Blacklisted Property Developer Company List (Without Housing Developer License) Until 31 July 2010

1. OCH Properties Management Sdn Bhd
2. Perkasa Indera Sdn Bhd
3. Tudong Emas (M) Sdn Bhd
4. Sinar Fadzilat (M) Sdn Bhd
5. RHID Development Sdn Bhd
6. JK-NBA Ventures Sdn Bhd
7. Uni Legend Estate Sdn Bhd
8. Hyrax Property & Development Sdn Bhd
9. Coral Vista Sdn Bhd
10. – deleted –
11. Nan Shen Huat Properties Sdn Bhd
12. Sui Sdn Bhd
13. Bagan Mashyur Sdn Bhd
14. ECK Development Sdn Bhd
15. Taman Budaya Sdn Bhd
16. CT Bakti Timor Construction Sdn Bhd
17. Lurah Pantas Sdn Bhd
18. Menang Murni Sdn Bhd
19. Pilecon Home Development Sdn Bhd
20. Osmal Sdn Bhd
21. Reap & Rich Worldwide Holdings Sdn Bhd
22. Syahira Land Sdn Bhd / Karisma Housing Development Sdn Bhd
23. Ummah Cemerlang Sdn Bhd
24. Aghniyak Builders Sdn Bhd
25. Andaman Timor Sdn Bhd
26. Anglo Properties Sdn Bhd
27. Anjung Properties Sdn Bhd
28. Atlaw Housing Sdn Bhd
29. Everise Acres Sdn Bhd / Everise Acres Holdings Sdn Bhd
30. Ikhtiar Corporation Sdn Bhd
31. Inai Setia Sdn Bhd
32. Integrated Land Resources Sdn Bhd
33. Lasah Emas Sdn Bhd
34. Lembah Jejak Sdn Bhd
35. MBO Mega Development Sdn Bhd
36. Nyata Impian Development Sdn Bhd
37. Safa Corporation Sdn Bhd / Anglo Ventures Sdn Bhd
38. SPS Setia Sdn Bhd
39. Syahira Development Sdn Bhd
40. Syahira Property Sdn Bhd
41. Anugerah Development Sdn Bhd
42. Nusajaza Development Sdn Bhd
43. Summerset Resort Sdn Bhd
44. Kamara Land Sdn Bhd
45. Dataran Fajar Development Sdn Bhd
46. Tai Chong Realty (Malacca) Sdn Bhd
47. Visi Nusa Land Sdn Bhd
48. Ekar Properties Sdn Bhd
49. Meluriaz Sdn Bhd
50. Simpulan Cemerlang Sdn Bhd
51. Merpati Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
52. Mj Land Properties Sdn Bhd
53. SL Work Force Development Sdn Bhd
54. Ivoria Development Sdn Bhd
55. Sure Meridian Sdn Bhd
56. Sungai Buloh Center Point Sdn Bhd
57. Y.C. Chin Enterprise Sdn Bhd
58. Oridua Const Sdn Bhd

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