Can Naza Young Boss Handle Platinum Park KLCC

What are you doing at the age of 24?

Recently, I was impressed by a cover story of The Edge City & Country‘Naza’s Young Boss’. To my surprise, he is only 24 but S M Faliq S M Nasimuddin is already managing director of Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd, the property arm of the Naza group of companies.

Naza TTDI Sdn Bhd

Managing Director: S M Faliq S M Nasimuddin (24 years old)
MD Naza TTDI SM faliq SM nasimuddin

I know what I am doing, I believe in what I am doing, so trust me. Nonetheless, I also have a good team. I believe in team work because I won’t be able to do without my team. Source: Faliq’s Business Philosophy – ‘Always Have a Vision’

Platinum Park KLCC

Platinum Park KLCC
Some features of Platinum Park KLCC:

  • High-end integrated residential & commercial development in KLCC
  • RM4.1-billion developments
  • 9.1 acres
  • Completion for whole project on 2018
  • 3 condominium towers
  • 3 grade-A office blocks
    • 50-storey office tower – Menara Felda (Federal Land Development Authority)
    • 30-storey office building (Government-linked Company, to be confirmed)
    • 50-storey office tower – Naza Tower (Naza Group of companies)
  • 1 five-star hotel / serviced apartment tower
  • 1.5-acre landscaped park

Can S M Faliq S M Nasimuddin handle RM4.1-billion mega project like Platinum Park? What say you?

4 thoughts on “Can Naza Young Boss Handle Platinum Park KLCC”

  1. Salim Ahmad

    “The challenge may not be easy,but it is very possible.”

  2. Salina kamal

    He can do it…
    Trust the young generation.

  3. Koo

    He said twice that is his team to run the show, not him. Hence, need no to question his capability, better still he don’t come out the funny idea to mess the project.

  4. anonymous

    believe the power of them to handle it…… he can do it………