Changes of Subsidized Petrol Fuel Prices in Malaysia by Car Size

Government of Malaysia is going to change the fuel subsidy scheme again by car sizes! It is practicable? Under the new scheme, owners of big car models come with higher engine capacity or bigger engine cc in Malaysia will have to pay more for fuel.

Current petrol price in Malaysia for subsidized RON95 is RM1.80 per liter. But, after 31st April 2010, the fuel price of RON 95 without subsidy will be at least RM2.10. Big car owners, are you ready for the new fuel prices?

How to Ensure the Petrol Subsidy is given to the Right People?
  • Fuel subsidy according to car engine capacity
  • Use MyKad to ensure the petrol subsidy is given to Malaysian only
Owner of Big Cars to Pay More for Fuel

Hope government to reveal the details fuel pricing mechanism for people as soon as possible so that we can feedback on it to ensure the new policy can be implemented fairly to every group of people. Below are few scenarios and issues that concerned by many of us:
For Lower Income Group:

  • Buy Small engine cc car – Fair.
  • Buy Big engine cc Old car – Not Fair. They buy second hand used car, they are making the right choice due to their limited budget, nothing wrong right? Is there any exemption for these cars to enjoy fuel subsidy? Else, what will happen to our used car sellers’ market in future?
  • Buy Big engine cc New car – Fair. Since they insist to buy big car for better comfort level, I assume they are aware about the cost of owning the new big car.

For Higher Income Group:

  • Buy Small engine cc car – Fair. Please be compromised yeah! haha
  • Buy Big engine cc car – Fair? Why should rich people pay higher petrol prices? They earn more money because of their better capability. A lot of rich people scarifying their time to work hard too, just like those with lower income, right? Besides, what if they own both big and small cars?
MyKad is a Must to Buy Petrol in Future!

I agree and support for this policy. It should be workable by indentifying Malaysian or non-Malaysian using MyKad to avoid other nationals take advantage on our cheap petrol prices. Other than that, we should fully utilize the technology of Maykad since we claimed it as the world’s first smart identity card, right?

MyKad, or Government Multipurpose Card, (GMPC) is the official compulsory identity card of Malaysia. It is regarded as the world’s first smart identity card. Part of the Multimedia Super Corridor flagship applications, it was officially launched on September 5, 2001 and incorporates a microchip, which contains several items of data including biometrics. Source: Wikipedia

12 thoughts on “Changes of Subsidized Petrol Fuel Prices in Malaysia by Car Size”

  1. sock peng

    how to difference big car ? or small car ?
    1.6cc is small car ? or big car??

    • Horlic Lim

      How big is big? I think they will confirm it very soon, normally last minute, u know la, government like to tell u a bit then see hows rakyat’s response, if a lot of hoohaa, then they will revise it again. Else, they will parang us again

  2. papan

    how can they identify through mykard that person rich or poor… ? hahaha

  3. papan

    subsidy fuel such ron95 no pick up like 97. turtle run… hahaha

  4. papan

    what they thinking about ?
    waste time or just create project w/o thinking ? if thailand car coming they also need to fill fuel to travel in malaysia… then how… no mykard…
    izzit borrow from me ???

    • Horlic Lim

      @papan, i like your quote “just create project w/o thinking” lol! No project No $$$!

      • anonymous

        nearly 99.99% of all malaysian government projects under UMNO-BN rule are white elephant type of projects. In which, all projects are a waste of the peoples money. The people need higher salary, lower cost of living (e.g. lowering all food prices to bottom rock prices), free but better medical care, lower fuel prices on all type of fuel (e.g. RON95 = RM1.00).

        They build projects that only bring money back to themselves.

  5. dkg 3/6


  6. Jayce

    How can government know which car that I am driving? I am driving my mom’s car. 😕

    • Horlic Lim

      Great point! More and more concerns from rakyat now!

  7. fallen

    oustider(thailand@singaporeans) need to pay price w/o subs lah..
    or else they need to ask their relative@frends here to fill up for em.
    but this not a good policy either..