Cheapest Postpaid Plan for Couples Comparison between Celcom, Digi & Maxis

Which postpaid plan is the best and cheapest for couple use? Looking for free call postpaid mobile plan so that you can have unlimited free call with your boy friend or girl friend? Or you prefer a postpaid plan with lowest commitment fee for free call?
postpaid plans comparison for couple maxis celcom digi

Postpaid Plans Comparison – CELCOM vs DIGI vs MAXIS

postpaid plans comparison table for couple use

Postpaid Plans Summary:
Lowest Monthly Commitment Fees: CELCOM

For couples who are looking for a postpaid plan mainly is just used to call each other, that means seldom make calls to others, then the best postpaid plan for them is CELCOM (1+5 Plan). That means Principal subscribes CELCOM EXEC 50 and Supplementary line subscribes CELCOM 1+5 Plan.

Cheapest Voice Call and SMS Rates: DIGI / MAXIS

For couples who are not only looking for FREE calls among them but also make frequent calls to other friends or family, the best postpaid plan for them is DIGI 1 Family. That means Principal subscribes DG50 and Supplementary line subscribes DIGI 1 Family.

Unless you are interested on the MAXIS’s Value Extras (Extra Ten, Extra SMS, Extra Weekend) special optional package, then it might be better option for you instead of DIGI’s postpaid plan mentioned earlier. Principal to subscribe Maxis Value Plus 50 and Supplementary line subscribes Maxis Family Plus 30 attached with either/all the Value Extras optional packages.

These are just my 2cents opinions! Different people different needs! Find the best postpaid plan for yourself based on your own needs. Perhaps comparison and analysis on above may give you a better and clearer picture on the postpaid plans comparison to find out the best plan for yourself.

51 thoughts on “Cheapest Postpaid Plan for Couples Comparison between Celcom, Digi & Maxis”

  1. holaBola

    me and my gf using Celcom 1+5.. very cheap.

  2. John

    i am using Maxis value80 + family plus 50. i think a bit expensive. do u know how is the block charges (1 block 30seconds or 12 seconds) for Digi and Celcom?

  3. Jayce

    I am still using Hotlink prepaid. Seldom use mobile phone anyway. BTW, Celcom plan really looks good.

  4. Cynthia

    Thanks for sharing and coming by to my little princess blog… 🙂 Handphone no longer the essential for me nowadays.. 🙂

  5. Andy Roy

    Basically, I would recommend DiGi Postpaid becoz we have to consider that we have family members and friends on different network. So, DiGi Postpaid gives you that advantage. The main important fact is this….you will contact numbers from other network…and calling is better than SMS…you get things explained and settled faster…

  6. Ahmad

    I’m using Celcom 1+5. Last time TMTouch was changed to Celcom, both of us got Celcom 100 Minutes Plan(RM30). Then I unsubscribed my plan to be a supplementary of her, and the total is RM30 + RM5 + RM3(detailed bill for me).

  7. Mickael Chia

    Those contemplating signing up for Digi family should know about our experience. My son’s phone was surreptitiously sending out 1500 sms a month without his or our knowledge. When we found out from the phone bill, there were another 1500 sent out. Total cost to us about rm 200. After doing all the things DIGI advised, including changing to another pphone, there was still no improvement, so we changed to another SIM. After a short while, it happened again. Another rm 200 down the drain. DIGI had no idea what to do.

  8. zal

    What is the best postpaid scheme for me to accomodate the cheaper rate for businessman
    Pls advise me

  9. qila

    me n my bf are using maxis RM50 + RM30. its expensive and not recommendable (by me hahah). but still have contract with them till nov 2010. blergh

  10. HorlicLim

    Thanks for your feedback on the Maxis postpaid plans. Your comment is appreciated by every reader here. Many of my friends are facing the same situation like you; cannot switch to others Telco Company’s plan due to the contract signed.

  11. Intan

    my bf has already possessed a celcom number, can i add his number as my supplementary or should i need to apply a new registered number for him?

    • Syed

      Possessed? Hahaha. FTW? ‘My bf has already got celcom number’. Simple as that.

  12. Intan

    don’t u think digi 1family postpaid is similar to celcom 1+5. with only RM50 u can get free calls/sms as u subscribe supplementary lines. or be there a difference though? explain pls

  13. Karina

    how to get a supplementary line for digi postpaid? help. my mum’s using digi prepaid. can i add her as my sub-line or she also needs to subscribe?

  14. tuisyenbendahara

    What is the perfect plan for business? We would like to send as many SMS as we can.

  15. fazza

    if i use celcom 1+5, i only get free 1200mins talktime between my supplementary lines, right??

  16. paul

    its help alot ! thanks! nice comparison indeed

  17. fazza

    Is iTalk a prepaid plan for mobile phone?? can anyone xplain to me anything about italk?? it is same like other telco like dg,clcom n maxis??

    • HorlicLim

      @Cynthia, you are welcome! Internet VS Handphone! u have selected Internet? lol..

  18. Zali

    I want to comparison for 3 company provider on scheme RM50. Which one are the cheapest?
    Celcom 50, Digi 50 or U Mobile 68


  19. usha

    i wana know abt dg50…the main line has to pay rm 50 ryte? an the sub line rm30? example, if i wana register to dg50 how much must i pay upon registration…an can the sublines remain as prepaid o tey hav to switch to postpaid as well?>

  20. epool86

    i love celcom because the plan is flexible. i mean, the rm50 package come with automatic discount when u use more.. compare to maxis/digi, they offer separate package (like the rm50, or rm80, or rm150 package etc)

    while celcom, its all in one package. no matter ur bill is rm50, rm80, or rm150, u can still enjoy the benefit in a single plan rm50.

  21. mira

    interesting! i’m using 1+5 but i interested in digi.can u give any suggestion which 1 is the best. because my bf as a main he seldom contact another number but still every month pay 50. for me it is quite expensive.can any one give their own opinion? thanx!

  22. Thinakaran

    hi there everybody , i’m a digi 1 family plan user . when i registered in feb 2009 , the pamphlet said 13 cents to all network for calls and 10 cents sms fee for all networks for main line (RM 50) and sub line (RM 30). Now they are saying that its 5 cents for sms for same network and 15 cents for different network. So i was just wondering if anybody have the pamphlet that i’m talking about ? i am trying to take this thing p seriously because the cheating has been going on for awhile and most people don even realize it. This is because the dont break down how much each sms cost. The amount is jumbled up and nobody takes the amount and divide it with the number of smses. So i hope i can get some proof to deal with this problem, thanks

  23. olavi

    Celcom is a shit I think, I put my limit at RM150 for my postpay and my bill has gone up to RM700, shitful isn’t it?

    • Horlic Lim

      Experience the same issue with my previous Maxis line too. My limit was set at RM300 and my bill had gone up to RM6xx. Just imagine what will happen if your line has been hacked by others and make their calls to overseas?

  24. Kosh

    Can any1 share which postpaid line is cheap to call in to fix line mean TM line bacause need to call company almost most of the time.Thx

  25. sam

    I use Digi50 + supp 30 and it’s very convenient as calls and sms are free among family and 13 sen and 10 sen repectively, to others. The only problem is the coverage.. if you are inside the apartment the voice breaks up or no connection !! and you have to go near the window to be heard clearly. calls also drop if you talk while driving… you have to call again every few minutes! SMS and calls details can always be checked online and this is very nice.

  26. DansonSoo

    how different with celcom postpaid,unbill charge and current charge and total charge….if the monthlu bill come, i must pay at which price??

  27. Zul

    i think celcom 1+5 plan is capped for 1200 mins only.. so the best deal would be the digi 1. am i right?

  28. Jannah

    I use both Maxis and Celcom. I will share my view.

    Even Maxis looks expensive, but RM30 that you pay for the monthly commitment for the supp line will cover your usage up to RM30 with the same rate as the principal line. If you use more than RM30 quota, then you should pay the additional charges.

    On the other hand, if you are using Celcom, you fee of RM5 does not include you usage. If you are only using the line between/among your 1+5 network, this is the best option. Else, the cost of calling is 30sen per min.

    For both Maxis & Celcom,the charging block is per 30 seconds.

  29. Miogy

    i am a middle hardcore mobile user. i use it for call when i driving until arrive to my destination. From my experience using a celcom and maxis i think maxis is really good for me and celcom is just a nightmare and lot of hidden charge. The commitment for subline is RM30 not RM5.Their operator services also is quit blurr about their promotion and services, everytime i call they gimme a different explanation.Hoyooo…. Only use it for 2 month and yesterday i change to DiGi. Why last time i get out from Maxis even they gimme a got plan?Because my area Maxis coverage is not quit good :). Tq Maxis. Celcom????Runnnnnnnnnn…….

  30. Rasyida

    Im using the maxis 50+30 family plus plan,
    last 2 days i just paid the bill around 120+ for both me n my bf’s bills. then we decided to registered for broadband under my bf’s name. we cudnt make it, since they said my number (but on my bf’s name also wrong spelling! weird) got outstanding bill of rm116 before i change to postpaid family plus plan. Its imposible bcos im using prepaid bfore that, and it was like 8 months back since we started to use this plan. We ask for the call history and they cudnt provide. We plan to change to celcom as many people said is more cheaper. Maxis customer service is sucks!

  31. yoogan

    I have been using maxis for the last 15 years and they have chargesd many things in my bill which was not subscribed at all. Recently i have put facts to them to take away all the charges for the last many years and they havent come back to me yet.
    All maxis users please check your bills by items and the numbers that you called. I dont trust maxis anymore , will be moving to Celcom Soon. Bye bye Maxis you are losing your 15 years old customer , this is the beging and more to come.

    • lyna

      Agreed with you.. bye bye maxis!!

  32. Emoyar

    Celcom Sucks.. I ‘ve the same experience with Mickael but mine is from third party sms (no.that start from 3xxxx), started from last Mar till now, every month I’ve been charging with sms that i didn’t make or subscribed. Make a lot of complaint to their customer services even went to their branch office in JB, but all they say is that the charges is valid based on their tech. info. what the hell??? Make complaint to MCMC and Biro Pengaduan Awam, no action till 2day.. The charges are about RM 200++, cannot even give rebat for the sms, I haven’t paid the sms charges & now my line have been barred, don’t care, will terminate the line and switch to other operator.. Stupid Celcom, ur customer service is bad..

  33. Alan

    Can anyone of you give me some opinion of which network should i use if i prefer free call between couple cause i seldom call other people.. DIGI? CELCOM OR MAXIS?

  34. FIZZY

    guys, i am maxis user for long time but seems there’s no benefit to me. every month have to pay rm300. i thinking that i wanna try celcom and i am looking for nice couple number. anyone can let me know where to find it please?

  35. aedy

    Dear all, i using phone for talk than sms. Based on my usage experience, U Mobile postpaid plan called U68 is the cheapest than others; 12 sen/min for 30 seconds/block beside virtual coupon offered by U Mobile. If i not mistake U Mobile coverage is supported by celcom and their coverage is same like Celcom coverage. For 3G coverage, they are still enhance the coverage. But if you’re looking for establish brand with cheaper plan rate, i choose celcom minutes C250, i pay commitment RM50 and it is utilized by 250 free minutes + free 20 sms every month. 20 sen for additional minutes and 8 sen/additional sms. But this plan is no more longer offered by Celcom but i still subscribe the plan.. 🙂

  36. Dlan

    Dear Miogy, anyone?

    Could you please explain, what do you mean for Celcom subline :
    “The commitment for subline is RM30 not RM5”

    I am interested to sign up the subline for my wife..


  37. Dila

    i want to make international calls but i have no idea how to ring someone from out of the country without expensive payments. i used iTalk before and it did not help much! RM1/min. any suggestions? help! >.<

  38. fatin
     · and my boyfriend are using maxis 50+30.
    now we already terminated the line because it is so expensive. i don’t know how maxis charge for the bill. i think that the free calls and sms doesn’t worth for we changed it to maxis prepaid again. but it is so difficult to use prepaid right now because we need to topup everyday.huh.i don’t know which operator is the best.someone please help me.

  39. lynn

    the celcom 1+5 plan must above 21 year or not??
    me only 19 years old…
    me and my bf suffer every month…have to paid 200++~~every month…

  40. Jiejie

    hei,can anybody help me?I’m looking for the cheapest package for me and my gf but i really dun hv any idea about which one Celcom,digi or MAXIS should I choose.I heard they say if juz for phonecalling between bf and gf,celcom’s one makes the best,what is the celcom plan’s name called?Somemore,the problem is that my gf’s dad and mum both r using Digi!So will it be better if we just be their supp line?If tat case,which one better?digi 1 family or digi 1+3?I am really confused about it.My phone reali costed me a lot,I hope 2 get advice here.Thx.

  41. REETHA

    Hi all , just enquire the celcom 1+5 , the subline is not RM5-00 anymore it has been revised to RM15-00 . If any one is aware on this ? New plan of 1+5 .

  42. kido

    Hi every body,
    Just share one of my experience with celcom postpaid. I used it from june until now..first 2month,okay..on third month my bill climb up to rm 300++ then I thought cause by data so I change to samsung torchlight handphone(this handphone only can sms/mms/call) I did use it to make call for 3hour++ then my bill already RM275.54!!!Damn!!Then when I want to terminate they still make it delay until now..I think about making a report to Tribunal Pengguna if they ask me to pay for unreasonable amount..They got no excuses,I did call them to explain and the answer is..”you may use data,bla bla bla …”How can a handphone just like that make use data??it only can send sms/mms and I dont even use mms at all!!

    I did ask my friends and they said ALL POSTPAID PROVIDER did the same thing!!She had experience with Maxis as the cheapest plan so far is PREPAID PLAN!! Because it is in your hand…you can use on how much you want/afford.

  43. Thomas

    Cheapest now is RedOne, from RedTone mobile Sdn Bhd. Only RM8 per line, and got free call of 100 hours if calling to any RedOne user. Main and Supp line can share the commitment fees. Very flexible.