Cheapest Postpaid Plan

Are you mobile phone user? If yes, then you must free yourself for 10 minutes and learn more about this amazing postpaid plan offered by celcom. Up to 30% discount for your total domestic calls and SMS if your total monthly usage exceed RM150.

celcom postpaid plan executive 50

30%!!! This is much more easier to save your money through Celcom Executive 50 instead of targeting your investment on unit trust which expecting average 8-10% return pa. Of cause, that will be best if you are enjoying both of it.


  • 15 sen to any number
  • Discount up to 30% every month
  • Low monthly commitment of RM50
  • Lowest IDD rates to over 20 countries worldwide

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Let see how much i can save if switch my current postpaid plan to Celcom Executive 50?

celcom phone bill
Current postpaid plan: Power38
Average monthly usage: RM200++ since year 2007

celcom phone bill account statement

My total usage..
Domestic calls (On Net & Off Net calls) = RM175.89
Domestic SMS (Send & Receive) = RM11.90

Since my total monthly usage has been exceeded RM150, therefore i am entitled to enjoy discount of 30% on total domestic calls & SMS.

How Much Money I Can Save
= [RM178.89 + RM11.90] x 30%
= RM57.25

Now ask yourself, do your investment instrument earn you 30% profit monthly? Hurry up! Do your own analysis and consider about this amazing postpaid plan!

3 thoughts on “Cheapest Postpaid Plan”

  1. Too Chow Kong

    Mr/ Ms:
    I get to know the Celcom Exec plan – Minutes C1400, can you tell me that what means by ” Bundled Minutes ” of 1400 minutes. Also can you tell me roughly how the plan rated fees for voice call. Thanks!

  2. Passby

    Please kindly call celcom helpline 1111 from your mobile no. to ask for more details. TQ

  3. ebby

    would like to known which operators cheapest for voice plan
    and data plan,any one known pls update me