Cheapest Postpaid Plan Comparison between Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U-Mobile

Looking for the lowest commitment fee of Postpaid Plan? The lowest monthly commitment fee offered by a telecommunication company doesn’t mean the package is offering you the cheapest calling or SMS rates. Have you done any comparison between all the postpaid plans available in the market to find out which plan benefit you the most?

I assumed readers here who are looking for a best deal of monthly lowest commitment fee plan are budgeting for a package below RM50. Because there are other better packages available for those users who spend more than RM50 per month.

1) Celcom – Celcom Exec 20

celcom cheapest postpaid plan celcom exec 20
Image Source: Celcom
Some of the highlights are:

  • Monthly Commitment Fee: RM20 (Access Fee = RM20, Talk Time Rebate = RM0)
  • Voice call is charged at 30 seconds per block
  • Itemized Bill: RM3
2) Digi – DG 20

digi cheapest postpaid plan dg20
Image Source: Digi
Some of the highlights are:

  • Monthly Comittment Fee: RM20 (Access Fee = RM20, Talk Time Rebate = RM0)
  • Voice call is charged at 30 seconds per block
  • Itemized Bill: RM3
3) Maxis – Value First

maxis cheapest postpaid plan value first
Image Source: Maxis
Some of the highlights are:

  • Monthly Commitment Fee: RM30 (Access Fee = RM15, Talk Time Rebate = RM15)
  • Voice call is charged at 60 seconds per block
  • Itemized Bill: RM3
  • Attached with 3 Optional “Value Extras” Mini Packages
  • Extra Ten – Pay Extra RM8 per month to enjoy 8 sen/min & 1 sen/SMS
    Extra SMS – Pay Extra RM8 per month to enjoy Free 500 SMS
    Extra Weekend – Pay Extra RM8 per month to enjoy 50% off Maxis-to-Maxis weekend calls

4) U-Mobile – U38 Plan

u mobile cheapest postpaid plan u38 plan
Image Source: U Mobile
Some of the highlights are:

  • Monthly Commitment Fee: RM38 (Access Fee = RM0, Talk Time Rebate = RM38)
  • Video Calls and Voice Calls at the same rate
  • Voice/Video calls are charged at 1 second per block
  • Itemized Bill: RM5
  • Cheapest Monthly Commitment Fee: Celcom and Digi (RM20/month)
  • Cheapest Voice Call rate to Other Operators per minute: Celcom, Digi and Maxis (RM0.20/minute)
  • Cheapest Voice Call rate to Same Operators per minute: Maxis and U Mobile (RM0.18/minute)
  • Cheapest SMS rate to Other Operators per SMS: Celcom and Maxis (RM0.10/SMS)
  • Cheapest SMS rate to Same Operators per SMS: U Mobile (RM0.05/SMS)
Comparison – Budget RM38 for Phone Bill

To have a better picture in your minds on the comparison of all the packages, I have assumed that a user is allocating a budget of RM38 for his/her monthly phone bill. The lowest package we have from U Mobile is RM38 for the U38 Plan. Therefore we will allocate budget of RM38 mobile phone usage as a benchmark for comparison purpose. This is to ensure the calculation comparison is on apple compare to apple basics.

What you get from Celcom with Budget of RM38?
  • Either 90 minutes of voice calls to same/other operators, OR
  • 180 SMS to same/other operators

Reason to Subscribe Celcom Exec 20:
This plan is most suitable for users who are only allocated with minimum budget for the monthly phone bill and/or less frequent mobile phone usage. Celcom Exec offers you the lowest postpaid plan in Malaysia with commitment fee as low as RM20 per month.

What you get from Digi with Budget of RM38?
  • Either 90 minutes of voice calls to same/other operators, OR
  • 120 SMS to same/other operators

Reason to Subscribe Digi DG 20:
Digi DG 20 is a similar product as Celcom Exec 20. Both are charging same access fee as RM20. But if you are comparing between Celcome Exec 20 and Digi DG 20, unless majority of your friends and family are using Digi network, else I believe you are smart enough to do the right decision for yourself.

What you get from Maxis with Budget of RM38?
  • Either 75 minutes of voice calls to other operators plus 100 minutes with Extra Ten package (Maxis-to-Maxis), OR
  • 150 SMS to same/other operators plus 500 SMS with Extra SMS package

Reason to Subscribe Maxis Value First:
Fortunately, Maxis Value First attached with 3 optional Value Extras mini packages. Else, the original plan of Value First itself alone will not be attractive at all. If any of the add-on Value Extras packages benefits you, then you might consider subscribing Maxis Value First.

What you get from U Mobile with Budget of RM38?
  • Either 158 minutes of voice/video calls to other operators, OR
  • 253 SMS to other operators

Reason to Subscribe U Mobile U38 Plan:
Both of the voice calls and SMS rates for U38 Plan are in the average pricing among all the packages offered by other telecommunication companies. The best part of this plan is the voice/video calls are charged at 1 second per block. That means you only pay for what you need! Dislike other operators, you will still be charged at price per minute even though you are only call for few seconds. This is because they are charging you at 30 seconds per block or 60 seconds per block, respectively. Perhaps the same rate of voice & video calls might be another reason for you to subscribe the U38 Plan.

Hope this article helps you to select the best deal postpaid plan as according to your needs and wants.

43 thoughts on “Cheapest Postpaid Plan Comparison between Celcom, Digi, Maxis and U-Mobile”

  1. fadhli

    hi,thanx for the article. i was confused at first which to choose, but indeed u helped me out.thanx again..

  2. Steven

    Excellent comparisons, you need to constantly update as new promotions come though. Perhaps you can post a topic on cheapest rates for couples who constantly call each other and talk for a long time.

    • brian

      Celcom got 1 plan that a lot of ppl don’t know is call redtone. I am redtone user.i have 3 line a month I pay my bill is just not more then 60 plan is 8 ringgit

  3. alizah

    tq so much about article=)

  4. Chingkoi

    thanks for all your sunni explaination

  5. william

    Hey man this is good compare
    but i wonder about the maxis extra sms package
    is it to same operator or to other
    can u help me where to get this info/ answer to it?

    but this is a good analysis hehe

  6. Daniel

    Thank you for the comparison. I just change to Digi thinking it is cheap. My disappointment is the coverage is the worse I experience. I am staying in USJ20 and the most ridicules thing is that when I’m in hse, no signals at all!! Even when I am outside, the signal keep changing form zero to 3 bar the most!! Lately, when I am travelling in KL keep receiving miss call messages, and my mobile didn’t ring at all. So cheap is not cheap at ALL!!

    • Afiq

      That is because they are upgrading their signal to LTE like in the US. So right now digi is the worse plan to buy.

  7. sree

    maxis is the very worse services providing,coz call rates to international charges very high rates n sms.The best choice is digi pospaid plan.maxis really not wort it n cheating maxis customer in Malaysia,even me to a maxis customer for 5 years. maxis really make it fool those who maxis customer.readers plz be consider n advice to be a smart user. 10q

  8. Lala1207

    Well…the best products is….not TOO CHEAP..not TOO EXPENSIVE..Well diverse in Millions of Great Products…I’ve use all other TELCOS…back to back…i still prefer Maxis… =) of my frens in Maxis..why should i choose others?? huhu..

    **Extra SMS..Maxis to Maxis ONLY**

  9. DC1977

    My 2 cents opinion:

    I’ve been using Maxis for more than 10 years now. And recently SS2 have been a lousy reception area as one of the Maxis towers were taken down.

    I’m actually thinking of turning over to Digi but my celcom friends are telling me that the Celcom 250 plan is the killer as they have 2000 mins voice (all networks), 500 SMS and unlimited internet where Digi has DG150 with unlimited internet, plus RM300.00 Free Call/SMS/MMS after you hit RM150.00 call/sms/mms.

    They are both good! one actually focus on their reception.

    Any takers?


  10. syed putra

    and everyone told me that DIGI has the cheapest package? wonder how that happened? btw, DIGI’s support sucks. I have network problem at just 500m fro midvalley area. It takes 24-48 hours to get from the customer service officer to the technical team, another 24-48 hours to investigate the initial problem, another 24-48 hours to escalate the issue to higher authority when problem is encountered, after 6 days of network problem, they tell you they need 7 days to attempt to solve the problem.imagine using this line for business and work purposes!

  11. yvonne

    I have been using celcom prepaid for more than 10 years.Now i am thinking of changing to another cheaper plan as im going to retire. I am not really sure to pick celcom postpaid or maxis pospaid.Which is cheaper to use?Can anyone plse let me know??

    • aedy

      hi yvone,1st of all ask urself what u need from the plan. voice call only or voice call with internet? if voice call only, i suggest the new Xpax, you can talk up to 5-10 mins for 28 sen. but if you need internet as well, try umobile prepaid plan and subscribe unlimited mobile internet plan which cost you RM28/month. u will get free 100 mins call, free 30 sms and 500mb internet. c urrently, if you top up RM10 above, you are entitled extra 15% top up of each amount you top up.

      • ebby

        yes true umobile cheapest plan especially postpaid

  12. lindy

    Hi~ i m kinda confused now…
    i need some help in the maxis bill…
    i practically don’t get how the bill is charged.
    if my package supp line monthly commintment is rm 30…then the domestic call and data charges listed in the bill is total rm17.40.
    how is it counted… can anyone please explain?
    Does that mean that i need to pay rm 30+5% tax if my usage is not up to rm 30?
    Urgently need help…

  13. Chong Kong Hui


    You have sign a contract with MAXIS and commit to pay them min RM30+5%.

    Even you only use RM17.40 – you still need to pay min RM30+5% because it is a CONTRACT.

  14. Saiful Radzi

    hi guys. i’ve used all the major telcos back to back, celcom being the latest. been using the exec50 for some time now, initially thought of the exec20 but changed becoz of my needs- love the package, good reception in most part of the country (i travel a lot). love the discounts they give every month…Celcom’s the way to go!

  15. Grace Schechter

    Hello from America! I have been checking around for the least expensive plan for my sister who is in JB.I want to know what you think of the 1+5plan of celcom? Please include any catch to the ads. Will be waiting for your reply.Thanks!

  16. KimYeong

    .. joining a Celcom based Prepaid plan with a Referral Reward Program thrown in. With the incentives, u literally hv free service plus net income… drop me an email if you like more info. =D

  17. Alvin

    Maxis is suck! rate Suck! broadband package same with P1, SUCK!

    • ebby

      agree been using postpaid for normal calls n broadband
      almost 10 years ,but at last i terminated as there charge to high with many reason

  18. es

    hi.. i have been using maxis for over 10 years now… planning to change to celcom as i was told that it is way cheaper for someone whose usage is a bit heavy
    (average RM 200 per month).. on family plan and extra value of extra ten.. not sure if switching to celcom is a good idea as far as my family plan and extra values are concerned.. any advice?

    • Fion

      Hi! Yes, you can sign up with Power 148 plan, which allows you for RM148 talktime credit including idd and roaming charges. And one thing is good that you can enjoy for 5GB internet unlimited for free!

  19. SlowPokeCelcom

    Celcom mya be the “cheapest” but its access speed is by far the very worst of all the Service Providers in Malaysia. Celcom cap speed at 500Kb/s, cant even watch lowest quality Youtube without it stopping and starting so much as to be unusable. All the other service Providers cap the speed at 2Mb/s. thats FOUR times faster!!!

  20. Fibrous

    Came to your site via google…
    Can you please explain how did you get the 75mins + 100mins from the “What you get from Maxis with Budget of RM38?” Section?
    Anyway, thanks for your review.

    • ebby

      u mobile
      rm 28 permonth with 1gb and 300 sms
      rm 58 permonth with 2gb and 300 talk time
      rm 88 permonth with 3gb and 300 sms n 300 talk time
      grap it

  21. lin

    im using maxis just 4 2month but evry month my bills up yo 300..bcoz my husband n i love to calls each other..but we plan to change our plan..i thnk its too expnsive..any suggestion????

  22. Ainina

    Well, um how bout the celcom postpaid plan, which i only have to pay RM50 monthly with unlimited calls and SMSes plus the internet service? Does anyone have ideas which plan is it since i just got back from overseas and wanted to use the same plan for my new number. I just don’t remember -.- I’ve thought about maxis though as my friends did say about the fast internet. Thanks!

  23. Danial

    Use public phone more cheaper…….

    • Horlic Lim

      haha, long time no use public phone

  24. kan


    so celcom is cheap voice calls, wide coverage but lousy internet?
    digi is cheap voice calls, not so wide coverage despite the yellow man claims he is everywhere but good internet service?
    maxis is er..haven’t tried it but is it better than the above? most grateful for your advice…

  25. Sajiu

    Just my 2 cents.

    If not mistake, Maxis only allow you to have the RM30 postpaid as your sub line.

    Frankly, rather than all of the postpaid, I prefer use Celcom prepaid. RM0.28 cents for 5 minutes to other operator and only RM0.28 cents for 10 minutes Celcom-Celcom. Now I can talk for an hour at the cost of less than RM2 as my gf use Celcom as well with RM0.01 cents per sms for same operator lol.

  26. Malaysia Taboo


  27. Syed Shamsuddin

    I have a change from prepaid to postpaid but nearly 24 hours still not

  28. Umobile,user

    I’ve been using umobile for few months. I don’t know what happen but the data getting slower like from 3g to e coverage, even i paid for booster, which cost rm10 for 3days, nothing,happen. This plan called U50 which i could get 2gb internet free calls,free text, so much freeeessss.. But end up, they have nothing and i either have to pay more that the actual cost. Always have the hidden cost. So sad. I asked celcom and,maxis center for,the best and cheapest,plan that have call and,internet. Both are the same which they have rm78 value per month. Now i am,still confuse which of the best plan that i could get. Please help me. 🙁

  29. Leong Lai Fun

    I am a Maxis postpaid and broadband user for more than 5 years and I do agree that the monthly bills for me is quite high, sometimes RM700 or more. I am mostly overseas (and I dont roam as I use overseas phone) and come back every 2 months and I only use maybe 50 calls and SMS in the 2 months I am in Malaysia. My internet use is not more than 1GB. When in Malaysia, I called overseas (UAE) but I dont think there is a special rate for overseas call from Maxis. I would appreciate if anyone recommend a suitable package for me?

    Thank you.

  30. AzBD

    I’m using maxis now. I’m a subline. The rate is rm30 + internet 3gb rm68. Monthly i pay rm98. However, at my area there always no service for maxis. Even my friends also face the same problem. So i plan to change to celcom since my mainline is transfer to JB this month & say JB area the maxis internet line always on off. If i take madvance celcom 3gb, is it ok? Me & my partner just use internet only.

  31. tia

    My boyfren make a call from Japan for only 1day n the bill goes like w&#_=-^$( . Cost hjm rm1500 for only couple hours. I went to CELCON SERVICE CENTRE @ Sg Chua. NN was shock.. the rate is rm5.50 per minute. WTH. Wen asked bout credit limit.. they said.. credit limit doesnt apply wen u r abroad. Planning to change his celcom to digi. Dunno y my boyfren like celcom so much.. everymonth need to pay rm58 for 3g internet.rm50 for celcom line.. n charge for every call tht he make.. oh hubby.. lets leave celcom. Since they refused to vive u ny discount.. for tht thing. FOrgot to ask if they can show you the terms tht wrote ,”credit limit doesnt apply wen u r iutside malaysia” =_=