Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia FREE Advice Public Service

Architects-Meet-The-Public Session This free public service by Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) is to help members of the public who may need advice regarding housing and property matters. Members of the… Read More →

Buy Low Cost Flat or Medium Cost Condo as First House for Own Stay

Hi Horlic, may I ask for your opinion – I’m a fresh graduate earning about RM3,000/mth. Currently, I’m renting a room at RM450/mth. I think of owning my first house… Read More →

Rising Property Prices vs Average Salary Increase Rate [Q&A Part 3/3]

Question: From Vanessa Tshai’s successful story, the properties she bought earlier were quite cheap, below RM150K. I think now we are no longer able to get such property prices at… Read More →

Should I Buy Landed Property or Condo as First Investment Property [Q&A Part 2/3]

Question: My budget is below RM450,000. I am not sure to buy a landed property or condominium / service apartment? Answer: if I’m in your shoes, I prefer to buy… Read More →

Is Now A Good Time to Buy Property For Investment [Q&A Part 1/3]

Dear Horlic, My name is CL (Miss). I found your contact through your webpage when I am trying to search for property investment ideas and advice. Knowing that from… Read More →