Now Everyone Can Buy Property via My First House Scheme

I have no money to buy a house? Sorry, it’s no longer an excuse now! Zero down payment, 100% loan, it sounds interesting right! For sure, 2011 will be the best time to buy your first home if you haven’t done so!

My First House Scheme (Skim Rumah Pertamaku)

My First House Scheme (Skim Rumah Pertamaku) was introduced in Budget 2011 to provide first time home buyer 100% home loan financing for residential property priced below RM220,000. That means no down payment is required.

The 10% down payment will be actually guaranteed by Cagamas Bhd. Bear in mind, the scheme is entitled only for those with family income below RM3,000.

Marry or Buy House First

For couples that plan to tie the knot soon, perhaps you may want to utilize the scheme first before registering your marriage? Think wisely. I believe it’s less likely for majority of husband and wife’s combined income is lesser than RM3,000.

Air Asia: Now Everyone Can Fly

Yes, Tony Fernandes of AirAsia airlines has made it, successfully! It’s now awarded the Word’s Best Low-Cost Airline 2009 & 2010! No doubt, Air Asia cheap flights have helping a lot of people be able to realize their dream to travel the world.

1Malaysia: Now Everyone Can Buy Property

It seems like Najib’s 1Malaysia is putting ‘sincere’ affords to help every Rakyat Malaysia (Malaysian) to own a house under the scheme. Thumbs up! I hope the vision of “Now Everyone Can Buy Property” will be realized soon!

15 thoughts on “Now Everyone Can Buy Property via My First House Scheme”

  1. iMarx

    While getting 100% to finance an investment property is a great move; doing so for a self-stay home could be a disaster. Look at the total amount of mortgage interest one would need to pay for a 100% loan!! Renting a house is not entirely a bad decision if the difference between mortgage instalment and the rental is redirected to earn better investment income.

  2. knowthymoney

    The problem is that nowadays how to find a nice <RM220K property in the urban area?

    Besides there are always other means to obtain the 100% loan indirectly 😛

    • Horlic Lim

      Everyone is hunting the hidden gem now

  3. Arron

    I guess everyone will get to buy a small condo, rent it out. Great move… haha.

  4. jay

    this may leads to the next bubble maybe… pro and con,but hope for the best on this programme.
    President Bush have implemented this before and leads to economic bubble..

  5. nadz60

    This “Skim Rumah Pertamaku” is a good news to a young officer. I just want to know more about this scheme, when to be implemented, where to apply & who is elegible? Anybody knows?

  6. Jegan

    Good idea.Its a great idea

  7. rosnah binti karim

    borang permohonan skim rumah pertama ku.

  8. ain ernie

    macam mana saya nak dapatkan borang rumah pertama ku??jika saya campur gaji saya dan suami berpendapatan rm2000 sebulan..adakah layak saya memohon skim ini??

  9. Hassan

    the scheme is good in helping those low income people to be able to buy their first home which can reduce the poverty rate in the country.

  10. Man Andzjen

    saya baru menjawat pekerjaan dalam perkhidmatan awam n saya rancang nak memiliki rumah sendiri dalam masa setahun lagi. adakah saya boleh memohon SRP sekarang

  11. azlan sirun

    mcmna nk memohon skim ini?dgan sapa saya boleh berhubung?

  12. hazlyn

    boleh dapat kan sy syarat2 kelayakkan SKIM RUMAH PERTAMAKU?

  13. justin

    boleh bagi saya syarat2 skim rumah pertamaku