gold price in this coming few months. How about you? Have you get yourself be prepared for gold investment? You prefer to invest in which type of gold forms?

gold investment
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Types of Gold
  • Physical Gold – Gold Bar and Gold Coins
  • Gold Savings Account
  • Gold ETF
  • Gold Mining Shares
  • Gold Index Fund / Gold Mutual Fund
Physical Gold – Gold Bar and Gold Coins

Physical Gold is commonly known as Gold Bar form or Gold Coin form. You may buy it from jewellery store or buy from bank’s counter. These are the easiest forms of gold that you may get from market.
Malaysia: Poh Kong, Wah Chan, Tomei, Habib and etc

Gold Savings Account

Nowadays we have more convenience gold products available in the market offered by financial market called gold savings account. All the transaction either purchase or sales of gold will be recorded in a savings passbook account. Therefore, no issue for storage of gold as the financial institutions will keep it for you. Therefore, the charges involved for Gold Savings Account are normally higher than Physical Gold.
Malaysia: Gold Investment Account (Public Bank), Gold Savings Passbook Account (Maybank)

Gold ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

You can buy Gold ETF from the stock exchange where you no need to worry about the delivery because the gold is held in trust in a very safe place and you are holding the share of trust.

Gold Mining Share

Other than that, you can buy the gold mining shares where the gold producers have huge of gold underground. They all put together this and the share is listed in exchange. Mostly in gold producing countries like Canada, US, Australia. In this region, Hong Kong has also couple of gold mining shares which are traded shares from China.

Gold Index Fund / Gold Mutual Fund

Or you can actually buy Gold index fund or gold mutual fund where these funds will put together with couple of gold mining shares and make it available to form a mutual fund as platform.

For more information, check your gold prices today online at Public Bank or World Gold Council website.

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