3 Important Keys to Success in Making Money from Property

How to make money from property investment? According to our property expert in Malaysia, Gavin Tee, there are 3 important elements must be fulfilled to be a successful property investor:

  • Capital
  • Information
  • Network

Cash is King! Find your own ways and start to save money immediately from now if you have yet to do that. Manage your personal cash flow well because strong capital or cash holding power gives you better flexibility and bargain power on property investing.


Information is King! Knowledge helps to build your self-confidence in investment decision making within shortest time. Therefore, learn as much as possible from all kind of sources like property investment seminar, real estate investment book, property investment blog and etc. Bear in mind, first hand information always give you the best opportunity for best property at cheap price.


“Who you know” helps you to success faster and easier compare to “What you know”! Besides, I always keep this in my mind, “Ask the right person for the right thing”! People like banker, real estate negotiator, lawyer, mortgage officer, successful property expert, property valuer, construction people and house renovator are always able to give you their expert opinion in their professionalism, respectively. Build the relationship with them. Their information and opinion will help you for greater successful rates in property investing.