Comparison Between Home Equity Loan Interest Rates and Features

Looking for a comparison table on Malaysia’s bank home loans interest rate comparison? Which is the best bank in Malaysia for home loan? Which Bank in Malaysia offers the best package in home loan? Where to find a detailed comparison between the various banks such as CIMB Islamic Bank, Maybank, Public Bank, Alliance Bank and EON on home loan?

Money3 ‘Malaysia Home Loans Review’ has a detailed review on each home loan equity package by the various lenders, not to mention the pro and cons of each package, whereas TheStar ‘Home and Property’ section provides a simple side by side comparison on some of the biggest lender in Malaysia and its interest rates.

Comparison of Malaysia Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

Comparison of Malaysia Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

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  1. Myaweb

    thank very good.

  2. el the man

    Thanks. Good compilations of links. However I can’t seem to be able to access money3 website.


  3. malathi

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  4. Yvonne Chong

    interest info for home buyers. interest is 1 of the consideration when selecting banks. some banks grow with customers.

  5. Hairul Izham Zuhri

    I like to buy house in Pandan Perdana. The said property as below:-

    5-01 Block C,
    Jalan Perdana 9/10,
    55300 Pandan Perdana
    Kuala Lumpur

    600sq. ft.

    The owner want to sell to me RM78k

    Anyone can help me check the current value of this house at valuer and maximum value in RM that i can make a loan with bank.

    If possible can u give me detail and relevent contact number.

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    Hairul Izham Zuhri

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  6. Sarojah

    I have viewed a Condo which is fully furnished situated in Taman Kok Lian where the owner wants to sell it for l80,000.00
    If I pay a down payment of 15% and take a loan for 153,000.00 for a 33 year term + the MRTA to be included in the Loan, how much would be my monthly pay back instalment to the bank. My salary is around RM3000.00 per month.

  7. jack

    About RM752.00

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  8. Miss.Su

    Since beginning of 2010, Base Lending Rate (BLR) has increased 0.5% to 6.05% effective May 2010. As a result, borrowers have to pay additional 65 months of instalments, meaning their loans period has been extended by more than 5 years.
    According to the local authorities, it will increase another … See More+0.25% by second half of the year. Under such circumstances, do you think it will affect you and other properties owners in the market quite badly? Frankly, no one could escape from the effect of BLR increased, unless we are buying our properties without any borrowings. As a matter of fact, even the Rich will acquire properties with borrowings due to the limitations imposed by the local’s rules & regulations. Hence, as a borrower, as long as you are loaning from the lender, when BLR increase, your interest payable or your loan tenure will also increase substantially. The question now is what options do you have to curb with the circumstances? And most importantly, all lenders are Profit Organizations, do you think they can really help you? Now, if there is a way to help you and other property owners to reduce interest payable despite BLR increased, how many people in the market do you think would need this service? The good news is we could help you to reduce interest payable despite BLR increased by providing a 99% accuracy auditing onto your existing mortgage loans. Similar method already been used in Australia and United States over the years and Success is Guaranteed. Over there, when the borrowers have their loans approved, they will immediately go to subscribe the auditing program so that they could immediately enjoy the benefits. Such an auditing program is now available in Malaysia. The system is proven to be highly effective and the question now is whether are you aware about it? Now, just allocate one and the half hours of your time with us and we will show you HOW……for more inquiry email as to or call as 010-5267484..

  9. Mahadi

    I want to buy landed house at price 265k in Bertam Perdana, Penang.
    What is the best banks and packages for the loan? Islamic or Conversional?

  10. Elaina

    Hi There,

    I like to refinance a property. I need recommendation for bank tat offers best home loan package. tks very much!

  11. Farez

    Hi Elaina,

    For the best offer now is with ING Home Loan that the interest only 4.99% only w/out BLR. TQ
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  12. Farez

    Hi Mr Mahadi,

    Its depend on ur need wherether islamic or conv coz to its no to much different and i can offer u 4.99% fixed rate w/out BLR for new financing,refinance or mortgage.TQ

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  13. Miss.Su

    For those who are still servicing OR going to service their housing and property / Land loan ( Flats , Apartment , Condominium , Terrace House , Semi Detached House , Bungalow , Shoplot , Factory , Agriculture/Plantation Land ) With uncertainties and inflation in the near future , isn’t it better to cut losses (slash interest) in a short term and gain MORE in the long term ? This will increase your PROFITABILITY if you happen to sell your house / property at a good / better price OR during boom times !

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    Unfortunately no longer exist.I always use their portal to check current home loan offer.

  15. praba

    hi there..
    i need some advice…i have a apartment current value is around 60 – 65 k ….i want refinance…wat is best interest rate i can get

  16. bolån

    Very important to compare different banks when youre thinking about a loan. Good article!

  17. rizzuwan

    Hi there,
    I would like to buy my first house either around bangi, nilai, or putra mahkota, for that i need make a loan..question is how to make a loan,which bank i need to go, how much the estimation for house loan is around rm200k-rm250k..anyone who wanna help me can reach me at or 0133574821

  18. al


    I’m planning to buy a relative’s house and it’s my first house.
    What are the steps?

    1.Find a valuer
    2. Get a bank loan eligibility check
    3. Contact a lawyer
    4. Pay the money?

    Please do let me know if u have any tips.

    btw… whats the diff in Islamic banking and conventional ones.
    Pros and cons?



  19. Mehar

    I’m thinking of refinance my house……Im currently with Hong Leong bank. Any suggestion on the loan

  20. ng kim fong

    hi i am 30 yo with fix income of rm6800/ month. Already have house loan with ocbc rm1200 repayment / month. and rm1496 deduction per month for personal loan. Any idea any bank would gimme a loan for second home loan which cost about rm 450k. just wonder any bank will gimme the second home loan. if yes thinking of buying another house for invesment purpose.tq

  21. Razak

    I want to refinance my house at Kepong. My balance outstanding RM31,000. Current market value are RM75,000. Which bank can give me a zero cost and low rate. Thanks. Contact me at 012-3997428

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    If you are interested, please e-mail/call me, with your name, your contact number, and your housing loan amount, I will contact you and help you on it. Thank you.

  23. kahar

    what’s the current home loan interest rate, 4.2 is it? some say OCBC, others say maybe. let’s say the amount is 400,000, 25 years down payment is 30,000 so around 2000 monthly…phew…

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    I wish to buy a land in Jalan Kebun area appx 8000sqft…
    i want to know what is the best offer for loan

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  27. Mohd Russdy


    I am planning to buy my second property at price RM 350,000. Need advice on the best home loan package, preferably islamic financing. Email me at Thanks.

  28. nurul atiqah


    I’m currently in the process of buying a house in damansara damai, apartment idaman, completed.
    Price: $80, 000
    Deposit: 10%
    Market price: around 93, 000+

    Still searching for home loan. Kindly email me the best offer.
    Monthly income around 3k – 4k.
    No other commitment.

  29. Faizol

    Hello guys,

    Above; Theres some information not so accurate. 

    Theres r 2 type of mode payment from borrower:-
    1) minimun possible for repayment
    2) pay extra.

    Mostlikely, all bank gave almost same interest rate such as b-2.2/2.3/2.4/2.45 but depanding on the amount because the interest rate go by tier and each bank normally used different types of tier.

    Extra payment; better go for flexi financing. Few banks only offer flexi financing. Beware! Some bank only offered semi flexi. 

    Flexi financing :- withdrawal facility at any excess amount without chargers and at anytime. No minimun extra payment or maximun extra payment and no chargers. What ever amout extra than minimun payment will directly deduct your principal borrowing amount.

    So guys, if u are young graduate or salaried eaner (subject to professional or exec level), theres financing product in town gave u facility looked like ‘discount’ some percentage from actual instalment. But what ever ‘discount’ ur may get, need to pay back at some years later.

    So guys, a lot of things u need to consider. I may guide u all about those financing package at free fees. 


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    I have a house to buy, by than I do apply in
    Standard Charted Bank for Housing Loan, been rejected.
    Recent saying my profail very clear. I don’t understand.
    Anyone there can help me.
    House at Klang Mewah 3,Double story teres.Value RM 250 K
    Applying loan for RM170K