Cheapest Serviced Apartment in Petaling Jaya

Suria Kinrara Serviced Apartment, I found this nearly completed ‘apartment’ couple months ago when I passing by Taman Kinrara in Puchong. My first impression on the property was attracted by its strategic location and good accessibility using Lebuhraya Shah Alam (KESAS) and Jalan Puchong.

After Google online, surprisingly, it was built on commercial land and categorized as serviced apartment cost about RM120K for 712 sf. The price is cheap! Any objection if I call it as the cheapest serviced apartment in Petaling Jaya?

Although the project is almost completed by IJM, but I was really turned down after knowing the project was actually launched by Talam, a property developer company who hopes to get out of the PN17 status as reported in newspaper recently.

Conclusion, I decided to forget about this Talam’s project and looking forward for my next ideal rental property mainly in Petaling Jaya.

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6 thoughts on “Cheapest Serviced Apartment in Petaling Jaya”

  1. daniel

    I vaguely remembered Talam was acquired by IJM, if this is true shouldn’t it be a safe investment?

  2. rohaniahnoor

    talam?hm.. for me, definitely no…even though it is just a history.

  3. dossydy

    IJM never acquired Talam. IJM was only tasked by Talam to complete the project.


    where can I check the portfolio of:-
    1. Milan Doshi
    2. Renesial Leong
    3. Azizi Ali
    4. Juanita Chin
    5. Gavin Tee
    6. and others owned property?

    • Horlic Lim

      Ben, your link is much appreciated! TQ!