Buy BSN Premium Savings Certificate to Win Free Mercedes Benz

Premium Savings Certificate BSN Free mercedes benz

How to win a free Mercedes Benz? Buy Bank Simpanan Nasional premium savings certificate (SSP) to stand a chance to win all the luxury cars include Mercedes Benz and BMW. BSN is giving away more than 1700 attractive prizes to be won each month.
Some of the features of SSP:

  • Guaranteed: SSP savings are guaranteed by the Government of Malaysia.
  • Tax Exempted Investment: All prizes are exempted from income tax.
  • High Liquidity: No charges and redeem anytime during working hours.
  • SSP Collateral Loan Scheme: Special cash loans up to 95% of the value of your certificate at low interest rate as per requirement.
  • Low Qualification Requirement: Minimum savings of RM10 (1 unit = 1 chance for monthly draw). No maximum limit.
  • Non Interest Savings: Only dividend will be given subject to changes.

Other than fixed deposit account and savings account, perhaps SSP could be another option for you to utilize your emergency money and win a luxury car like BMW or Mercedes Benz, who knows?

On top of that, BSN is now offering 3.5% low interest rate for the SSP Collateral Loan Scheme. We can park our money at SSP to stand a chance to win all those attractive prizes. Meanwhile, we are eligible for the loan at low interest rate to make money from higher ROI investment.

The ‘Power of Leveraging’ and ‘Use Others People’s Money to Make Money’, do you get the points?

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9 thoughts on “Buy BSN Premium Savings Certificate to Win Free Mercedes Benz”

  1. taib bin hajemi

    Aslmkm,slm sejahtera,salam satu Malaysia.
    saya ingin bertanya tuan/puan.selama sya membeli sijil simpanan premium tidak pernah sekalipun sya mendapat hadiah drpd simpanan premium tsbt.adakah simpanan yg sya buat tidak mengikut kreteria-kreteria yg dikehendaki.

    • Horlic Lim

      Encik Taib, saya dah beli BSN Premium Savings Certificate lebih daripada 10 tahun, tidak pernah sekalipun mendapat hadiah.. haha

  2. Abraham David Thanaraj@David

    Can you please let me know what is the condition for giving dividends to those who invest in SSPs. I wish to know because I never received any dividend over the last 20 years from my SSPs wgich I hold in different SSPs units of 10s (RM 100.00) , 20s and 100s and none with more than 100 units or RM 1,000.00.
    Allow me to congratulate BSN which is the only bank in Malaysia which not only promotes savings but also gives away prizes. Keep up your flag high.

  3. mark

    Y congratulate bsn? They are making a killing as you have mentioned that they did not pay dividends for the past 20 years……… Read from the star dated 2nd July 2011, they have issued 146 million certs and at rm10 per cert, it would mean they have taken in total 1.46 billion in cash. And if they were to pay 3% interest they would be paying more than 40milliom yearly. And their monthly grand prize is only a c200, market price at 250k? Thats only 12 cars a year and would come to 3 million. Yes, there are other Prizes but do u think bsn will pay out more than 40million?
    That’s my 2 cents and maybe someone can enlightened me why others bank don’t do the same thing? Can save on paying out fd interest.

  4. fendi

    as 2012 just came by, BSN had deducted the prizes that they offerering in thier SSP campaign for 2012,this no longer interesting


    kalau ada rezeki pasti menang bro..sabar dan byk2 berdoa,ok

  6. mohd norizan

    Mudah2an rezeki ku n family utk cabutan bln sept 2012 ni.amin!

  7. Abdul Rashid Ali

    I cant belive after more than 25 years . Am I that sooo unlucky ????????

  8. Celarosa

    I just wonder why org Sarawak tidak pernah menerima hadiah besar seperti kereta? Ada kh org Sarawak dan Sabah tidak melabur secukup-cukupnya dlm SSP?