DG30 DIGI Postpaid Plan Zero Access Fee and Cheaper SMS Rates

Are you looking for the cheapest and lowest postpaid plan with zero access fees in Malaysia? Prefer a postpaid plan that gives you the lowest commitment due to limited budget? Do consider on DG30, the latest DIGI postpaid plan DG30. The new postpaid plan has been launched since 19th May 2009. DG30 is the lowest postpaid plan with no access fee in Malaysia after the launching.
dg30 latest digi postpaid plan zero access fee cheaper sms rates
Image Source: Digi Malaysia

DG30 Vs DG20

DG20 postpaid plan will no longer be offered for new postpaid registration after the launch of DG30. Let us compare the DG30 and DG20 and see what’s the different between both of the plans:

  • Zero Access Fee
  • DG20 Monthly Commitment Fee: RM20 (Access Fee = RM20, Talk Time Rebate = RM0)
    DG30 Monthly Commitment Fee: RM30 (Access Fee = RM0, Talk Time Rebate = RM30)

  • Lower SMS Rates
  • DG20 charges RM0.15 per SMS
    DG30 charges RM0.10 per SMS

  • Same Voice Call Rates
  • Both DG20 and DG30 charge RM0.20 per minute

dg30 postpaid plan details rate plan and charges table

Thumb Up for DG30

The zero access fee of DG30 is a fantastic offer for all mobile postpaid users! Furthermore with the lower SMS rates, I believe the latest postpaid plan launched by DIGI has won a lot of grabs from thousands of mobile users! For more information, please log on DIGI Malaysia Website