Ambank Credit Cards 10% Cash Rebates Disappointed Me

Looking for the best cash back credit card? Now, all AmBank credit cards are entitled to enjoy cash rebates up to 10% on petrol and groceries! Sounds attractive, right? But it disappointed me again with the TERMS & CONDITIONS!!!
ambank credit cards cash rebates promotion

Cash Rebates
  • 10% Cash Rebates for Wednesday
  • 5% Cash Rebates for Other Days
How It Works – Register, Spend and Swipe


  • Ambank Credit Card Holder
  • SMS “Cashbackyour 16-digit card no.” and send to 36663

  • Not Ambank Credit Card Holder
  • Sign up for an AmBank Credit Card now to enjoy the promotion.

Spend and Swipe
What you need to do is just swipe your Ambank credit card at any of the well-known petrol station and hypermarkets listed at below:

Petrol Station

  • BHP
  • Caltex
  • Esso
  • Mobil
  • Petronas
  • Shell

Supermarket / Hypermarket

  • Carrefour
  • Cold Storage
  • Giant
  • Jusco
  • Mydin
  • Tesco

U gets it? Up to 10% Cash Rebates! My friends! That’s really a lot! I mean if without Terms and Conditions. LOL!!!

Disappointed Me! Why?

1) Promotion valid until 31 August 2009. 4 months left only. (How many WEDNESDAY we have for 4 months? I prefer more FLEXI promotion at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE as I like)

2) Cash rebate is calculated in blocks of RM50 for petrol and RM100 for groceries. (I don’t like this Term and Condition TOO!)

3) Monthly pay-out pool is limited to RM100,000 per month (Only 2000 credit card holders throughout Malaysia will enjoy the promotion)

4) Maximum cash rebate of RM50 per month. (Halo! Max RM50 per month, that means max you can get from the promotion is RM200 only)

Better Than Nothing

Will you apply for a new credit card and scratch your head where, when and how much to spend for this coming 4 months to save for the RM50 each month? Unless you say, that is better than nothing, then, YOU WIN! Well, nothing wrong or right! It’s depending on everyone needs and wants!

5 thoughts on “Ambank Credit Cards 10% Cash Rebates Disappointed Me”

  1. imDavidLee

    haha..i just cancel my ambank real reward card…this promotion is valid for all types of ambank credit card?

  2. john

    I bought petrol on the 6th of May and guess what. Ambank told me I am not eligible for a rebate coz their RM100K pool for the month is all taken up!! R.U.B.B.I.S.H. Am now planning to CANCEL my AmBank card soon.

  3. HorlicLim

    John, Tq for your feedback here for our readers.. I believe alot of people will have same thought with us that we dont buy the idea for those credit card ‘s selling points c/w alot terms and conditions one.. WHAT FOR

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